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How to play as Cassie

Cassie Paladins Tips

Drawn By Angry Raccoon Draw
Cassie is one of  the greatest champions on Paladins. Her mobility allows you to go back and forth among the enemy a term which the community refers to as Kaite, which is to hit and run. Like Sha Lin, her arrows take a little time to travel at long distances and short distances as well so similarly you would need to Pre-Aim (something I discussed, here) and do a lot of guess work on the movement of the enemy.

I struggle with people who strafe left to right especially when they have nimble and they start to strafe left and right or when Champions such as Drogoz, Bomb King, Eevie or Maeve or up in the air attacking or fleeing away and takes practice to hit them while they’re airborne. I think one of Cassie’s weaknesses is dealing with enemies with automatic rifles such as Tyra and Viktor or Champions that do Area of Effect Damage such as Drogoz, Bomb King and Eevie as I would usually have Haven as my defense. As Cassie, whoever I spot first will be my prey(except a Tank) but if I see a healer I would go for it as Cassie has that skill that does reduces 50% of healing for 5 seconds which is an Area of Effect skill.

cassie disengage skill
Before Disengage
archers in paladins
After Disengage
One of the things I love to do with Cassie on the opening round is to run up the middle on maps like Serpent Beach and Jaguar Falls and hit the enemy tank with my Arrow after Dodge Roll and use Disengage to knock the tank away from the objective point and then add a final touch of Blast Shot. This allows the enemy not to get the point and damage the tanker at the start of the round. With my loadout build, I play very aggressively with Casey and I you can do it two ways which is to run into the middle of the point and attack anyone there or go straight to the enemy backline and flank them from there. Due to Cassie’s roll and as mentioned earlier, I can hit an enemy with about 700 damage and roll back to the safe spot where my allies are trading fires. The combo that I use when I am up against any champion individually is to use normal attack first, Blast Shot and then Disengage and then roll again and finish the enemy but again if I find it difficult I would roll back to safety and retreat. 

ultimate paladins cassie scout
Scout reveals enemies and makes Cassie immune to Crowd Control skills
paladins dodge roll
Close range damage after Dodge Roll
shot blast
Blast SHOT!

Loadouts for Cassie

cassie deck build
My Main Cassie Card Build

This personal build of mine allows me to Dodge Roll quickly after 1 second of hitting the first target of money. If I miss an enemy or hit a tanker’s shield(not Torvald’s or Rucks’s, more like Makoa’s and Fernando’s) I would fall back and hope I might not get annihilated on the spot or just pursue one enemy and hopes I beat him or her before he or she beats me. Other than giving me an advantage of rolling away if the situation becomes grim, I have enough speed to be more agile while without using Cauterize as an item while I’m able to get 60% off enemy healing when I’m engaging them with Blast Shot. I’m able to also shoot people off maps such as Frog Isle, Serpent Beach or Jaguar Falls with Disengage.

cc reduction build cassie 2017
CC Reduction Deck

This second loadout is a slightly altered version of the first one to gain CC reduction of about 28%, great against Crowd Control Champions such as Bomb King but I would also have to sacrifice points to Dodge Roll distance which decreases over here.

list of legendary cards for cassie
My Legendary Card, I haven’t tried the other two as this one’s the best!

Item builds for Cassie


Defense(Level 2)

If there’s Eevie, pick Blast Shield or when there are at least two Area of Effect damagers on the other team if not, pick Haven.

Healing(Level 2)

For now I’m happy with this, allows me to get 600 HP when its at Level 2 and I don’t have to go back forth between the support Champion and myself I can just rush forwards.

Utility(Level 1)

For long distances maps I prefer Master Riding and Nimble the opposite of that. I would usually take one of these up after fulfilling the other two Items above.

Offense(Level 1)

I rarely use this, probably when there’s two tankers and then I might think about it. I’m still at a dilemma whether to pick it over an utility or not. Cauterize would not work for me as I think I have 60% already with Blast Shot so I leave it out most of the time.

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