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Borderlands 3

Me and my friends have already hit end game and played to the point where Mayhem 3 is basically a joke as everyone is stupidly broken by the time you reach end game if you use the right weapons. I don’t want to get into specific builds or class mods and such, as it seems like you can kinda just do w/e and be broken end game honestly.

My group has 1 of each character, and by the time we ended up just using the same general loadouts (4 Torgue weapons lol) all 4 characters seem to clear so fast that it doesn’t really matter which one you pick. None seem to lag behind noticeably and more frequent deaths / kills can be attributed to slightly different gear.

End game farming you can easily get 200 or so legendaries in an hour or hour and a half at most. Doing so lets you pretty quickly go through the Legendary Pool and see most of the legendaries and see which are good and bad. By this point, me and my friends have reach the stage of recognizing most legendaries by name and immediately knowing which are auto vendor garbage and which are not

So with as few spoilers as possible (besides name of guns and a boss) here we go

~~ Broken Gear ~~

Lets start out with the explanation right off the bat before talking about other gear, because one piece stands above all else.

Torgue Shotguns – These are flat out broken. Like, so over powered that they will 100% be nerfed because they make EVERY ALMOST SINGLE OTHER GUN NEARLY USELESS, I’m not joking. These are so stupidly over powered that you can get one of these at level 2 or 3 and easily use it for 10 or 15 levels. Torgue Shotguns are what let you do ridiculous stuff like this. when you use them right.

There are two things to note for using these effectively. THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF TORGUE SHOTGUNS make sure to use the right one. There are Grenade Launchers, and actual Shotguns. Grenade Launchers have 1 big damage number like 3309, or 2809 x 2 if it shoots two at a time. They are okay but not great. The real shotguns are what are broken, and have damage numbers like 426×9 and look like this

So once you have an actual Torgue Shotgun and not a Grenade launcher type shotgun, the second thing to make sure you do is PUT IT ON STICKY MODE NOT IMPACT. On sticky mode, you shoot the enemy full of darts and then reload and detonate them all at once for ridiculous damage.

Now that the Torgue Shotguns are OP™ preamble is out of the way, onto the rest

~~ Broken gear that you should keep an eye out for~~

Gear What’s it do? How to make it broken
Torgue Shotgun Shoots enemies full of stickies that explode for absurd damage when you reload. Has tight cluster too so you can literally snipe with it from mid to even long range Put it on Sticky mode and hit crits. On Zane this will basically auto freeze any enemy, on Fl4K you get infinite ammo because he gets ammo back on crit so you just go invis and fire a bajillion in the boss, the reload your gun and pick up the legendaries raining down. As far as I know, there is no legendary version of this type of Torgue Shotgun, but just random blues and purples are better than essentially every single legendary weapon in the game
Flakker A legendary Torgue Shotgun that shoots shells that explode in a gigantic radius and basically clear an entire room An AoE version to compliment the more single target non legendary Torgue Shotgun above. This is ABSURD WHILE LEVELING especially and breaks the campaign tbh, it will one or two hit kill all normal enemies while leveling and melt bosses so fast they can’t fight back. Even on Mayhem 3 wit 4 player coop it does pretty good damage, but if you get one early on while going through campaign, it’s GG. My friend had a level 18 one he used through the entire campaign that was still tearing up level 40 Mayhem 1 enemies, it’s ridiculous
Frontloader Shield It reserves 60% of your max health as extra shield capacity to give you SUPER high shields This isn’t that broken by itself, it’s just a decent enough shield. What makes it broken is when you combine it with the relic below
Relic that reserves health This relic reserves all but 1 health, and in return gives you 100% more shield capacity I combined this with the above shield just to see if it worked . . .and it actually seems to. Combining the two pushes me to over 35,000 shields on Zane with a probably sub-optimal set up. I just threw this together on the fly. This lets you completely spec out of health regen because you only have 1 health point. My friend’s Moze has over 46 THOUSAND shields by default. After he gets a few kills, he can easily hit well over SIXTY FIVE THOUSAND SHIELDS on Moze an even upwards of 70 thousan with a few kills
Devastator Pistol It fires several explosives, it’s basically a mini Flakker It’s a budget Flakker, so keep an eye out for this if you don’t have a Flakker

~~ Other Legendary Gear that is worth considering~~

Gear What’s it do
Transformer Shield Makes you heal from shock damage instead and gives free bullets. This is a really good shield IMO if you don’t go for the gimmick shield stacking method above
Stop-gap Shield Stops you from getting one shot constantly. Even with 35K shields and my friend having well over 46K on Moze, you can still get wrecked by a Mayhem 3 Annoited enemy pretty easily, so this shield is a very useful one that helps you survive in dangerous areas
Fire Storm / Stormfront Grenades Legendary MIRV grenade that just covers a huge area, one of the better grenades IMO
Slide Speed Artifact Lets you slide around REALLY fast. These are absolutely amazing for getting in an out of fights. You slide around nearly as fast as a car
Night Hawkin SMG This is the best SMG I’ve found, it puts out a TON of damage and is great for clearing mobs. There are a handful of various SMGs that are good, but none have done as much damage for me as this one
Laser – Sploder Best assault rifle in the game IMO. These put out a ton of sustained damage and I’ve had Corrosive, Shock, and Cyro ones, might be other elements. They aren’t great bust damage, but do really solid sustained damage

There are tons more, especially grenades and random SMGs and shotguns like The Bucher and Conference call etc, but IMO even after using them, I don’t think they can even come close to just using a random blue / purple Torgue Shotgun on sticky mode

~~ Cool! Now WHERE DO I GET THAT GEAR???~~

Get to Athenas and farm Chupacratch (spelling) and Captain Traunt the map boss. You can easily kill each in seconds even on Mayhem 3 and they will usually give you 3-5+ legendaries per run. On Captain Traunt there are 2 chests behind him, and 3 past him that usually have legendaries too. Me and my friends farmed Traunt at level 14 and were STILL getting 2-4 legendaries per run and killing him in seconds in 4 player coop. It’s absolutely absurd

Chupacratch seems to give a LOT of grenade mods from my experience, and Traunt just gives everything. Farm which ever is faster, but I have better luck with Traunt because of the 5 extra chests + more ammo in the radius

Borderlands 3

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