Fornite Landing Guide

My first Guide will be about Landing. Making the wrong landing could possible end your game before you even started it. I hope this will help improve your landing in future games, arena or not.

  • Always use your marker, whether you are playing solo, duos or squads. The marker is now really useful for getting the easiest and quickest landings. This is because it now shows the DISTANCE between you and the marker. When you are on the Battle Bus, or in the spawn island, put the marker on a location you want to land into, then wait until the distance is either going down slower, or is going back up. On that point you will be the closest to your landing spot, and you will be ready to land. (Note that this works mainly for locations that is not in the bus route, or is just really far away)

  • Keep in mind that will you are dive landing, be careful with being over a mountain, house or tall tree. These things can force your glider to be activated earlier than usual, making you take longer to land, and be a lot higher than other players.

  • The hardest lands are ones on Mountains (like polar peak or viking village) or ones that are really far away. Remember that activating your glider early WILL NOT disable the ability to skydive. So you can use a combination of gliding and skydiving. If you are facing completely upwards while skydiving, it is a lot slower (and can sometimes make you not move at all) than gliding.

Here are some extra gliding and landing tips:

  • If you use a rift-to-go on a really tall mountain, like volcano or polar peak, you will most likely be locked to glider mode as you will be at height in which your glider locks.

  • (Since this Update) If you land on a Launch Pad while already gliding, you will still be gliding, instead of the animation you get when jumping on a launch pad.

  • Glider Re-Deploy, Rifts, Water Vents and Launch Pads make you glide faster and fall faster compared to landing into the game.

If you want me to make a video explaining the markers, let me know.

Thank you for coming to my first guide. The second one will be out tomorrow!!! 🙂

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