How To Play As Gibraltar


He is pretty good at doing what he does, and that is defending a squad and its location. He is straight forward and easy to use, perfect for players who want an extra layer of protection between themselves and the enemy. A Gibraltar is one of the most difficult legends to rush as they have their gun shield to fend of those who spray and pray. He has a larger hit box but again he has abilities to counter such a disadvantage.


His gun shield is surprisingly strong, he produces a shield in the direction he is facing that protects against body shots when he is looking down the barrel. This is why if your team is firing at a team he should be in front of them covering a good percentage of their hit boxes as well. He needs to be near his squad mates at all times as his shield is needed to help revive and heal up the team in long range fire fights.


Something I see no one else doing is using his shield to regulate the amount of enemies you or your squad members fight at a time. If one enemy pushes and the others are applying pressure from a distance, wait till the lone wolf gets close quarters and throw the shield around him and your or him and your team mate. This will produce a 1v1 situation instead of the 3v1 or any other variation. It is always easier to take out a squad after knocking one of them and this is a simple means in doing so. If anyone out there remembers competitive Halo 3 should know overwhelmingly strong bubble shield shotty/sword meta. It was so strong and most people you fought with could not figure it out. Most enemies don’t remember Halo 3 and therefore don’t know how to use shields to your advantage properly. Your advantage is you can aim without fear at their heads step through shoot and return inside before they have a chance to react, and if they come in then do the same thing from the outside in. It is more difficult with multiple enemies but you could also taunt them in and throw a grenade.


This defensive bombardment drops a bunch of bombs on a select area, they drop all players in the area get notification via yellow outlines and arrows of where the bombs are. It is very unlikely you will kill someone with this ability, so do not throw it at where another team is. You should throw it between you and another team. This will buy you and your squad time to heal up, run away, or reposition as enemies are less likely to attempt to push you through the bombardment area. Make that time count. You can also use this to draw distant teams into a certain area as a bombardment is a sign of squads fighting. So just toss one out in the distance and enemies will likely try to scout it out or run in looking for you (works better with smaller rings).


When you are running away from an attacker you can drop your dome shield in one direction or on a building to throw them off your scent while you go a different way. The enemy is more likely to investigate the dome looking for you. Who says Gibraltar can’t bamboozle?

You can set up a door breach with Gibraltar if you are sure or not sure if an enemy is waiting inside. Toss your sheild at the foot of the door before you open it, then rush in and you will still be in the safety of your shield. This will allow you to check for enemies or rush in without worrying about getting mowed down. Your whole team can rush inside safely. This would be a good tactic in later rounds.

It should be self evident at this time that your gun shield should be in front of your team when you engage an enemy. To clarify be between enemies and your squad mates. If a squad member is knocked get and you are ready to revive, let your 3rd member revive while you stand guard with the gunshield if your dome shield is ready use it.

If you finish off a squad and you start looting don’t hesitate in using your dome shield for cover if you are worried about being 3rd partied. This is especially true when the ring is smaller or you are in an open area.

Gibraltar is the most likely to be made the target of grenades, be wary of this.

You can have your gunshield up while sliding.

You can also turn your gunshield off with either [H] or a key binding of your choice. This is because when you use the gunshield it is very visible from a distance and maybe you want to be more stealthy.

You can also put your dome shield on Lifelines drone and push it around but likely not tactically.

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Updated 2/25/2019 (1947 JST)  Added some more advanced entries.

In the words of Bruce Lee:

Reject all restrictions imposed by form and formality and emphasizes the clever use of the mind and body to defend and attack.

However you wish to use Gibraltar is up to you, he is easy to use but difficult to master. I am interested in how he may change as a character over time. Or maybe he won’t.

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