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CS1.6 How To Improve Aim And Sensitivtiy

First things first this will be a small sermon concerning Gunskills.

1. This is a basic skill, but only 1 of several dozen skills needed to compete at the highest levels. If you pick up even a few skills you’ll already be a dominant player in the public servers (if you already aren’t) or perhaps this will improve your game. Some of you might not need this. Some of you should read this 

* at the highest levels of competition wherever your at, everyone has good guns, what you have to do after is where it gets hard

Gunskill – the ability to take down a enemy with the least amount of bullets and doing it as efficiently as possible so that you can target the next opponent. ( applies to attacking or defending )

[ Rifles ]

* one thing that I always stress is that you must always land your first shot. It’s my FIRSTSHOT rule.

This rule dictates that if you’re always ready and you fire first that you should always kill your enemy. You have 1 extra bullet ahead of them and that is all you should need to eliminate your opponent – should result in stopping them so that the next 2-3 bullets kill him, or should be a headshot.

Regardless of wether or not you are running and coming around the corner that crosshair should be ready at all times for anything to pop out. And the FRACTION of a second that you see him, you should already be firing and watching him die before your next step. Always being ready and playing like the enemy is around every single corner and ready and waiting at every angle and possibility will make you stronger. One being you will never be surprised nor ambushed. Two you will not hesitate to fire on the enemy. Three I said so.

* A famous boxer’s motto was always “Beat them to the Punch”. Therefore you dictate the fight and can end it quickly. -> FIRSTSHOT
Another example is where you are planted in a position aiming at a direction and waiting ( regardless of T or CT ) as soon as you see ANYTHING you should be REACTING (reacting quickly is a skill). IE the minute I see a gun pop out I’m already firing based upon where I believe they are , or will be. BANG – dead. This ability is not easy and it just takes time to train it up. Tho you should react instinctively and like a MACHINE. Aim Fire, Aim Fire , Aim Fire. AIM____________________________ Fire!

Spraying tho is acceptable at close ranges so long as you have a steady hand and after the 3rd-4th bullet drop your crosshair down a foot. After 6th-8th , down to their feet.

One way to gauge or learn of a gun’s ability and recoil is fire at a wall. Try varying tempo, distance, movement or non movement, standing or ducking. Try spraying and watching where the bullets hit on the wall. Try up close, try a few feet away, try further, and further.., and further. Get a feel for your guns and their capabilities.

Another way to work on your guns is to do various aim_maps. Regardless of the size of the map a good rifler always has a chance to work on his aim and ability to dispatch the enemy quickly and efficiently.

– aim_map , ak-colt aim map , awp map (yes rifle practice is good here too at times , play rifles and try to kill the awpers), aim_arena

When you know your good you’ll be playing where after about the 3rd-4th bullet your already switching to another target and firing, and the next. and the next.. and the next.

Another way to work on your aim is thru bots, currently the only bot i’d recommend is the akimbot since it isn’t too much trouble to install. Plus it works for me where realbot went buggy.

I just load as many bots as possible, use the


command and just practice my aim trying to dispatch every bot as quickly as possible and working on making it so I’m hitting headshots on a consistent basis.

I used to go and kill 4-500 bots to warmup before playing in a scrim (5v5) or public server.

*Always challenge yourself, never let yourself get to the point where you say I’m the best I pwn j00 and r0x0red your mom last night. That’s when you stop improving and the next guy passes you by. 

[There is always room for improvement]

ie – don’t hit enough headshots, don’t kill at least 5 guys with 1 clip, aren’t able to fire on the run and do it accurately, ain’t able to reflexively kill the 1st guy I see (as i pop out , ANYWHERE)

Bots or Aim_Maps both are nice. euphNET Pub #3 has been a dedicated aim_map server for over a year now. Check it out and see if you can average 60-70 kills constant 

 in 15 minutes.

1. If you aren’t able to run out and kill at least 1 guy (any situation) then you have something to work on.

2. If you aren’t able to sit down and watch a spot and kill the first thing that pops out then you have something to work on.

3. If you can’t kill a guy with his back turned to you , or running past you ( regardless of distance ) then you have something to work on.


A minor way to work on aim is to stand in position and fire at different locations. IE de_inferno – terrorist. I spawn buy up and stand at fire at cracks in the wall. At the corners of the boxes and the center. As quickly as possible bursting and rotating to the next spot I choose to fire. Seeing how accurate I am at hitting those spots.

— Then I strafe left and right and fire at spots I randomly select in quick succession, Fire 1-4 , next target , Fire 1-4 *DO THIS QUICKLY – minimum recovery time for recoil*

— Next I might squat and repeat. When choosing wether to watch the crosshair or the actual bullets, Watch the bullets and react to where they are going.


Desire improving your rifle sensitivity..?
* do not do this if your not up to learning a new sensitivity takes 1-4 weeks.

Start with sensitivity 1, can you accurately run around and hit anything? Not even by a close margin? Boost to sensitivity 2. What about now? Is your fire behind the target and just not able to reach them? Try 3! And so on.. ( note I recommend using whatever your already comfortable with ) some players tweak their settings some just stick to whatever they do well with and just try to improve on that. Generally I do this to find my best setting and then stick with it and work on it. After you find it you shouldn’t need to change it til maybe the next version where you might desire a change.

Furthermore you can go into greater detail by going 3.1 3.2 3.3 or 1.2 1.3 1.4. -> EXAMPLES of editing your sensitivity at the DECIMAL LEVEL.

so instead of raising or lowering your sensitivity by single digits, you can tweak at the decimal level. Just a littttlee bit more sensitivity + .1 , just a little bit more +.2 , or hmm just a tad less -.3 .

Do this at your own risk! 

* all about being comfortable with your guns and feeling your shots. 


Always challenge yourself to be better!



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