Fortnite Building Guide

The third guide will be about how to get better at building quickly with as little mistakes as possible.

The first thing you should to is turn your build sens to max (2.000). When it is at max, it will be double the sens of your x and y sens. So for me, my x and y sens are 0.775, so when i’m in building mode, it will be 1.550 x and y. Increase your x and y sens if you want to get really good at building, but do it in little bites, that way your aim isn’t going to be completely ruined.

If you are playing on console, use either builder pro or custom. Custom is just like builder pro, except you can switch buttons and controls around. Builder pro makes it so you don’t have to switch to a certain build and then build it, you just have to hold one button and you will be automatically build that item. It is a lot smoother than any other control for building, and if you want to become really good, you WILL have to use it.

When practicing builds, always go on your block island in Creative. It is the flattest land in the entire game and you won’t be attacked by anyone. Also, do 1v1s or massive build battles with a group of friends to boost your confidence in building and attacking.

The best thing about learning how to build, is your ramp rush. It can be scary in the enemies eyes, looking at someone build a ramp rush towards them that is so fast and defensive. They are not the hardest thing to do, but are probably the most important building tip you can know. I like to represent every ramp rush by tiers. Here is how you do them:

  • Tier 1: Normal Ramp Rush
  • Tier 2: Ramp rush with wall (staircase, then wall)
  • Tier 3: Ramp rush with wall and floor (Staircase, floor, then wall)
  • Tier 4: Ramp rush with 2 layers of staircase, wall and floor in between (Bottom staircase, then top staircase, then floor, then wall)
  • Defensive: Ramp rush with wall on either side of staircase (do ramp rush, then place wall)
  • Cone Rush: Ramp rush, but you place a cone every now and then on top of you, then you edit it quickly. This acts like a shield for people at high ground

Double Ramp Rushes are a lot harder, but when practising, do it slowly first, then as you get better, go faster, and faster.

90s are really useful for battles, as well as showing off. It is when you build up, while turning 90 degrees. It is super fast when you get good.

This is one of my fastest 90s:

When someone is in a build battle with you, and they almost get high ground, 90s are a really useful way to stop them from getting too high.

Thank you for coming to guide #3. Next one will be about arena and scrims. This one is really useful

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