Fortnite Arena Guide

This one will be a big one. The world cup is just around the corner and the arena mode is the best way to practice. For this guide, i will mainly be focusing on scrim matches, so divisions 1-4 won’t be a part of this. The long scrim matches usually occur at mid-contender league to champions league.

Whats a scrim match?

A scrim match are the hardest matches and most skilful in all of fortnite. You will be playing against players with similar points to you, making each match fair. When you get to division 4 (contender league), you will start losing 1 point at the beginning of every game. When you reach division 6, this will go up to 2 points, and division 7 will go up to 3 points. This means that you will have to get a certain amount of points to make each game worth it. Keep in mind that the higher you are, the longer the queues will be, making each game even more important. Here are my list of tips you need to do to become a scrim master.

  • Always expect a fight at the beginning of the game, no matter where you go. If you ever watch the skirmishes or other official competitions, you will see everyone spreading out, each person will go to a specific location that they have practised in. Because everyone spreads out, expect a fight. Even if the bus is one the opposite side of where your landing, you might still get a player. So play every match as if you need to fight 1 person at the beginning.

  • Try to learn the spawns for both chests and ammo boxes. You will want to make a route for wherever you land, and you will get faster and faster the more you do the route. You will need to find ammo boxes because every bullet will count in the end game, and one ammo box can be the difference between life and death.

  • Land at a limited set of locations. Try to land at the same set of locations (1,2,3), as this will get you better at the game. For me, i land at The Block, Viking Village, and The Expedition Base North of the volcano. Tfue and cloaksy land at frosty every game, because that is where they have been practising for so long.

  • Try to get as many mats as possible at the beginning of the game. Mats are a huge thing, and each location can give you a lot each. I like The Block, because i know that i’ll be guaranteed 500 wood and 500 brick. I go to Viking, because i know i will get 500 wood and brick. I go to the expedition base because it gives me 500/500/500 mats. I know mining can be a grind, but it is super important.

  • Learn the rotations around your chosen landing spot. The circle can be really harsh at the beginning, limiting the amount of farming you can do at the beginning. If you know multiple rotation spots, then you will be fine. For example, i know that there are hamster balls, rifts, driftboards, quads and water vents outside The Block.

  • Don’t go aggressive. Going aggressive is way too dangerous in the high point games. No one will have the best loot, so it might not be worth it. You will be against players of your level, so you can have monstrous build battles if you make the wrong move, that can cause you to lose mats, and to be stuck in storm. Play passively. Turtling is key. That is also why you should be aware of rotations.

  • Inventory. I am not going to force a loadout on you, but in these high point games, you will need a lot of things, and you don’t have to have all of theses things, these are just the best:
  • Stink Bombs: Great counter for turtling
  • Glider redeploy: You will have tall build battles
  • Heals: Lots and lots, best ones are small shield and slurps
  • Weapons: 2/3 will be the best amount. Smg/Shotgun Ar/shotgun Ar/shotgun/heavy sniper. You get the idea
  • Rift-to-go. The best thing in all of this.
  • Launch Pad and Campfire: Super useful for tiny storm and quick rotations

  • Expect people to land on/ next to your boxes. When the circle gets really small, people will be climbing on to each other. Don’t worry if you have the whole server on top of you, that is normal in scrim matches. But make sure that you don’t let them into your builds

  • Build in Brick/Metal First. These are the strongest builds, and when you are turtling to the final circles, these will be the best. Save the wood for combat and the tiniest of circles.

  • Move outside the storm. When things get really fishy, it is worth losing 10-30 health to get out of that situation, then you get a nasty shot from a shotgun.Also do this before getting blocked by builds, so that you will lose a limited amount of health, and won’t die.

  • Go for placement over kills. Winning a game JUST by placement will be you 10 points. It is a lot riskier to go for kills, like i said, than to go for placement. Because everyone goes for placement, it will be difficult, but if you get to top 25 and your in a tiny circle, then try to get some kills.

  • (DUOS) Communication is key. Always tell your friend/duo partner when you have hit good shots, whn you’ve knocked someone, when there are good rotation points etc. Communicating well will make you do well.

And that’s it. This is a really important guide if you want to become a pro or if you want to play fun scrims. I hope that this has helped

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