How To Play Fortnite in 2020

Hi FPS101!

After playing Fortnite Battle Royale pretty intensively for the past months and totalling just over 100 wins at the moment of writing, i have been able to aquire some knowledge that i’d love to share with you guys.

I’ll be splitting this guide up into several chapters:

Remember that most of the knowledge that i’m sharing is based on personal experience with the game, so your experiences/opinions could differ from mine.

1. Settings

Your settings play a big factor in your chances of winning as they directly impact the way that you move, shoot and build.

1.1 Graphics

Depending on the power of your computer graphical settings make a huge difference in how you experience the game. For competitive playing I would recommend the following settings:

Frame Rate: 60-144 (Depending on your monitors refreshing rate) 3D Resolution: 100% View distance: Far-Epic (Depending on power of your computer). Shadows: Off (This makes the game run smoother, use of shadows is minimal in Fortnite). Anti-Aliasing: Off Textures: Epic Effects: Low Post Processing: Low Vsync: Off Motion Blur: Off Show Grass: Off

1.2 Controls

Having good hotkeys is vital to improving your gameplay. It will allow you to outbuild enemies and to access your items faster. The following hotkeys are the ones I use and I would highly recommend these to others.

Moving: WASD Interact: F Repair: ` Slot 1-2-3: 1, 2, 3 Slot 4-5: X, C Trap Slot: 5 Crouch: CTRL Wall: E Ramp: Q Floor: Mouse button or Z if mouse button is not available Inventory: TAB Map: B

1.3 Sensitivity

Your sensitivity settings enable you to chose how accurate you want to be versus how agile you can be. Lower sensitivity will (in general) give you more control over your movement and will enable you to aim more precisely, however this also has a down side: your ability to turn quickly will diminish and your building speed will too. Personally I prefer a lower sensitivity. Mine is as follows:

NOTE: I play at 400 dpi.

Mouse Sensitivity: 0.10 ADS Sensitivity: 0.62 Scoped Sensitivity 0.62

I can’t recommend any console sensitivity settings, however the general rule applies even more on console: The lower your sensitivity the more accuracy, the less agile you are. This works vice versa.

ALWAYS make sure that your “Enhance mouse accuracy” options is DISABLED on Windows. My windows sensitivity is 6/11.

2. Gun Mechanics

Fortnite is notorious (and heavily critiqued) for her gun mechanics. I will try my best to explain how these mechanics work and how you can adjust to these mechanics.

2.1 First Shot Accuracy

Many of the guns in Fortnite BR now have something called First Shot Accuracy. This means that the first shot you take after a certain waiting time (-+ 1 second) will be 100% accurate. These shots can make a huge difference for when you are either pushing or defending your position (See: Combat).

2.2 Spread

Spread is the mechanic that forms an RNG (Random Number Generator) based bullet path anywhere within your crosshair. This means that on longer distance shots (where the enemy fills a smaller portion of your crosshair, even when the reticle (exception: FSA) is directly on the enemy there is still a chance of the shot not hitting the enemy. The spread is randomly generated so not one shot will travel the exact same path. There are ways to reduce the amount of spread you experience by improving the accuracy you have on every shot (See: Tips & Tricks).

2.3 Bloom

Bloom is the mechanic that increses your spread. This means that whenever you walk, hipfire, run, jump while shooting, or when you shoot on full auto, the bloom will increase your spread, meaning you will be far less accurate. Make sure you stand still when shooting, aim down sight and try not to shoot fully automatic, to decrease the amount of bloom you have to deal with.

2.4 Bullet Drop

To be able to hit your sniper shots accurately you have to take bullet drop into account, especially when going for headshots. Many thanks to user /u/Faffek for creating this image, which shows bullet drop. Bullet drop is something that will grow on you once you start playing with scoped weapons.

2.5 Noticeable combinations

These weapon combinations are the ones I use according to my playstyle. I’m generally a very aggressive player so my weapon combinations play a big factor in how I’m able to perform when pushing.

Loadouts (In order of slots): Early game: AR – Shotgun – Sniper/RPG Mid game: Pump – Tactical Shotgun – AR (Sniper/RPG optional) End Game (Final 2 circles): Pump – Tactical Shotgun – Tactical SMG (Blue/Purple) or AR (Sniper/RPG optional).

I always make sure to run atleast one slot (preferably two) with meds/shields, however I sometimes prefer using snipers/RPGs end game depending on where the circle is located, which will cost me a 4th slot. The reason behind using both the Pump and the Tactical is because the first pump shot has a high chance to finish off your enemy, and if it does not you can quickly swap to your tactical to empty another 1-2 rounds before you would be done reloading your pump. Being able to have such high DPS is crucial for winnings gun fights. Having a sniper is great for holding enemies off and it enables you to do a very high amount of damage in a very short amount of time.

Double Pump

One of Fortnite’s most overpowered combinations that has both huge support and huge critique. It allows aggressive players to fire shotgun shots at almost automatic fire rate. The Double Pump only works with the Heavy Shotgun at the moment of writing. These Heavy Shotguns have great range so the Double Pump combination is not just for close quarters combat, but could also be used at 15 meter range to kill and/or remove fortification.

Pump to Tactical SMG

Another great combination is the pump to tactical SMG (Blue/Purple). Hitting the first pump shot is critical and if done right will remove the enemies (full) shield or a big portion of their health. After the shot you should immediately swap to your Tactical SMG to deliver quick damage to finish off your enemy. This combination works extremely well in end-game situations where distance isn’t a problem. The purple tactical SMG delivers 13 shots per second at 18 damage per shot which gives a DPS of 234. This gun is HEAVILY underrated and gives great competitive advantage. I personally only swap it out for an epic/legendary Scar. Running a sniper with this combination is recommended to also ensure longer range capability.

2.6 Tips and Tricks

Try to crouch (if possible) when taking shots as this will reduce spread and increase accuracy. – Keep your movement to a minimum when shooting longer distance as moving greatly increases your spread. – When aiming for people in between shots that are far distance try to make the small adjustments by moving with A or D. – Slow down. Especially at close range, taking your time to make sure the shots you take actually hit is more important than pushing out as many shots as possible. (Especially when using shotguns) – Take your time to adapt to weapon combinations, diversifying your load out is the key to being able to take down enemies that use different playing styles.

3. Building Mechanics/Strategies

Building is a huge part of Fortnite and if you’re not yet good at it you should focus on this. I will be focusing on building offensively.

3.1 Materials

The main meta building material in Fortnite is wood. It has a base health of 100 (wall) and 95 (floor/stair) and then goes up to a max of respectively 200 and 190. It is also done fully building the quickest out of all materials (+13 per tick on walls, +12 per tick on floors). Your main use for wood is to be able to aggressively push, quickly fortify yourself when deflecting shots or to reach certain spots. After wood come brick and steel. Both should be used to further fortify yourself, make strong foundations and/or deflect incoming shots.

Using your building abilities is a great way to overwhelm players. In a 1v1 situation it is important to maintain high ground as this in many cases will enable you to spot enemies quicker, and their heads will be easier to hit.

3.2 High ground

To gain high ground, building ramps is the fastest way, but also the most vulnerable method. Ramps get shot down easily, and you are vulnerable from getting shot from the sides (and in some cases above). To remove the chance of you getting hit from above, when building a ramp you should always make to sure build another ramp directly above where you’re running. This is possible if there is a structure near you where it can attach to (walls etc.). Whenever pushing with ramps I HIGHLY recommend always building two next to each other to reduce the chance of them being shot down. Once you get more skilled at building you can try to also put walls behind your stairs while building the stairs. So this means:

  • Put down two ramps next to each other
  • While running up the ramps switch to walls
  • Build 2 walls behind the just build ramps
  • Switch to ramps and continue the cycle

This makes it even harder for enemies to shoot down your ramps. This is ONLY recommended when your enemy is below you.

3.3 1×1

The 1×1 is the fastest method to completely surround yourself with walls and gain high ground easily. The key is to have a system when building 1×1. Mine is as follows:

  • Make a full square
  • Jump
  • Ramp

Keep repeating this cycle, you will be able to build 2 levels of 1×1 in about 1.5 seconds. Whenever exiting a 1×1 through a door in a gunfight it is highly recommended to build ramps to immediately gain high ground. After having build your ramp, turn around and start building 1×1 ON your ramp to gain safer high ground.

3.4 Editing

Get yourself familiar with editing. This enables you to quickly move through your 1×1 so that you can get out of tricky situations more easily.

3.5 Defense

One of THE most important reflexes in Fortnite is to always build whenever getting shot at. Recognize the direction, build a wall facing the direction and start to build 1×1 up until you can get a clear shot. If you’re being pushed with ramps, counter push by building your own ramps up and build 1×1 on top of the ramp when near the opponent.

4. Game Advancement

As the match comes closer to an end you’re facing the decision on how to move around the circle and how to engage with enemies. General rule applies: Try to maintain high ground. This allows you to have a greater overview of the map, spot enemies quicker and you’re almost always in a position that allows you to hit them better.

4.1 Circle movement

Depending on your playstyle (aggressive or passive) you can chose to locate yourself in the middle of the circle, where you can easily flank/push enemies that are around the map, or you can chose to stay near the edge of the circle and gradually push with it. The second option gives you a bit more coverage since you generally don’t have to worry about people left in the zone. Always make sure that you locate to the circle early on, as this will give you an advantage over people that either just make it inside or people that take damage from the storm.

4.2 End game

When you make it to the last two circles or the last standing 10, you have to identify yourself as either an aggressive player or a passive player.

Aggressive – Follow signs of enemies – Flank when possible (stay away from frontal contact) – Be fast. Overwhelming your enemies will lead to them stressing and making mistakes. – Recover quickly. After a fight, immediately recover and get ready to get into another fight. – Try to stay rational. Don’t take on gunfights where the enemy has a clear advantage over you.

Passive – Try to build 1×1 on the highest ground you can find – Try to spot enemies from a far and taking them out – Hear a gunfight? Flank and wait for the fight to be over, then kill the remaining enemy. – Being pushed? Immediately build up until you can spot your enemy below you.

4.3 Final two

In the last stand (1v1) it is most important to identify what kind of player you’re up against. Staying passive against an aggressive player means you are almost always in a disadvantage. This also means that if your opponent is passive, you have to reply with a push. Make sure to get the highest ground possible, destroy their structures and use the time that they need to build/heal/reload to gain high ground by 1×1’ing and then wait for them to pop up.

5. Combat

This chapter will be dedicated to just combat, and my experiences as to what is most effective.

5.1 Know your guns

Knowing how your guns work is crucial when being in combat. The weapons you chose to use is up to your personal preference however you should be aware of the general meta in the game:

(Full auto) Assault Rifles: + High damage + Good consistency in damage + Relatively accurate mid to long range + Good against structures – Inferior in close range situations – Heavily affected by bloom

Burst Assault Rifle: + High Damage + Good consistency in damage + Great accuracy – Not recommended for destroying structures – Inferior in close range situations – Missing one burst can have dramatic effects

Shotguns: + Very high damage + Great mobility + Great to counter push – Very inconsistent damage – Very high damage drop off – Missing a shot can have dramatic effects

Tactical SMG: + Very high fire rate + Relatively high damage + Amazing close range accuracy + Great against structures – Not so great for long range – Clip empties relatively quickly – Have to hit multiple (8-15) shots to kill.

Snipers: + Very high damage +Very high accuracy + Great use in many situations (diversity!) + Useable throughout whole match – Vulnerable when using – High reloading time – Requires most skill out all guns

Rocket Launcher/Grenade launchers: + Redefines overwhelming (perfect for pushing) + High damage + Great against structures – Gives away your location – Slow reload times – Bullet travels slow – Vulnerable when using

5.2 Stay alert

Even when in a fight with someone, always try to spot other enemies that might want to push you, and take out your enemies according to the direct threat they form. The general rule = the closer they are, the more danger they form.

5.3 Get cover A

big mistake amongst less skilled players is that they refrain from using the ability to build. Whenever in combat your absolute first priority is to build cover, adapt to the situation and overcome.

5.4 Peek

A great way to lure players is by peeking. Use the third person view to spot them, once you have: try to get cover and quickly land a few hits on them. Wait for their response (either pushing you or falling back). According to the situation you can try to either directly attack them or retreat from your position and go for a flank

5.5 Bait and switch

This neat little trick is an amazing way to trick enemies. Whenever building towards someone (double ramp), one side should have an extra ramp on the end. This will make your enemy think you will peak over that side, while you peak over the other (shorter) side and before the enemy will notice you’ll have the ability to land some shots.

5.6 Use FSA to your advantage

When in a fight, get behind your cover and crouch behind it. Now, when aiming down sight you will see your crosshairs completely closed. This means FSA is activated. FSA is NOT affected by crouching which means you can use crouch to peak over your wall, hit your FSA shot, crouch again and wait for your FSA to reset and then repeat the cycle. This means you can keep hitting 100% accurate shots while under virtually complete protection

5.7 Don’t panic

Whenever in a fight, try to stay as calm as possible. Remember where your hotkeys are and follow a system (for example: 1×1’ing). As soon as your muscle memory remembers this system it will become easier and easier to adapt to your enemy.

I’m 100% sure I forgot some good tips/strategies and I’m in no way a “pro” at this game, these are just my tips on how to win more and definitely improve your KD percentage. I hope you guys appreciate this information and I’d love some constructive feedback!

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