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Best Legends For Solo


Of course its possible to do by veering off from your current squad. It is tempting but I would advice against it because it is kind of a duck move and if I was your team mate I would be pinging the hell out of every Mozambique until you die from your game crashing.

We got 8 characters so lets get into it:


She has double time that will help her run either away at high speeds, or perhaps directly at an enemy at high speeds. Her smoke is good for three things, its good for allowing you time to hide away and heal, or for drawing a team in to take them out one by one, or by putting a smoke screen between you and an enemy in order to run away.

Her ability to keep you alive and take you quickly out of dangerous situation is outstanding and deserves to be top 3.


He will definitely have some problems in traversing open ranges. He does not have mobility aiding abilities and his ultimate gas grenade is not going to do much without being confined in a building. Because he is limited to doing well in only indoor scenarios we have to drop him to #8 in this ranking as not all rings include the cover he needs. Those who main this character sorry, try to prove me wrong.


Surprisingly he may have some potential in this, being that he can likely bamboozle in the 1v1 fights yet he will likely be over run in 1v1v1 or 1v1v1v1 etc… His ultimate maybe helpful in this kind of situation but because it will not directly help him in getting kills and only aid in repositioning or running away he is going to get #7. Again prove me wrong Mirage mains.


He has a Larger hit box, but the gunshield will help you when engaging 1v1, just do not over use it as it will be highly visible across the map increasing your risk to get sandwiched. You can draw the enemy into your dome shield to take them out 1 by 1 which will be your best option, but they will be able to take you out just as easily as you them by using your dome against you with a well placed grenade or Peace Keeper.

The Gib can rank no higher than 6


He is, as one would imagine, a fan favorite for solos as his abilities will let you know where everyone is, then you can either avoid them or kill them. Here is the biggest problem, how are you going to differentiate one enemy signifier from another, is there 1 or 2 or 3 in this area or was it just 1 running around a lot. Yes you will be able to hunt, but these abilities subconsciously force you to be aggressive, if you have good aim this maybe good. For the majority of blood hounds, your likeliness of failure in solos is high.

So he gets a 5.


He will get a 4 primarily because of his extreme mobility, in solos his biggest weakness is that he will accidentally zipline to a thought to be secret outlook spot where another pathfinder is looking for you. Getting high ground means a lot in this game and if you have the proper high ground weaponry you may have a good match.


She gets this spot because she can heal herself periodically, even while trading fire in battles. And she can request care packages either for her own benefit or to draw the desperate out of their hiding spots. Another thing is that she is going to be able to heal her self so much faster in clutch moments, and if the ring closes in the final round so what. You can win by Med Battle! This is why she get #1.


Her tactical is very useful, and will get you out of a pickle and reposition in a split second. Then you can do some creative things with her portal, you can even use it to go through back up a bit and heal, the enemies who come through will be looking forward and you will have a split second chance to cancel your heal and headshot them keeping your engagements at more manageable levels. Her tactical blocks damage but is partially visible causing it to be a liability in multiple enemy engagements. This is why she is #2.


Best ranking for the likely to come Solo mode – (see appendix for further reasoning)

# Legends
1 Lifeline
2 Wraith
3 Bangalore
4 Pathfinder
5 Bloodhound
6 Gibraltar
7 Mirage
8 Caustic

Solo Tier Ranking

apex legends tier list for solo rank


Concerning top spot readjustment comments– More advanced players will find that both Wraith and Lifeline have abilities that will keep them alive in clutch situations, even with multiple enemies in an engagement. I would have put Wraith first because of her ability to phase out damage, and her portal allowing only 1 person to traverse at a time, giving clever players advantage.

Then why would Lifeline be #1? Her passive ability to use healing items quicker is more valuable to you in a Solo game then one might think. Instead of running away, Lifeline can stay in firefights for longer with her drone and passive. Just drop the drone while she is behind cover and it will heal her. She will be able to continue fighting while the drone heals. She can also double heal with the drone and syringe allowing for quicker fills. knocking enemies when they have low health instead of running and allowing them to heal.

Her tactical while primarily used to heal, can be used as a decoy and can be dropped in order to draw enemy attention away from your movement, this is also true with your ultimate. There is no need to loot your own care package, but others will use it to judge your location or they may attempt to loot it. Wraiths portal is not as loud and tempting as Lifelines ultimate. Enemies will go to Lifelines ultimate and as it will likely be more than one enemy, they will engage each other leaving you with an upper hand as the observer.

Bangalore may move up the ranking if she possesses a Digital Threat opitic.

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