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2020 CSGO Beginner’s Guide To Danger Zone

Hello FPS101

Because /u/Gaderic made a similar post as this, we decided to put our information together in this post. So also a big <3 to him for his help!

This is a beginner’s guide for the new game mode “Danger Zone”. If there are incorrect or missing informations just let me know and I will edit the post. So let’s start:

The new game takes place on the brand new map “Blacksite”. The goal: Be the last man alive out of 18 people (16 if you play solo) . You can play “Danger Zone” alone, in teams of 2 or in teams of 3.

After warm-up you can choose where you want to land. If you play in team, everybody needs to pick a point to land (you cannot land at the same place). In midair you can press your ‘use’ bind (normally ‘e’) to land faster.

You start off with your Max Health (120). At the start of the round you have these things:

  • Fists
  • 1 Medi-Shot
  • Tablet

Now after landing on the map you can start running around and search for loot. The following things are just laying around on the ground:

  • Glock-18
  • P2000
  • Knife, Hammer, Wrench and Axe
  • Ammo
  • Parachutes (use “Space” in midair to open them)
  • Kevlar and helmet
  • Helmet without Kevlar
  • Money stacks

Also there are different “boxes” with loot in it. To open them you just need to hit them with your fists, a hammer, a axe, a knife, a wrench, a Zeus x27, shooting it with a gun or throwing an explosive nade on it.

Loot Boxes (Blue) can contain:

  • Ammo
  • Knife, Hammer, Wrench or Axe
  • Parachute
  • Medi-Shot
  • Flashbang or Decoy

Explosive Boxes (Yellow) can contain:

  • C4
  • Remote
  • Explosive Grenade
  • Molotov

Pistol Boxes (Small Red) can contain:

  • P250
  • Zeus x27
  • Dual Barrettas
  • Five-Seven
  • Tec-9
  • USP-S
  • CZ75

Small Arms Boxes (Big Red) can’t be opened with your fists but contain one of these weapons:

  • MAC-10
  • MP5-SD
  • MP7
  • MP9
  • P90
  • PP-Bizon
  • UMP-45
  • Nova
  • XM1014
  • MAG-7

Supply Drop (White/Red) apply in the late game and contain one of these weapons:

  • AWP
  • AK-47
  • SG 553
  • AUG
  • M4A1-S
  • M4A4
  • G3SG1
  • SCAR-20

Also there are some special thing on the map you may should know about:

Hostages: Pick them up and carry them to one of the rescue points to earn a cash bonus.

Safes: You can only open them by using C4 or pressing your use key on it. Also C4 does lead you to that safe (LED indicator). Be carefully and go far enough away the C4 can damage you! After it exploded go back to the safe enjoy some cash.

Suitcase: Gives a bounty for a nearby player. Rewards $500 if you kill that player.

Turrets: NPC turret that fires at any player it sees (also bangs through walls!). Has a slight warning sound. You can destroy it by hitting it with your fists, a weapon, a Zeus x27 or just throwing an explosive nade or a molotov at it. Spawns either at a random world position or in a a white metal box. Tip, repeat melees will knock the turret thus making it unable to shoot you. Make sure to use its ammo box. If you throw anything wrench/hatchet or gun near the turret it will target the item instead of you.

Cash Bag: It is filled with some free money.

Cages: Pay the price that is displayed on the screen and the cage will open and you get whatever is behind it. You can also blow them by using a bomb.

Drones: They deliver the items that you have bought. You can shoot the enemies drones and destroy the deliverie (your opponent will get a notification about that).

Explosive Barrel: You can trigger it with one shot or antoher explosive. It will explode and make some damage.

Here you have an overview of the cash rewards you can get:

  • Kill a Player: $100
  • Picking up a small stack: $50
  • Picking up a cash bag: Random
  • Rescue Hostage: $500
  • High Value Target (Player): $500
  • Exploring a Hexagon: $100 (paid after 10 seconds and only happens once per hexagon)

So we heard much about the all the money you can earn and find so far but what can you do with it? By using your tablet you can buy items and upgrades for you tablet. The price is displayed under the item. After buying something you will get it delivered by a drone. Here are the things you can buy:

  • Loadout 1: CZ75-Auto $750, Desert Eagle $1750, UMP-45 $1750, Famas $3750, SSG-08 $3750
  • Loadout 2: Five-seveN $750, Desert Eagle $1750, PP-Bizon $1750, Galil AR $3750, SSG-08 $3750
  • Loadout 3: Tec-9 $750, PP-Bizon $1750, Galil-AR $3750, SSG-08 $3750, R8-Revolver $4250
  • Supplies: Knife $500, Armor+Helmet $500, Ammo $1000, Medishot $1000
  • Tactical Package (Diversion grenade, flashbang, and smoke grenade.) $250,
  • Defensive Utility (Grenade and Molotov) $750,
  • Radar Jammer $1750: A drone will drop a radar jammer onto your location. It affects up to 3 zone in each direction around it. Any enemy players within these affected zones will not be able to view their map. Also enemies outside of these 3 hexagons will not see any info about these 3 hexagons (they will be grayed out on their tablets).
  • Drone Upgrade $1000: Doubles the speed of your drones and tracks the opponents deleveries.
  • Zone Intel Upgrade $1750: More information where the zone will go (2 phases away instead of just one).
  • High Res Upgrade $4250: Divides each hexagon onto the map into 6 pieces. These pieces highlight instead allowing you to see enemy positions more easily.

The map is a bit confusing on the first look. So here are the things you should know about it:

  • Arrow: This is you.
  • Red Zone: Avoid it you will take damage and die in it if you don’t make it out in time.
  • Light Red Zone: This is where the red zone will go if it spreads the next time.
  • Hexagons: There are several hexagons all over the map while only about 30 of them are playable on. If a player enters a hexagon, they will receive a $100 reward after about 10 seconds. A hexagon will change it’s color to yellow when a player is within that area after 3 seconds upon entering it.
  • Red/White Box with Parachute: Supply Box
  • “R”: Rescue Zones (for the hostages)
  • Blue Helicopters: Drones

I hope I was able to help you out with some information you maybe didn’t know already. If there are any mistakes (also grammer/spelling) just say it and I will edit is as far as possible. Please also tell me if there is something missing. Thanks and have a nice day.

Here is some more information that may help you:

  • If you charge your punch (right click) you can punch weapons out of peoples hands.
  • The Zeus x27 does recharge.
  • Before starting you should go to your settings and bind the Medishot. If you don’t do that you need to use your mouse wheel to get the Medishot in your hands.
  • C4 automatically detonates when it is in the red zone.
  • Your parachute can be picked back up after using it.
  • You can’t use the map in the underground (no signal).
  • Money is AUTOMATICALLY picked up if you walk over it. I see people trying to press E and loot it. Waste of time. Especially on players you killed where their money shoots all over the place. Just walk over it.
  • You can “swing” on your spawn rope. The helicopter is stationary and you can move around with WASD. Think of it as like a tire swing on a tree. If you want to move closer North, start swinging South at the start of the game and use the momentum to get every further North when you land.
  • If you press “F” when viewing your tablet it lowers so you can “peek” over it to have more visibility.
  • Drones follow your tablet. You can order something and throw ur tablet outside so u don’t reveal your position. Helpful thing especially in late when u need stuff so u just order am camp somebody following the drone.
  • You can pick up ammo from guns on the ground if it is the same as yours. Just press your use key and the ammo will be added to your weapon.


Fixed some missing information.

Thank you for my first ever gold <3

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