Fortnite Aiming Guide For PS4

Aiming is one of the key factors of getting good at the game. You could be the best builder, or the most strategic person, but aiming is so important in this game, that you really need to learn it.

Now, I play on PS4, and on PS4 we have multiple sens settings: X and Y, Targeting, Scoped and Building. Targeting and Scoped are all about aiming, so makes sure you have them at a level that you are comfortable with. Too slow, and you won’t be able to make fast shots. Too fast, and it will be uncontrollable.

This next part is a guide about bloom. I want to thank u/BesTibi for getting this really good info:

Hey, a few things to mention regarding aiming:

  • “controlling” bloom (keeping its effect minimal) is done through resetting the cone of fire/crosshair size. The goal is to stop firing once the cone of fire while ADS is as big as it would be without ADS. Then you go back to hip fire and re-enter ADS.
  • For the AK, ADS only before shooting, this allows you to be as accurate as you can possibly be if you can’t afford to wait for FSA. This also works well for the suppressed scar, but you can shoot 3-4 times instead of 1. With any other automatic AR, use this or swap to your pickaxe and back quickly, that resets the cone of fire as well. For the infantry rifle, now you only have to look for the muzzle flash when someone peeks you. Other than that, aim for the head all the time, that’s the most beneficial way.
  • Special case: Suppressed SMG. This weapon does have bloom, but when you ADS with it and you use it within “house shootout” range, you will be able to hit every shot. So you can try and aim for the head, you will land lots of headshots if you do so. Also, in my experience, up close ADS is not even necessary to be really precise.
  • As for snipers, I’m still not sure about the bullet drop based on distance, and horizontal adjustment is a blank spot for me as well. Last, but not least, ADS-ing with a shotgun before shooting allows you to deal much more damage based on your aim (kind of a no brainer, but I’d still mention it).

This part was also made by u/BesTibi :

  • OK, so I figured some stuff out about the snipers. There is an item in the device section (creative) called shooting range. It gives you moving and standing targets that can be knocked down and will get back up after a few seconds. That’s what I used for analysis.
  • The bullet drop: after 150m, the first notch shows where the bullet would hit. This is the furthest point of the most common fights, and to get a headshot within this range, point the first notch at your target’s neck.
  • Horizontal adjustment: You can practise this using the shooting range dummies in creative. They have a movement speed value which is “medium” aka walking speed by default. Sprinting speed is “fast”. Use the marker to estimate the distance. it will be within an interval of n*50m and (1+n)*50m, and the value of n will tell you how to adjust. If it is 2, then you have to aim ahead of your target by 2 full character models. As for the hunting rifle, substitute character model with crosshair and you’re good to go. For walking speed, n/2 will tell you the rate of adjustment.
  • Personal note: All of this was tested on flat surface, so mountains and valleys will have their own go, and I’ll be sure to send you my analysis on higher movement speed values as there must be equivalents for gliding/hover boarding, balling and quad riding.

Ok, now back to me 🙂 :

  • Bloom is a really big factor for aiming, and it can mess you up. It is RNG whether you hit your shots or not. I would also like to say that there are “ghost” hit markers, meaning tht your shot hits them, but it doesn’t do anything. You can tell when you hit a ghost hit marker by seeing the red diagonal lines around your crosshair when you hit a shot. This usually happens either in ARs or shotguns.

Thank You for coming to guide #2. The next one will be about BUILDING. See you tomorrow

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