How To Communicate In Fortnite

This guide will be teaching about the best way too communicate with your teammates and friends.


Squad Comms are a selection of the most important messages. These are used if you don’t have a mic. When you pick one, it acts like a emoticon; your character will throw it up to their head, and it will hover over you for 5 seconds.If you don’t need a weapon, it will say ammo instead. It will pick the ammo type based on what weapon you are currently holding.


When the 8.0 update came out, it improved the beacon a lot. It tells you how far the beacon is to you, you can activate an ALERT beacon, and you are able to mark items/weapons/ammo/mats. Use the ALERT beacon by double tapping the beacon button in the select area. Mark the chosen item by tapping the beacon button once at the item you want to be shown. Use these 2 beacons to show where the enemies are, maybe if they are weak or if your teammate(s) isn’t there yet and to show your team where a specific item is if they can carry it. What makes these 2 beacons better is that they are not a thick beacon, but more of a marker.

LEFT: Item Ping MIDDLE: Alert Ping RIGHT: Normal Ping

Mic Comms

Now, the big one. Most people will be talking and communicating with a mic. Its the easiest way to talk, and the quickest way to tell your teammate something. I will tell you a couple of phrases you can say and what they mean:

  • Beamed/Lasered: When you hit a lot of shots on an enemy. You would usually hit 3-4 shots to make it a laser. You can say the same thing if you got shot.
  • White/1 hit: White is referring to when you do damage to someone with no shield, the colour of the number will be white. 1 Hit is, well, i hit to death
  • Flanking: If you say your flanking, you are going to go around the enemy while you teammates fight to make them stuck.
  • Thirsting: When you immediatly kill a downed player for their items. This will REALLY annoy the other team (revert pls)

​These 4 are the most common. But here are a few more things to tell your team:

  • What loot, mats and health you have after looting the first location. This will make it easier for your team to plan your attack
  • If you are healing mid-battle. You team cannot blame you for not helping them if you are healing
  • When the enemies are escaping, or are reviving for a final fight. Knowing these two things could save your game
  • (FOR ARENA) When to rotate to next zone, or when to box up in a certain location
  • If you are going to do a combo, like Heavy Sniper RPG, or double Heavy Sniper
  • If you are in need of assistance. Maybe your team a=has downed 2 players, but the other two are on you, and they don’t know.
  • How many players are landing with you. Before you land, scan around your player. You will be able to see most players that are coming. This could also help your team get a landing without a player on top of them.

​That’s all right now. Hope this guide helped 🙂

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