How To Play As Bangalore


She is the most well balanced character in the game so far. She has a defensive ability, an offensive ability, and a support ability. This Legend is for those who want to dabble in everything. Those who balance their stats in RPG games instead of buffing certain ones. If you are an intermediate player who wants to start learning to juggle being aggressive and pushing enemies while supporting your team mates, she is your woman. If you like calling in airstrikes, like many of us do, she will fit your needs. If you like running through smoke on a Sunday afternoon, she has you covered.


Her speed is automatically increased when she takes fire. It’s her defensive ability. This is an invaluable ability when in tight situations and you want to reposition to safety, heal up or just run away entirely. You can use this ability to make a quick adjustment to you movement, reposition for a better angle and strike again but this is risky if your health is low, but it may tip balance in a fight. The confident out there can rush the enemy directly when you believe the enemy can’t kill you before you get to them, every shot that hits you gets you to them that much quicker. If you do rush them with this ability you should have some close combat weaponry and be ready to surprise them before they can react to your gutsy move. Hey you can also taunt enemies just to get some courtesy shots when you want to traverse to the ring faster. All these options will be well supported by your tactical.


This is her support ability. Smoke Launcher is the go to tactical for any and every situation. It has two charges, so use liberally. If someone shoots you, smoke. If your squad is being ambushed, smoke. If your squad member is knocked, smoke. If you want to do a finisher without being disturbed, smoke. Want to loot in peace, smoke. Want to bamboozle the enemy by making a diversion while you move through and area, smoke. You can use this to run away, revive a squad member, retrieve banners, call in drop ships, ambush enemies, or provide cover for your Bloodhound. The only negative thing about this is that Bangalore can’t see through the smoke, though if she could that would automatically make her too strong… wait doesn’t the digital threat optics allow you to see enemies. Give digital threat optics to your Bangalore.


Rolling thunder will rain explosives on a specified location of your choosing. Just through out the beacon and it starts to rain within a certain radius. Actually it is not a radius at all it begins to drop a little in front of where you drop the beacon and it will snake forward from right to left in more of a rectangle pattern, maybe 50×100 meters. Be mindful as it can damage your squad as well. You can use it offensively and drop it in front some unsuspecting looters or snipers. You can also use it when you are about to engage someone by throwing it right behind them making it more difficult to escape your squads onslaught (this is better at choke points where mobility is already limited). You can use it as a diversion in late game because other squads will expect a fight is going on where the thunder is rolling, you can throw it to a distant position and wait for other teams to rush that spot thinking they will get some 3rd party kills.


When you decide to use Bangalore aggressively and rush enemies with your abilities make sure you have a shotgun, especially one with a digital threat and precision choke.

Bangalore’s smoke will also help cover any gas traps your squads Caustic may have dropped. Because enemy squads tend to rush into areas with smoke because they believe an enemy is there, and even if they have a Bloodhound they will not be able to see the traps.

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I will do a more advanced guide about his abilities later. Keep checking back.

In the words of Bruce Lee:

To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.

However you wish to use Bangalore is up to you, she is easy to use but difficult to master. I am interested in how she may change as a character over time. Or maybe she won’t.

Updated 3/4/2019 – Inputted information regarding team fire with Rolling Thunder.

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