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How To Play As Evie

Do you want to have the best mobility in the game? Do you want to be the reason why people make a forum account to complain? Do you want to play as one of the best girls in the realm? Then you should play Evie! And this guide will help you master the art of making your enemies pull their hair out!

First things first, you must understand her General stats:

HP: 1800

Evie has the lowest base health in the game and meanwhile its just 200 HP under most other flanks and damages it makes a HUGE difference. If Strix or Kinessa hit you, suprise! You are at 600 health, Bomb king can 2 shot you. Drogoz shreds you, Viktor has to aim at you for 1.5 seconds and you are gone and most characters can easily kill you if they get the first shot in, to make it worse, that is IF you have full health. This means Evie cannot show her face anywhere besides the enemy backlines or when everyone is too busy fighting to pay attention or aid anyone you jump on.

Movement speed

Evie only has at her disposal an average 370 movement speed. Meaning that you need to be using Blink and Soar smartly but also as often as possible to remain mobile.


Meanwhile some flanks are capable of hanging out near the front lines even if they should not, Evie can only rely on being on the backlines doing pokes at supports, damages and other squishy targets at mid-range while changing positions constantly to be a slippery target and waste the enemies time. This is what makes her so hated at times, she can deal damage or even get a kill and slip away when people start firing at her. Against higher skilled enemies this will be what you do a lot of the time, due to them grouping up a lot. When the time is right and you see a couple of enemies at low health you need to go for as many kills as you can but most importantly than getting kills you need to know when to back up to remain as an annoyance for the enemy team. You want to be a peddle in their socks if you die, they will be relieved.

Things to look out for: As mentioned, Evie only has 1800 HP with no way to increase it, meaning that; she more than other characters needs to pay attention to where every member of the enemy team is, anyone can kill you if they get the first shot in, even supports. You want to always be behind, you never want anyone to sneak up on you, I recommend that you keep close attention at the respawn timer of the enemy team to know when someone will leave spawn so you don’t get caught by someone going to the battlefield. She is especially weak to cripples, stuns and slows, be careful of characters like Grover, Inara, Jenos or anyone that can inflict quick CC on you.

Besides that, you don’t want to 1v1 someone from the front EVER, maybe with other flanks you can get away with that but not with Rice paper health Evie, in order to start a fight always make sure you get the first hit in, if that doesn’t happen and the enemy focuses you Flee. You don’t want to die, and now that player either needs to waste time hunting you down or just watching out constantly, taking poke shots at them is also a great way to mess with their patience and when they get impatient, you can kill them easily.

You should also never waste time or sit on a place for a long time; you have to always be doing stuff.

Don’t bother with Front lines or enemy flanks: Like in most guides, this depends on the situation, but let’s say that you bump into an enemy flank’s face, you should just ignore them, most of them out DPS you and if you miss one shot you are as good as dead, of course as mentioned ANY class can do that if you go face to face with them, it’s not that I say “always ignore them” but since flanks are mobile and can be hard to hit, you should always get the drop on them first or when their HP is low enough (Enough for you to 2 shot them, that is ideal). With frontlines you should only consider attacking them when there aren’t any other targets or they are on low health, ALWAYS attack anyone else besides a front line if you can and even then it’s a good idea to just leave them to your teammates (given they are alive) and try to go dismount the other members of their team.

Now, moving on to her skills!

Ice Staff (LMB):

Deals 850 damage each second and explodes in an area on impact.

At first some people think “WOW 850A HIT? THAT IS OP AF” But that is not true, (It was 930 before too..) despite it being 850 damage per hit and having a radius of explosion Evie has no other damaging moves nor CC (Besides her ult) and the radius isn’t nothing to be hyped about either. Its damage spreads out quickly doing as little as 140 damage a hit. Meaning that in order to get those kills you need to get direct shots, most of your kills won’t rely on the explosion radius itself and she also doesn’t have good DPS either, it’s 1 shot every second, that is poor DPS in comparison with other flanks (Atleast until Hi-rez makes her semi-automatic…), since as mentioned it’s her only damaging move.

A thing I recommend is playing Evie when your team is full of Haven classes so you can always deal full damage (you don’t want the enemy taking blast shields). It also becomes inaccurate in midair for some dumb reason.

Note: Some people think that sniping with Evie is the most efficient way to play her, this is completely false. It might work against people that blindly rush the point, but versus competent enemies; this will not work, not to mention that you have almost no impact playing this way.

Poking from a distance = Good and efficient way to spend time while waiting to dive an enemy.

Only sniping = Nu-uh, inefficient, boring and will contribute almost nothing to the fight.

Blink (Q):

Teleport forward a short distance.

Blink is a simple skill that gets the job done. It moves you from point A to point B in a split second you can hold the button to prepare it and see where you will blink at and teleport when you release it. (Watch out though you can only teleport to a place that you have line of sight to, so watch out for walls and aim properly if you want to blink trough small places).

However two things that people don’t consider is that the base distance of blink is Pathetic it gets you nowhere making the teleport card a must on most builds (at least for my playstyle). It also has a 0.2 pre teleport delay and if you think 0.2 seconds is too small for something to happen, bugs and lag compensation will make you think otherwise.

Soar (F):

Hop on your staff and take flight for 2 seconds.

To me, this is Evie’s signature move And it’s so much fun being able to move freely for 2 seconds is great, it has a 10 second cooldown though so don’t use it carelessly, you don’t want to find a situation where all of your skills are on cooldown, that is a death sentence for Evie. One thing that people don’t seem to understand is that just like in fantasy stories; you can shot the goddam witch down and most skilled players will attempt and succeed at this, that’s where you need to bring out the good ol’ zig zag movement or simply remain unpredictable, it last for 2 seconds as mentioned and sometimes that might feel too long, just right or too little. A tip I can give you is that you should explore the map with other characters until you know it perfectly, being able to pin point vantage points is the core element of Evie, since she can literally fly to them.

Ice block (RMB):

Become immune to all damage for 3s. Cannot move or attack.

Now I am on very difficult terms with this skill, on one side I hate it and want it changed for something else, on another hand I see that it has quite a few important uses.

Stalling an objective, becoming immune to ultimates or very damaging skills, become the focus fire of a team that you have annoyed only to stall 3 seconds for you team to kill them, cleanse all status effects and become immune to further ones (That includes cauterize), simply use it to wait for Blink/soar to get off cooldown and many more.

But it makes you a sitting duck, people can predict when you will come out, or simply have quick reactions and shred your 1800 (or even lower at that moment) health, there are plenty of things that counter it and that are fairly popular, the best tip I can give you is cancel it at unpredictable times NEVER wait for the 3 seconds for it to go away.

A note for supports: if you are able to, heal an Evie while she is in her Iceblock, it will take less than 2 seconds and she will never be affected by cauterize while in it, don’t force yourself to do that though.

Ice Storm (Ultimate):

Fire a massive ice storm that lasts 6 seconds

( It deals 40 damage every 0.25 seconds, 160 DPS, 960 damage in total. Also cripples and slows enemies by 50%)

Unlike other characters who have these fancy ults with team wipe potential Evie gets an ult that serves one purpose alone and that is: Allow you to get a free kill. Now that seems like a stupid thing to say, of course an ultimate is used to get a kill, but what I mean by that is that this ult essentially guaratees 1 kill on a target if you play your cards right, so pick it well between: An annoying flank, an obnoxious damage or an important pick like a support. Do not use it on tanks! Its literally just a cold breeze on them.

What you want to do usally is, blink on top of somone, use it then bombs away! You will be able to kill someone easily with the 160 DPS of the ult + 850 DPS of your staff, however: Be wary, as I said before this ult isn’t anything fancy and it only Allows you to get a free kill, not gives you a kill. Using this when you are on low health, at the wrong time or the wrong target will not end well for you at all you are still Ms. Rice paper health, another more situational use for it is to use it on the point if its crowded, it will make people panic and will make them easy targets for your team but thats not what you should aim for all the time and should only do so if their support is dead.

Now let’s talk about the loudouts you can use!

First of all, there are a lot of ways to play Evie and all of them will depend on the map, enemy team comp, your comp and most importantly: What you feel comfortable with.


“You heal 300 health per second during Ice block”

The default card. It gives you a second life essentially, but makes you predictable since you need to wait for it to end to get the full heal. You shouldn’t take it if they have plenty of characters that can burst you down easily. I also consider it the “Training wheels” of the character.

This card also allows you to tip the scales in a 1v1; putting the person in a weird spot if they are injured, if they stay: they will have to fight an Evie that will have more than half of her health. If they flee: They risk being chased down by Evie, however it might work against you since reinforcements might arrive and you should always count on that when you are fighting good players. (Not to mention it’s an awful choice to go into Iceblock if you are against: Bomb king, Drogoz, Mal’damba, Sha-ling, Kinessa, etc. It’s not hard to take you down, a well-timed shot (or just people duct taping their LMB while aiming at you) will injure you greatly or even kill you.


“Blink may be used a second time within 4s to return to the initial casting location”

This one is my favorite; it plays mind games with the enemy and makes them have a headache, even if they predict that you are going to go back they waste quite a bit of time. (It also works really well with Flicker V, 750 health almost instantly is great)

The downside to this card is well, if you use it to get to point A to point B, blink will be on an 8 second cooldown, which is terrible. It’s also fundamental that you get Teleport IV with this legendary, blink distance got nerfed quite heavily as a result; this card was also nerfed in a way.

A tip I can give to newcomers to this card is to count shots. Before the blink-back effect expires you can do a total of 3 shots back to back. Meaning that you should take 2 shots on average before blinking back; take that into consideration and you will get used to it very quickly aswell as being able to judge when you make one, two shots or maybe even go for the risky third shot.

Over the moon

“Deal 20% more damage for 3s after Soar ends”

Now this card is a bit weird I think it’s good but it has several problems that aren’t related to the card itself.

I really do like this card and I’ve been using it a bit recently whenever I get a chance to play Evie, my main problem with it it’s that its a High-risk, High reward card.

To explain myself, you usually use Blink to go to a vantage point and Soar to escape/reposition. But this card changes those roles, meaning that you use Soar to go to a vantage point, shot, get a kill and either reposition again or use blink to escape.

This allows Evie to become a hyper mobile champion… if you get a kill. With the two other cards even if you don’t get a kill you can escape with Soar, trick the enemy with Wormhole double blink or use Iceblock as a safeguard, but if you mess up slightly you might not be able to escape with Blink due to the short distance it now covers, Iceblock will not heal you and might even kill you and Soar will be on a 6 – 7 ish second cooldown at that point.

Not only does it reverse the roles of the abilities but it also requires a few cards to work properly, (Killing frost III – IV is MANDATORY for this build)

The last problem I have with it is that most people that try it get a tunnel vision problem, meaning that they focus solely on getting a kill and forget about the position of the enemy team, which can get them killed very often. But once you dominate the ins and outs of the character or just jump straight into this card when starting to play Evie and you learn it, you will be a monster.

Extra note:The maximum amount of shots you can fire with the damage bonus is 3.


Ice Storm now deals 100% more damage and costs 60% energy, but lasts only 2s.

You want memes? Here are the memes.

This talent is one of those “Man, I wish this was viable!” Talents, its really fun, silly and actually a bit useful in small onslaught maps.

Impact 5
Killing Frost 2
Flicker 5
Swift Witch 1
Teleport 2

This is the loudout I use for it and its quite amusing, I recommend getting morale boost with the talent so you get it every 15 seconds or so, this talents makes Evie have no ult in exchange for a pseudo ability, it deals 640 damage over 2 seconds, cripples and slows, so you should use it to either start an engagement or to finish of a target. Impact 5 is to reset the cooldown of blink since you won’t have wormhole to blink back, so you better get a kill or always have the means to escape!

Other than that, I don’t recommend using this on big maps or in serious matches at all, it just doesn’t end well ever, you don’t have extra damage, mobility or sustain, you just get a niche Inara’s warden field.

Loudout cards

Alright! Now with the legendary cards explained I will explain the cards, that in my opinion are the most crucial to have in your loudouts.

Teleport: The range of blink is increased by 6/12/18/24/30%

The buffs to blink’s distance allows you to not need this card at max level, use it at whatever level you feel comfortable with.

Flicker: Blink heals you for 75/150/225/300/375

This card is very handy in about any build, I usually use it on level III and IV and if you are running wormhole you should always max this card (750 Health in total every 4 seconds! ~) but you can use it on level II, I wouldn’t recommend it on level I because it wouldn’t make much impact, but if you need a fodder card, it could do the trick.

Killing frost: Kills reduce the cooldown of Soar by 20/40/60/80/100%

This is my favorite card, it allows Evie to become hyper mobile even after the blink nerf, you kill someone, hop on your broom and fly to a different spot then you rinse and repeat, this card works like a charm with Over the moon as mentioned, but you should always try to sneak this card in your loudouts even if it’s just level I (I’d recommend having it atleast at level II though)

Swift witch: Increase the flight speed of soar by 5/10/15/20/25%

Simple card that gets good results, this makes Evie harder to track down while in Soar due to the increase in speed, it also allows you to cover more grown quicker, the only bad thing is that you need to commit quite a bit to this card, level II is noticeable but not that much but level III is.

Great distance: Increase the duration of Soar by .5/1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds.

Even at level 1 this card makes a difference. If you need a fodder card, don’t think it twice, this is your candidate.

Impact: Kill reduce active cooldowns by 10/20/30/40/50%

I mean, it’s a good card but it needs a few points to work well. At level II it can essentially reset blink after you get a kill, works as a fodder card too.

Frigid field: Gain 5/10/15/20/25% damage reduction for 2 seconds when Iceblock ends.

This card is interesting and my views of it have changed overtime, it can help you in a 1v1 by giving you some milage damage resist, its good but not for everyone or even all situations, its completly up to you if you decide to use it, its best above level 3.

The rest of the cards can be used at levels you feel comfortable, you should ignore: Chilled, Cold Acclimation, Howling gale and keep moving I personally have not found a use for them, that just my opinion though.


We are almost done with this guide but now I’ll explain what items you should prioritize as Evie:


Illuminate: I can count with my fingers the times I’ve had to buy this; it’s useful against Strix, Sha-ling, Seris and Skye. Because the first 3 are targets you will be aiming for a lot. But it’s often useful to spend your credits elsewhere.

Resilience: I personally only buy this if there is a Jenos, Grover, Mal’damba or Torvald in the opposite team, those can really screw you up; However most often than not you will be able to flee Grumpy bombs, Ash’s knockback and other forms of CC easily, but it’s always welcomed to get Res if you see a combination of those characters in the opposite team.

Blast Shields: If there is a Drogoz or Bomb king in the other team, get this. Bomb king can 2 shot you from full health, with this you will be able to survive, even if it’s a low health. That is, if you feel comfortable with that choice and if they are giving you a lot of trouble.

Haven: This will be the item that you get most of the time, hitscans are your nemesis, they can shot you down when you soar or from close to midrange, being able to live longer against them is always welcome.

Overall, defense items are nice but you should only buy them when you think you really need them, living longer is always great.


Master riding: I’ve been buying this one rather often now, level 1 is enough to get you where you need to go quickly, especially since you will be going on flanking routes more often than not and the quicker you can trough those the better.

Morale Boost: You already gain your ultimate very quickly as mentioned, I rarely buy this because it’s a bit overkill but hey, it’s not a bad option if you want to torment a support or damage class. At level 1 you get 7% ult charge per hit (14 hits). At level 2 you get 8% ult charge per hit (12 hits) and at level 3 you get 9% ult charge per hit (only 11 hits!) The number of hits decreases even more if you have bonus damage of any kind.

Nimble: Eh… I mean it’s an option but the others are way better.

Chronos: I used to buy this a lot but now I mostly buy Master riding, it works well with a reprieve loudout and reduces the cooldown of blink by a bit, also Soar which is important. Get level 1 if you really want too, level 2 at max but honestly credits are well spent elsewhere.


Rejuvenate: My views on this item have changed overtime, its actually a good choice especially if you have a Jenos on your team, even with caut 3 healers will be able to restore a nice chunk of your health if they get the chance, so take it if you feel your healer is doing a nice job on fetching you heals from time to time (don’t expect them though you are not their main target and please if you want heals stay within their line of sight!)

Veteran: I’ve never seen an Evie with this and if I ever do I will be angry, your health is rice paper, and the extra healing you get from this is so little it does not make a difference.

Kill to heal: This one is great, at level 3 it’s 50% of your HP and even at level 1 it gives you a juicy 300 health.

Life rip: More often than not, this is the item I buy for Evie, you deal 850 damage per hit, 1020 with Over the moon, even at level 1 it’s 85 – 100 health gained back, which gives you quite a bit of sustain in a battle, especially at level 2 and 3.


Bulldozer: Never buy this, you deal 850 damage per shot, that’s already enough to one hit destroy most buildings.

Cauterize: This item will often be the first one you buy (this one or Master riding/Healing item if you aren’t sure of what your team will go with), it’s important to have because you will be jumping on supports a lot, they often have sustain and that makes them hard to kill, you want to remove that sustain so they are easy to kill, having this also prevents a healer from saving someone you injured.

Wrecker: Surprisingly enough, wrecker is actually good on Evie, at level 2 you can insta destroy a Torvald’s shield, you also deal a juicy amount of damage to deployable shields. You often won’t take it, but if your team forgot that shields exist and you still have not bought an attack Item, go for it, it might help quite a bit in a fight.

Deft hands: No.


Like it would be expected in any match you will be going against enemy characters, Evie; like any other character has good and bad matchups I personally believe that she can kill and be countered by almost all the cast and only really struggles against a few, so I will be talking about the few that can counter you.


This guy has and still is one of Evie’s strongest counters, even more now that his fire rate got buffed; he can just delete Evie in a matter of seconds and is one of the only characters in the game that has the ability to chase you down (kinda).

If you are against a good Andro, you should do two things:


2)Be aware of his position and health any time that you can. Look around corners with third person emotes/mounts, never engage him head on and try to get the jump on him only when he is 1 or 2 shots from dying.


His turrets will be a bit of trouble for you (maybe less now because they nerfed them on OB61 and won’t autolock to you when you Soar, THANKS A LOT FOR THAT) but thankfully you should be able to 1 or 2 shot them, so try to do that a lot, it will help you and your teammates. He is also one of the only frontlines that you can actually try to kill, again not your main priority but I’ve won fights against full health Bariks a lot of times, especially with Over the Moon.

Bomb king

He can 2 shot you but you can 3 shot him. Be careful against a good Bomb king since he will be one of your main targets if he is in a game. Grumpy and Poppy bombs should not be a problem to avoid as Evie.


Not much can be said that is not known already. Remain mobile so she can’t get a roll reset. I’ve fought against good Cassies and if you are good enough the matchup is usually defined by who can get the first shot in, the best thing you can do is just distract her, she cannot ignore you or you will be able to kill her easily, mess up her exaction shots with Iceblock.

If she is using Blast shot, she can essentially instantly kill you, this makes her dangerous to flank, even if you get the first shot in, in my experience its best to blink in, shot her once, blink out. Most of the time they waste their blast shot and become an easy target. Iceblock is also an option, although its more risky.


He can shred you if he gets the chance, he is especially deadly with Fusillade. Try to shot him out of the sky when he is not focusing you. Never go into Iceblock againts this guy unless it’s to avoid getting hit by Salvo or fire spit.

Evie (only useful in casual)

She can do what you can, she can also 2 shot you, if you know the character it should not be a problem, also if she iceblocks and you have your ult: Use it, it will screw her up.


THIS. FREAKING. TREE: He can screw you up BIG time with his RMB (even more with deep roots) and he can also kill you so quickly with the axes if they hit you from a distance. He also has a good amount of health which makes him obnoxious to take out, if you see this guy on the other team: Take cauterize, no buts.


Watch out for Warden Field, especially if she has the legendary.


Watch out for void Grip, you can cancel it with a quick iceblock.


His aimbot does more than half of your health… he also only needs to hit you with 4-5 shots to kill you… Screw this dumb character. Get the drop on him first and use your mobility smartly, he only has a slide so he won’t be able to chase you down well enough to kill you.


Never fight her head on. She has 2 autoaims that do nearly half of your health; she can also kill you if you soar away with the press of 2 buttons. Really dumb but she is easy to kill if you get her from the back, most of the time she won’t be able to do anything, once you get used to doing that Lian is a joke.


She no longer 2 shots you (Thanks Hi-rez) but she can still burst you down very quickly. Predict where she is going to land when she jumps, or if you are good enough predict her air movement and shot her in midair, I also recommend you blink a lot when you are against Maeve, try to not Iceblock if she has pounce off cooldown but if she doesn’t just shot her when you get out of it.


If he hooks you spam that RMB for Iceblock to activate, you can survive after getting hooked but it’s really hard. Other than that, don’t challenge him unless he wasted his hook and has atleast half health.


Nullify fucks you, stay away from him.


If he counters, blink behind him and shot him. You can easily counter Zhin, he has nowhere near as much mobility as you do. So if you encounter one that is giving your team trouble, try to kill him as much as you can. But be careful of his burst damage, it does nearly all of your health.


The real battle starts at the character selection screen, which will depends on the map that you will be playing on.
Like any other character, Evie has maps that she is just incredible and downright one of the worst choices you can make. I’ll explain what startegy and how good maps are for Evie, starting from the best to the worst.

Green: Areas you should be in or go trough.

Red:Areas you should avoid or spend as little time as possible in.

Yellow: Areas you can and should be in but should be wary since enemies can see or bump into you.

They are just to give you an idea on what your positioning should be, like everything else, it depends on the situation.

Serpent Beach

This map is THE Evie map. Vantage points, corners, highground, you name it. Evie is so fluid here its great.

Strategy: Its very simple, avoid being in rooms for long and try to move around as much as you can. Avoid chokes at all cost, you won’t survive them. You should remain in the highground as much as you can. People will have to go out of their way to shot you and just can just retreat really easily.

Pressure and dismount enemies, try to take advantage at the fact you are of less importance than a support or tank. Always be an annoyance, you are not lacking vantage points.

If you have to defend. Try to always be behind, don’t desperatly try to defend the point.

Timber Mill

If you thought Serpent Beach was fun, you will also enjoy Timber Mill. (Note, Map is not update for the new TM but the strat should be about the same.)

Strategy: Flanking in Timber Mill can be tricky just about the start, once you get past that its a joyride.

Reason being, most of the time you will have to go pass your enemies LoS in order to get somewhere, its just a matter of doing it fast or having no one look at you.

After that, remain on highground ALWAYS There is no lack of it in this map, only leave it if you want to dive someone. Remain in the enemy back lines for as long as you can, there are plenty of hiding spots there.

Stone Keep

Strategy: Flank right. Seriously, do it. Its one of the best flanking routes, just blink up there and you will be the enemy side. You have LoS on great part of the map and you can pick your target with ample space and time (unless someone predicts you going there, duh)

I am not a fan of flanking on the left though, don’t get me wrong its an option but if more than 1 enemy is there you will be forced to back out, if not you can be on a nice spot but overall the other option is better almost everytime.

There is a really nice spot where you can take pot shots at the point and spot your next target; Use it!

Splitstone Quarry

Strategy: Not much can be said. Its just a solid map for Evie. Plenty of Highground, flanking routes, not many places where damages can take pot shots. Be careful of the closed rooms that are in the map.. thats about it.


Strategy: Brightmarsh is very tricky. From one point of view, it doesn’t seem to have a lot of flanking routes, but once you learn about the map, plenty of things open up.

Did you know, you can actually fly over the house the point is in. No joke, do it, its really fun and can get someone by suprise. Just have blink or soar avaible so you can flee.

The other trick is the tunnels by the side of the map. Seriously, no one knows these exists, for the enemy team you will just appear from thin air if you play it right. Sadly you need to wait in the middle of it because Soar isn’t enough to get trough it fully.

Tricks aside, try to stay by the sides a lot. The map is filled with obstacles and stuff that can work to your advatage or againts you. You can always flank on either the left or right if you want something more vanilla, however I often find the left to be more risky since people often flank over there.

[More to come later]


Evie is a very strong character but she is hard to master , just because you can get away from people that don’t know how to deal with her properly does not mean you will be able to get away from good players.

She has the lowest health pools and not-so-great DPS but her mobility is the best and that is capable of making up for it, she is not a duelist meaning she can’t 1v1 any character but if she gets the first hit in or attacks an injured character they better say hello to the respawn timer.

She can be countered by most if not all of the cast but she can kill most if not all of the cast given the right circumstances.

Her 3 legendaries are good and she has a lot of good loudout cards which have uses on different skill levels, compositions and maps so she is rather versitile.

Also, she is bugged as hell at the moment, Hi-rez fix her please.

But thats about it, hope this guide is helpful!

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