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Bomb King Tips

bomb king paladins skill list
Give it up if you don’t have the patience. This was one of the most frustrating Damage champions to use in Paladins when I first started out(about a week ago). You can practice targeting and aiming at Pip in the practice place but he isn’t enough when you get to moving enemies like Androxus, Drogoz, Eevie and others.

It gets very difficult to aim and you can feel anxiety as you miss your bombs when playing on casuals. Like Sha Lin, pre-aim is very difficult to master and you need a sixth sense or at least guess whether the enemies would strafe left or right.There’s a delay to stick the bombs on the enemy like Sha Lin’s Arrow or Cassie’s while being a bit slower.
Your aiming at mid-range is highly accurate so if an enemy’s moving keep your cross hair on where they would actually go. The further the range the more difficult it would be to land the bombs and the crosshair would not work anymore. This can be simply done by just pointing the cross hair above an enemy model and hope it would hit them. Flankers are the most difficult to hit so you might wanna detonate the bomb before it hits the enemy or towards flying enemies like Drogoz as it can still hit them albeit sometimes with lower damage
bomb king jaguar falls
Unreachable areas such as this wooden bridge on Jaguar Falls is essential for Bomb King for its high elevation and distance.
paladins bomb king poppy bomb
Poppy Bomb Ftw
It’s pretty rewarding if you get used to him, an unmarked Bomb King is a deadly Bomb King that can turn the tide easily. This is usually done by getting on platforms with Poppy Bomb that are difficult to reach or unreachable without teleportation or any ability to boost jumping. Another tip is to use Poppy Bomb, jump above people while throwing bombs at them while your in air. This is hard to do and  takes practice to perfect it and land the bombs accurately.
Bomb King can also act as flankers as they can jump real far and can get close to someone at the back line easily. When you are low on health, you can also use Poppy Bomb to retreat and get back to safety or heal.
Grumpy Bomb is also one of Bomb King’s useful abilities whereby it can stop an enemy payload or sticking at objective point as it can cause stun towards the enemy rendering them helpless for a few seconds. The enemy is usually smart enough to back off from the projectile. However, in trading fire circumstances they might be distracted to notice the bomb and get stunned which is your chance to finish an enemy easily.
grumpy bomb
Grupy Bomb stuns enemies when they are hit by it
His ultimate requires a charge up like Drogoz’s which would leave you open to an enemy for a few minutes. This problem is easy to solve by using the ultimate behind a wall or while your jumping off Poppy Bomb and pursue the enemy. Press the right click to explode so you don’t have to hit your enemy for it to explode as you can also do it before hitting them. At this point, the enemies are stunned and would leave you and your teammate to clean them up easily.
ultimate bomb king
Bomb King Ulti!!
stun bomb king
Stun by Ulti

Bomb King Loadout
bomb king paladins deck
Bomb King Card Build
bomb king loadout guide
This is my loadout build which allows me to reload faster, cools down Poppy Bomb a lot quicker and easier, control my air movement after using it and give me speed boost after Grumpy Bomb.
Obviously this build is a little off from other people’s bomb king loadout guides and builds but I’m happy with this one as it gives me a lot of mobility and quick reload speed which is highly useful against flanks or when I’m against a lot of enemies at once. As for Bomb King’s legendary card I think Accelerant is the most useful and effective out of all the three cards that you can select as it gives you a boost of about 60% when doing Poppy Bomb.

Bomb King Items Build

The thing about Bomb King is when Poppy Bomb runs out you are easy target for other Damagers or Flankers due to your slow movement. It is very essential to get one of the defense items up first depending on what you are dealing with. This is a crucial task in enhancing Bomb King’s items build in fighting the enemy team.
Only pick Wrecker when there’s two tanks while pick Cauterize when there’s one and maximize it to level three. This is useful as it deals a whole chunk of damage and can obliterate any tank’s shield in a short period of time.
I rarely opt for Utility or Healing(unless there’s no healers) and depends on who I’m dealing with. If there’s a Kinessa at Fish Market and Timber Mill then I have no choice but to select this(master riding) early on.


Defense(Level 2)


Offense(Level 2 for Wrecker, Level 3 for Cauterize)


Utility(Level 1)


Healing(Level 1)


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