How To Play As Caustic


Apex Legends evolutionary guides. The evolution of Caustic- pre-season.

Described as he is, incredibly good at applying pressure and cooking enemies with his toxic Nox gas and causing new players to panic. He is yet another character with a high ceiling. His overall appearance is disturbing. To play him he requires you to have already mastered basic gameplay and strategy, and I fully understand why he needs to be unlocked. To be good with him you will have to change the way you play the game, because your first goal is no longer to get kills, kills should be your secondary goal. Your main goal is to apply pressure and disorient your enemy. He is very weak when out in open spaces, so if you have a Caustic on your team you need to be staying close to cover where the paths are narrow and match his abilities.


If compared to the abilities of others, I would rank this very low only because it can only be used in tandem with his other abilities. With it you can see where you plant your traps, gray when set, and green when triggered. They can be seen from a distance and even through walls, so it allows you to structure a security system. The other passive is that he can see through the Nox gas. This is very much like Bloodhound’s beast of the hunt ability. Check out the Bloodhound Guide for context. They would do well together. Could also be made stronger as a trio with Bangalore and her smoke.

Tactical Ability

This allows you to place gas traps. They are about the size of garbage cans and are fully visible to all players. When you shoot it or hostile players are in the triggering proximity they release gas. If you make a placement mistake you can pick them up and change their position. They will be best placed in narrow pathways, valleys, indoors and where you know enemies will pass by. When they go off Nox gas will begin to damage them, however it only does about as much damage as the first ring, which is not a lot. It does disorient their vision for a short period. A note to all players using Caustic, use this ability every time it cools off, do not attempt to save them. Just keep placing them everywhere, the more you do it the better you will become at strategic placements.

Ultimate Ability

This one is not a trap, it is much more like Bangalore’s smoke grenades just with Nox gas. This is where you may do your most damage on enemies, make sure you have a shotgun so you can start dropping hostiles while they try to escape the gas. Again Bloodhound would be a perfect tag team for inside or small circle endgame situations. I am not sure of the radius of the produced clouds of gas but in enclosed spaces or small rings this will not matter, remember to use this when the chance reveals itself. When in open ranges be ready to fire this on your team or in the direction of the sniper if close by. This will give your caustic and team the chance to find an ambush spot or get away entirely. If you need to heal or mask your team it can be thrown down as a smoke barrier as well. Do not forget to use this ability and as with all ultimate abilities never attempt to save one unless you have a specific plan for its use. Be sure to carry a lot of accelerators if you wish to use this often.

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You can place traps in front of doors, blocking enemy movements. You can throw gas in a small room then block the doors to create a gas chamber. People keep forgetting they can break doors down with melee or a grenade.

If there are enemies chasing you and your team, drop them as you run, if in small corridors you can block their advancement on you allowing for strategic repositions.

You can also build bullet proof walls you can duck behind, to protect you from shots and because they are solid digital threats and bloodhounds ultimate will not see through them, may help someone in a pressured situation.

If you need cover to consider options in an open field you have the ability to set down traps and set them off for temporary cover, but it may not be enough cover so make sure you make a decisive move quickly.

When you achieve high ground in late rounds be sure to drop some of the edge as a proximity fence. Or if you see one running for cover in a small ring, you can throw your canisters surprisingly far again applying pressure and increasing the chances they panic and choke at the end.

Because of your gaseous behavior be sure to stock your squad mates with ‘Digital Threat’ optics so they can see enemies through your gas.

You can set traps with high level items as bait while your team is ready to ambush.

You can drop on and gas out a supply ship forcing enemies to escape leaving you and your team alone with all the loot.

Drop a gas trap in Gibralter’s shield.

You can also make it difficult for enemies to revive their team members by dropping traps around them or pinning them into a corner.

You can also use them in end game to fake out an enemy to thinking you were in a building because its surrounded by gas traps, when your team is watching from somewhere safe. When the traps go off you can flank them.

His strongest is in difficult to get to buildings with limited entrance preferably only by means of ziplines or small doors, it would be foolish to challenge him there when he is not alone.

Drop one at an end of a zipline.


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In the words of Bruce Lee:

You must have complete determination. The worst opponent you can come across is one whose aim has become an obsession. For instance, if a man has decided that he is going to bite off your nose no matter what happens to him in the process, the chances are he will succeed in doing it. He may be severely beaten up, too, but that will not stop him from carrying out his objective. That is the real fighter.

However you wish to use Caustic is up to you, he is easy to use but difficult to master. I am interested in how he may change as a character over time. Or maybe he won’t.

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