How To Play As Baptiste

Art By: NoiteAzul

“No dying on my watch.”

Baptiste is OW’s 30th hero, and the most recently added healer as of this writing. Boasting an impressive array of abilities, potent and easy to use healing, and the most powerful form of damage boost in the game, Baptiste is extremely fun and impactful to play, and can slot well into plenty of compositions, primarily as a main healer.

This guide will break down the hero into easy to understand chunks, clarify any questions people might have about him, as well as give you a basic starterpoint to continue learning.

Section 1 – Basic Stats and Baptiste’s Gun

Baptiste has the stock-standard 200 HP, 3 abilities, a gun, an ult, and is a member of the support lineup.

Baptiste’s gun has two fire modes and two pools of ammo that reload together, but can be discharged separately. The primary fire mode fires 25 damage hitscan bullets, in a 3 round burst, with straight upward returning recoil. If the recoil is controlled by pulling down slightly, his gun will place all 3 bullets in the same spot. The magazine has 45 bullets, and 3 are discharged per click, leading to 15 “shots” before he has to reload. If all 3 bullets of the burst land, he deals 75 damage, 150 with all three being a headshot (recoil control is crucial for this). This means that is is able to “1-tap” tracer/pilot d.va, so long as all 3 bullets of the rifle burst land as headshots. Through amplification matrix, he can “1-tap” everyone who isn’t a tank with headshots. Dealing damage is a vital part of playing Baptiste, just like Zenyatta. He is a Damage/Support hybrid like him, too.

The weapon’s alternate fire instead lobs healing grenades. These do absolutely nothing to enemies or Baptiste himself, but heal allies caught in the explosion (or hit directly) for 60 HP. The explosion itself is fairly decently sized, slightly smaller than Ana’s Biotic Grenade. These healing grenades are Baptiste’s primary form of healing, and much of his gameplay will be spent spamming these. He can fire 12 before he has to reload. Of course, as said earlier, exhausting either ammo pool will cause both to reload. Essentially, your bullet ammo will reload itself whenever you go on an extended healing spree. If you’d like to actually be able to run out of ammo in one pool without reloading, you can change the “automatic reload” hero option in Baptiste’s control settings, this means you have to specifically hit reload if you only exhaust 1/2 ammo pools. I’m not sure why one would want that behavior, considering it doesn’t make reload any longer to reload both from either pool being exhausted and you run the risk of not having a type of ammo you need, but it’s there if you find it more natural.

The grenades themselves fly decently fast, and have a pretty gentle arc, meaning you can use them to heal from decently far away. My biggest tip for landing them reliably is to use more than just the floor to detonate them. Aim for walls, ceilings, poles, players themselves, (keep in mind nades will pass through full health allies) enemy shields, etc, all these count as valid surfaces to explode nades on, and heal. This is especially valuable for healing “midair” characters like Pharah, Genji, etc.

As for DPS and HPS, Baptiste deals 72 HPS to all targets hit repeatedly with his AOE grenades, closely comparable to Moira’s healing, and deals about 101 DPS with bodyshots.

Section 2 – Baptiste’s Abilities

Baptiste possesses 3 abilities, and an ult.

Ability 1 – Exo Boots

By holding crouch, Baptiste builds up power in his boots, and upon jump will jump significantly higher than normal. At full charge, he can jump about 9m straight up, which is enough to reach most highgrounds. The charge persists for about 1 second after releasing crouch, and takes about a second to charge.

This serves as Baptiste’s primary mobility, as well as his escape. As it has no cooldown, it’s vital to understand when and where to use this ability. Generally, you want to stick to high ground as much as possible as Baptiste, due to the way his healing works (it’s easier to land grenades from higher up) as well as providing safety from mobility-less enemies.

A few tips for making the most out of it:

  • Try to keep a jump charged as much as possible. Position yourself safely so crouching won’t get you immediately shot.

  • If a hero that doesn’t have vertical mobility comes for you, you can switch altitudes in order to prevent them from getting to you. Either jump up to highground, or fall off, wait for them to follow, then jump back up.

  • I recommend using toggle crouch instead of hold crouch when playing Baptiste. You can switch this only for him by switching to him on the controls menu, then binding your normal crouch key to toggle crouch. This makes it easier to charge jumps, as you don’t have to hold the button, just tap it. (He can jump while crouching, unlike other heroes, and it will automatically uncrouch him)

  • Sombra’s hack disables this ability, so be aware of that if you try to escape while hacked.

  • It is possible to jump over Reinhardt’s shatter, and Doomfist’s ultimate if timed correctly. For doomfist, you’ll still take some damage, but not as much.

  • When dueling slow projectile heroes, (eg pharah, genji, torbjorn, etc) stay in the air as much as possible, as it’s hard to airshot you. When dueling fast projectile or hitscan (Hanzo, Zenyatta, McCree, etc) stay on the ground as much as possible, as it’s easy to track you.

Ability 2 – Regenerative Burst

Baptiste’s sole way of healing himself, this is a vital ability to use correctly, as it has a 15 second cooldown. When used, it applies a heal that deals 30 HPS (same as Zen’s orb) over 5 seconds, healing 150 HP total. As long as an ally is in the area when pulsed, they will continue receiving healing even if they leave it or go out of LOS. Generally, I recommend positioning safely so you don’t have to use this ability to keep yourself alive, and can instead use it to peel for other long range heroes near you. I generally stand next to my snipers/long range heroes and use it to heal them when they get dived, while I blast the diver.

A few tips for making the most out of it:

  • As mentioned earlier, it can be a peeling tool. Pop it to heal your allies while you attack the diver.

  • Try to avoid using it purely to heal yourself. Enlist your second healer’s healing instead.

  • The ability itself can’t be cancelled by anything once it’s active. Getting stunned, hacked, the Baptiste dying, etc won’t stop the healing. The only way is to get antihealed, but even that doesn’t technically remove the heal.

  • The ability needs LOS for the initial pulse.

Ability 3 – Immortality Field

Quite possibly one of the most potent abilities possessed as a non-ult, this ability is the cornerstone of Bap’s kit, and it’s extremely important to use correctly. (Otherwise you might as well play Moira/Ana)

The ability has a 20 second cooldown, and when used throws out a drone that lands, then flies a couple meters into the air and hovers, emitting a field. Anyone inside that field can’t go beneath 20% HP, and thus cannot die. (If they have less than 20% health when entering the field, they’ll get healed up to it) This means that for 200 health heroes, they’ll be minimum-capped to 40 HP, 400 HP tanks will be left with 80 HP, etc. A little indicator is shown on the healthbar showing the minimum health you can reach. Additionally, scrolling beams of light will be shown on the edges of your hud, and to enemies you’ll appear tinted gold. As long as you stay inside that field, you can take infinite damage and never die, for as long as the drone remains, emitting the field.

Now, the drone does have a time limit, as well as a healthpool, and enemies can kill it to remove it early, so it’s not a free immortality card. The field will disappear, leaving anyone in it at the 20% HP they were held at, when the timer expires (8 seconds) or the 250 HP drone is shot down.

In order to receive the immortality status effect, you have to be in LOS of the drone, so it doesn’t work through walls. However, it can be placed around corners to hide the drone, making it harder to destroy, while still giving the effect so long as you keep LOS of the drone. This is pretty vital to keep the drone up for longer durations, in order to save a tank being bursted down.

A few tips for making the most out of it:

  • Don’t throw it willy-nilly. It’s your trump card, you need to save it for when it’s actually needed, otherwise you won’t have it when using it would’ve saved someone’s life.

  • The drone often takes multiple shots to kill, this can buy you time to win a 1v1 with a DPS trying to kill you.

  • As said earlier, try to place the drone so it can’t be seen by enemies in order to keep it around for longer.

  • Don’t throw the drone until right before you have to, to minimize the time enemies have to kill it. For example, when blocking a D.va ult, throw it right before the mech explodes, onto anyone who can’t make it to cover. This gives enemies no time to kill it before the explosion goes off (which kills the drone, but saves the life). This also applies to Sigma’s ult. Since the drone has a limited vertical area, don’t throw it while you’re lifted into the air (as it’ll just land, do nothing, and be destroyed), throw it straight down shortly before you get slammed.

  • If throwing down the drone while in a grav, don’t throw it straight down. This puts it right in the center of the group of people, meaning that it’s both A) easy to point out of the crowd, and B) Easier to focus down while also killing your team (eg genji slashes can hit both) Instead, throw it off to the side.

  • The projectile is immune to all projectile-stopping things (shields, defense matrix, deflect, etc) so don’t be scared to throw it where you want it. However, if thrown at a wall (map or Mei’s) it’ll bounce off and land somewhere near the wall.

  • The projectile will impact the skybox, and not go any higher, as opposed to normal projectiles. If this happens it’ll fall straight down and deploy.

  • The immortality effect doesn’t apply to built structures like turrets, but will apply to BOB, Ashe’s ult. This can be very powerful if the drone is placed around the corner from where BOB is, as he then becomes an immortal turret.

  • Immortality can be used as a more durable bubble, to protect people from predictable instakills, such as getting roadhog hooked. This can be useful if such a kill would open the fight for the enemy.

Ultimate – Amplification Matrix

Baptiste’s ult, Amplification Matrix (henceforth called Amp) is a quick charging and powerful ultimate. It is the most powerful form of damage boost in the game, and can result in instant victories if popped in the right spot at the right time.

How it works: Upon using the ult (pressing Q and placing it somewhere) a wall will materialize, and any shots fired through that wall will be amplified. This effect adds the base damage of the shot to the shot, and sends it on its way. Tons of people like to say that it “doubles damage”, but that’s not quite accurate. Why? Well, let’s do an example. Get ready for math.

You have a Reinhardt that launches a firestrike at a target. It does 100 damage, normal. That Rein then gets boosted by a Mercy, who provides +30% damage. He throws another firestrike, and this time it deals 130 damage. Make sense so far? Okay, now the Mercy goes away, and an Amp is placed in front of the Rein, who throws another firestrike, dealing 200 damage. And now, for the finale, the mercy comes back, and the Rein throws another firestrike through the Amp, and deals….230 damage. Wait. “Shouldn’t that be 260 damage, Gangsir? Because Amp doubles damage?”

Ah, but here’s where the confusion is. Amp doesn’t double damage, it adds the base damage of the shot to the shot. This means the rein is doing 130 damage from the firestrike, plus the 100 damage that gets added to the firestrike as it passes through the matrix. This means that the more boosts the initial shot has, the less the effect that the amp matrix has.

Take that same rein, except now, Nanoboost him, Mercy boost him, and Supercharger boost him. Then, his firestrike does 230 damage, as damage boosts are additive. Put that same 230 damage firestrike through an Amp, and what do you get? Well, if it doubles damage, then the final damage would be 460, however, it doesn’t, so the final damage actually comes out to only 330. It just added a measly 100 damage to it.

To also answer a common question, no, 2 genjis deflecting a shot back and forth through amp matrices would not result in infinitely climbing damage. Genji resets all damage boosts to any shots he deflects, then adds his own. A shot would fly through the Amp, get amped, then deflected and reset back to base damage, fly back through the amp, get amped, get deflected and reset to base damage, etc. Even if both Genjis (Genjis? Genjii? Genju?) had a friendly amp in front of them, the damage would never get higher than base+base.

Anyway, here’s some tips for making good use out of it:

  • Since the ult charges fast, it’s totally fine to use it only for yourself during heated teamfights. You become Widowtiste/Bapmaker when firing through it (because you can kill squishies with a single burst), and your healing nades deal 120 healing per, raising your HPS to ~144, which exceeds Moira’s ultimate.

  • I recommend placing it slightly diagonally to your team’s frontline, rather than perpendicular, as that opens up the greatest amount of angles without too much movement, making it harder for the enemy team to just break LOS.

  • You can also use it to pocket certain people, for example a Bastion or a Widow, as both delete dudes when amped. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a rein shield get nearly instakilled by an amped bastion.

  • The ult amps healing as mentioned earlier, but only Ana’s and Bap’s healing. The other healers have AOE or beam healing, which don’t interact with Amp, sadly.

  • The ult can also amp abilities, as well as primary fire. This works on any projectile/hitscan ability, you can even amp sleep dart to do a whole 10 damage. However, it only seems to work on some projectile ults, (and sometimes only partially, like Hanzo’s) and turret projectiles don’t work either.

  • If there’s a brawl on a square point, place it diagonally in the middle of the point. Somebody’s gonna end up shooting through it.

  • Amp matrix is destroyed by EMP, but otherwise cannot be ended early. Just so you know.

  • Amp matrix doesn’t provide any protection from enemy fire (it just passes through it like it’s not there), so make sure you don’t get blasted while trying to shoot through it.

Balancing Damage and Healing

Of course, being a Damage/Support hybrid like Zen, Bap should be doing some amount of damage. Too many new Baptistes try to sit there and only spam nades, and while that is the right move in some scenarios, you’re missing out on value you could be getting.

But, how do you know when you should be looking to deal damage vs heal? Well, it’s fairly simple. Deal damage whenever you don’t have someone to heal. Since Baptiste’s two fire modes are on independent fire cooldowns, you can seamlessly switch between them, even alternating them, or firing both at the same time.

If you can practice quickly flicking your aim between what you’re actively shooting at, and the ally you’re healing, you can multitask. Contribute damage onto the enemy shield, or look to pick off mispositioned people (if you’re around the middle ranks, look for supports far from cover), and then when you notice someone needs healing, flick over and lob a nade. Be efficient, only bother lobbing a grenade if most of the healing from the nade will apply (eg don’t bother with people missing 10 health, unless they’re grouped and you can 1-nade them).

If what you’re shooting at is lined up with what you’re healing, you can even hold both mouse buttons and fire both at once.

Since both of your ammo pools reload together, you don’t need to worry about tracking both. If you run out of nades and reload, know that you’re back to full bullets too. If you’re emptying your bullets clip, know that you’ll have healing nades when you need them.

Things to Practice and Get a Feel For

  • Learn how much exo boot charge leads to how much vertical jump. Only charge jumps as much as is necessary, so you aren’t hanging in the air as easy widow food.

  • Get used to the arc of your healing grenades and immortality field. They both have the same arc.

  • Get used to placing Amp where you need it. It has the same placing schema as Mei’s wall, and like her’s, you can rotate it by pressing Q again.

  • Get used to compensating for the recoil of his gun. It’s important to be able to accurately land bullets.

Hero Matchups in a 1v1 Scenario

I like to include this section in all my hero guides, as it can provide help for players struggling to stay alive and win duels. A disclaimer: This is assuming low-mid-Diamond skill, as that’s the level I play against. Things change as you get higher or lower on ladder, but this gives you a baseline. Next to each hero I’ll place a “difficulty rating” of how hard it would be to win a pure 1v1 against that hero.

  • D.va (hard)

She can be farmed for ult from a distance, but if she gets within her effective range to where she can start eating your healing grenades and bullets, you’ll start to struggle. I recommend using highground, when she boosts up to you fall off the highground, wait for her to follow, then jump back up. This’ll get her out of your hair until her boosters come back up. Use that time to enlist help. As her DM can eat infinite damage, she also slightly counters Amp matrix. Remember that you can use immortality to survive her ult or buy time when fighting her.

  • Orisa (neutral)

Kinda tricky due to her barriers to kill her, but she shouldn’t really kill you either, as her damage isn’t super high or reliable. Just focus on damaging her shield with your team, and go for headshots if she’s exposed. If fighting her up close, use slightly charged jumps to jump over her head, making it harder to track you.

  • Reinhardt (easy-neutral)

As he has no range, as long as you stay out of hammer range, he can’t really hurt you. Pepper him down while backpedaling until he eventually dies. In a teamfight setting, just work on his shield, and use immortality to save pinned people. Jump over his charges/shatters.

  • Roadhog (hard)

Stay out of shot/hook range, and just pepper him for ult charge. If he hooks you out of immortality, you’re dead. It’s theoretically possible to save yourself by throwing immortality at him just before he hooks you so you get hooked into it, but I’ve not had much success predicting it to where he doesn’t just look up and kill it. It’ll be really hard to kill him too, due to his heal, and how hogs tend to get pocketed.

  • Sigma (extreme hard)

In a 1v1, he really destroys you. Plant shield in front of you, walk casually up to you, and combo primary fire with accretion. You’ll never be able to hammer through his shield and health before he just kills you with orbs/rock. Immortality can take him a bit to kill, but even with that you can’t outlast him.

In a teamfight setting, stay out of his range, pepper him for ult charge, work on his shield, and throw immortality to save people from his ult’s slam.

  • Winston (hard)

Baptiste is pretty divable if he isn’t protected by his team, meaning that often if you have success on Bap you’ll see the winstons start coming out. However, all hope is not lost. I recommend positioning next to a similarly divable long range character, and assist them in killing him. As I mentioned earlier, you can pop regen to heal yourself and them while you both blast him. If you need to throw immortality, try to throw it behind him, so he can’t hit both you and the drone with the cleave damage.

Similar to D.va, you can also abuse your exo boots and highground in order to buy time for your team to save you.

  • Wrecking Ball (neutral)

While you can’t really kill him due to his mobility and health, he shouldn’t really kill you either due to how long it takes. Someone is bound to come and assist you. In a true 1v1, Hammond would eventually win if his aim and ability usage is proper. Stay aware of his location, and pepper him for ult charge. Be careful to not get knocked out of immortality. Speaking of immortality, the mines can damage the drone, so it’s possible to still die to them if they’re placed close enough together to destroy the drone and you.

You can abuse exo boots and highground just like with the other dive tanks, and it’s even more effective against him, since he can’t easily go straight up.

  • Zarya (easy)

Stay out of her range, and pepper her down. One of the easiest tanks to kill if she’s mispositioned, as she has no long term shielding, and no armor. Like mentioned earlier, throw immortality off to the side of her gravs, not directly in the center.

  • Ashe (hard)

One of the most potent DPS to run into a Bap, she’s gonna make your life hard if she’s paying attention. As you can’t easily heal yourself, just landing a dynamite on you can mean automatic death unless your other healer is paying attention, or you play near a healthpack. She also outranges you, making it hard in some cases to fire back.

However, as you get closer, things get more even. Since it takes her 3 shots to kill your immortality drone, a viable strat is to drop the drone and focus on blasting her while she kills it. Problem is, that’s a burned cooldown, and the regen burst after to regain the lost health is another lost cooldown. She doesn’t exactly nullify you, but she’ll pull so many cooldowns out of you for relatively free that it’s not wise to interact with her.

  • Bastion (easy-neutral)

Generally he’s not your job, but if you must take a 1v1, two words: Immortality, corner. Put drone out of line of sight of Bastion. Stand still. Pepper bastion to death as he helplessly fires into your 40 HP self. He’ll either be forced to move to cover, or die. Note that this only works in a 1v1, not a team setting where the bastion is going to be healed.

In that case, just let someone else use the immortality that has a higher DPS that can kill through the healing, like a Hanzo. But, using that ability, you can basically kill him for free unless he’s heavily shielded.

  • Doomfist (nah)

Extreme hard counter. You’re only slightly less fucked than Zenyatta. What I would recommend is to hug the inside of a corner, throw immortality down, and do your best to gun him down and stay in immortality until someone can rescue you. You want to hug the corner so the distance his uppercut hits you is lessened, as normally he can knock you above your immortality drone. If you’re out in the open, try to keep a jump charged so you can dodge his initial slam/punch and mess up his combo.

  • Genji (easy)

Very easy kill unless you have potato aim. Pop regen burst, move evasively (try jumping over their head with short charge jumps to confuse them), and gun him down. Shouldn’t take more than like 2-3 bursts. If you must, throw immortality, it takes him so long to kill that outside of blade you should definitely win.

  • Hanzo (easy)

I would recommend just staying out of line of sight since he’s a sniper, but if you must fight him, pop immortality if he’s a good shot, and don’t jump. Should take you 2-3 bursts to kill him unless he’s far away.

  • Junkrat (very easy)

As long as you stay out of his effective range and stay in the air as much as possible, you can more or less gun him down for free. Note that his mines can knock you out of immortality.

  • McCree (hard)

You have similar range and damage per click, but he has much easier to apply damage. Generally unless he has potato aim, he’ll kill you before you kill him. If you must fight him, don’t jump, and throw immortality, as it takes him 4 shots to kill it.

  • Mei (hard)

Stay out of her range, no matter what. If you do, you should be able to pepper her down from afar, just watch the icicles. If she gets close to you, you must throw immortality and hope you have good enough aim to kill her before the drone dies, or have someone rescue you.

  • Pharah (Alone: Easy, W/ Mercy: Extreme hard)

If she’s alone, just jump into the air and kill her. If she’s being pocketed by a mercy, you’ll need other people also shooting at her.

  • Reaper (easy-hard, depending on range)

If he’s far away, just pepper him to death. Use highground and exo boots to stay away from him. If he does get close, pop immortality and hope someone rescues you, as it’ll only take him 2 shots to kill the drone, and one to finish you. Immortality only buys time against his ult, as it gets damaged too. Do note, however, that people that aren’t taking damage due to immortality also don’t feed his lifesteal, so he becomes really easy to kill if the drone is the only thing taking damage.

  • Soldier 76 (hard)

He’s basically you, but Damage-er. Thus, he’s generally going to duel you better than you can duel him. His healing and damage is hard to deal with, and immortality only buys you a few seconds, which is meaningless if he’s also being healed up by his field.

  • Sombra (easy-neutral)

As soon as you hear yourself getting hacked, pop regen and duel her. You should generally be able to kill her/make her teleport before she can kill you. In my experience, landing a couple headshots and a body is enough to make them scared enough to teleport away.

However, since she counters most of your abilities (destroys your ult, negates your immortality, etc), she counters you more in a non-1v1 scenario.

  • Symmetra (easy)

Just don’t have potato aim. Don’t let her close distance, make use of those exo boots and highground. As long as you don’t have ass aim, you should be able to just pepper her down as she runs at you.

In a teamfight, kill her turrets, they take you a couple bullets (effectively one burst) each, and you can multitask as described earlier while doing it. The only real time she messes with you significantly is when she pops ult, this blocks all your healing.

  • Torbjorn (hard)

Torb deals a lot of high, sustained damage, and is also very tanky against small packet guns, making it hard to fight him. Even if you pop immortality, it takes him 3-4 shots to kill, and you’ll take a long time to kill him if he pops overload.

Additionally, immortality does nothing against molten core, since the lava destroys it. His turret can also target the drone, as far as I’m aware. In a teamfight setting, try to keep killing his turret when you see him place it.

  • Tracer (easy)

Again, this is a “don’t have potato aim” matchup. You can kill her with 3 headshots, or 2 headshots, a body and a melee, etc. Even landing two headshots (100 dmg) is enough to make most tracers burn recall and/or screw off. If she bombs you or someone else, use immortality to save them.

You can also use exo boots and highground against her pretty effectively.

  • Widowmaker (neutral)

Stay out of line of sight, and whatever you do don’t go for big jumps in her LOS. If you must fight her, put drone out of sight, and pepper her, but honestly just stay out of LOS and ignore her.

  • Ana (easy)

In a raw 1v1, you should win, provided you don’t have aim that would make some killer hashbrowns. Wait to pop regen until after she either nades you, or hits you twice. If she’s the aggressive type of ana that throws nade and tries to 2 tap you, I would recommend fighting until you’re about to get shot again, then pop immortality, stand still, and kill her (it takes her a whopping 4 shots to kill the drone). If she’s the type that nades herself to keep herself alive, just keep fighting with regen until you’re in danger of dying to her next shot, then use immortality to finish her. But honestly, given okay-ish aim, you should kill her before needing to use immortality.

  • Baptiste (neutral-easy)

In the mirror matchup, the bap that throws immortality first loses. Hold off on throwing it until you absolutely must (use regen) or some time has passed since he threw his, then throw it, stand still, and kill him. It takes him 4 bursts to kill the drone.

  • Brigitte (hard)

Don’t let her close distance. Use exo boots and highground to stay away, and pepper her down from a distance. Since her shield nerf, it should take you about 3 bursts to break it, from there you can kill her. Generally, though, with her armor it’s going to be hard to kill her quickly, so it’s kind of a no-interaction scenario normally.

  • Lucio (easy)

Don’t have aim that resembles that of a tubular starchy root, and you should be fine. Pop regen to negate his minor damage, and gun him down. If you must place immortality, try to do it in a corner so he can’t boop you out of it.

  • Mercy (free kill)

You can pretty much gun her down at your leisure. She has to avoid you like she would a soldier 76. If for whatever reason it’s a true 1v1 and she starts pistoling you, just pop regen and jump a lot.

  • Moira (neutral)

Unless your aim is fairly good, you’ll struggle somewhat with this, especially if she’s really gunning for you with damage orb and everything. If she fully engages on you like that, drop immortality and stand still, focus on hitting shots. If she focuses the drone, it’ll take her so long to kill it that you should be able to kill her. You can always also use exo boots to highground to escape her.

  • Zenyatta (easy)

The farther away you are from him, the easier the kill for you. Gun him down if he’s mispositioned. Given proper distance, regen should negate any random shots he hits on you. If close though, avoid jumping, as his projectiles are fast enough to pluck you out of the air as you arc. It takes him 6 orbs to kill your drone, if you must use it.

Wrap up

Thanks for reading! If you found this guide helpful, don’t hesitate to show it to your friends. If you have any further questions, comments, or otherwise, go ahead and drop em below. Cheers!

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The Misconception Of Having 3 On Cart

Ultimate Tracking for Beginners and Advanced Players

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