How To Play As Barik

Barik Tips

Barik is one of the best Tankers and I would place him second place for the best tanker apart from Inara and Ash because I haven’t played them yet. Equipped with Turrets, a Curvy Shield and Rocket Boots he can be your best friend or your worst enemy. His turrets would annoy any Damager and Flanker as it wouldn’t miss and deal a great damage over long periods of time. This would mean it could stop any enemy Damager or Flanker rushing in. It would also help finishing of an opponent with a low health point after being damaged.


Easiest way to go about this skill is to use it when on the objective point. If that wasn’t obvious enough, when you reach the point slower than an enemy tanker or you want to take a more defensive approach to the point, create one before the point or where it’ difficult for enemies to reach you without going around or heading straight in to you like in escape routes and narrow passageways.


Always deploy it behind the Barricade and depending on your loadout, stand nearby it to self-heal or fix them up. It takes time to deploy the Turret and takes about two seconds for it to be ready to fire unless you have the Field Deploy card at level 4. Also useful to have illusion card when there’s a good enemy skye on the enemy team as it would detect her movemet.

Rocket Boots

Best used when on low health and escaping enemy fire. Also useful when trying to dodge a Dragon Punch by Drogoz.

Dome Shield

dome shield paladins

Barik’s ultimate is useful when capturing an objective point or when closing in on the payload at the last second. Usually I would do it in clutch situations when you are alone on point and there’s about 3-4 enemies still alive while you are left with a healer or not.


barik paladins deck 2017

There’s different builds out there but I decided to go with this deck as it allows me to heal the turrets and myself while maintaining a decent barricade to keep my turrets alive. The legendary card also helps Barik to deal more damage with the Turrets, have 100% accuracy and


what items to use for barik in paladins

The items used for Barik are dependent on what enemy champions I’m facing. For example if there’s a Bomb King, a Pip or a Mal’Damba I’ll select Cauterize until level 2 and then Resilience at level 2. Then it is followed by Cauterize again at level 3 and finishing Resilience at level 3. The final points would be allocated to  Master Riding at level 2.

My usual items to grab are Cauterize at level 3, Haven or Blast Shield also at level 3 followed by Master Riding at Level Two. If there’s a Ying or Pip acting as a Healer I might opt for Rejuvenate as well.

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