How To Play As Wraith


The super spy…Schrodinger’s favorite character she is…

Not really sure how to describe her, as she may be one of the more complicated characters with a high ceiling. A lot of players rave a lot about her being one of the best, her evasiveness gives you the option to both be close to your team in support and away from your team and aggressive at the same time. This is not entirely true however, as many players do not use her properly.

Wraith is an intermediate level hero, easy enough to understand her powers but to utilize them effectively may be challenging to new players. She has a balance of powers that will help her and her team mates stay alive but they are not as intuitive as Lifeline’s or Bloodhound’s abilities. She requires experience and creativity for a player to achieve her full potential.

She will be your spy, she can go in and out of dangerous locations unscathed, commit some assassinates, and supply your team with secret warnings of enemy players all at the same time. New players have to know that this character requires aggressive tactics, if you do not have the guts… stay away.


Which gets us into her passive abilities. Voices from the void is an ability that warns wraith when enemies are watching or weapons are being aimed wraiths way. With this information she will get a key prompt on her screen which if pushed will warn the rest of your team members of hostile presence. Now it depends on the situation whether or not you should send a warning, New wraith players must be aware of these prompts as it will help you and your team survive.

Tactical Ability

A disappearing act, quickly jump into the void when enemy attacks surprise or overwhelm you. You will become translucent or semi-transparent, the enemies will have greater difficulty seeing you directly but they will have an idea of your general direction. You will also become impervious to attack, nothing can damage you in this state (except running off the edge of the map). You will also run 20% faster in this state. Not quite as fast as Bloodhounds beast mode but still fast enough to reposition or escape. I say reposition or escape because after using it you should find somewhere to duck behind or an object to put between you and the enemy, if not those who track your movements in the void will be aiming at you when you appear again. Also as a tip, before appearing from the void you should slide at the last second to avoid such an occurrence. This gives you a great amount of mobility to put advantage on your side in any firefight. The running in the void ability is also well purposed doubling up with your ultimate.

Ultimate Ability

You can use wraith as a front lines offensive unit capable long distance transport of your team on to the enemies doorstep (or backdoor for a flank). How does she do this, she can do it by creating a warp tunnel through the void, her dimensional rift. It is simple, you create the opening speed on ahead until you deploy it or it deploys by itself after the allotted time. How to use it is what separates those dead in early game and those potent in endgame. It last for a surprisingly long 60 seconds. This ability is often best used along with your tactical ability, this will allow you to move a percentage quicker than usual covering more space and doing so invulnerable to damage. All wraith players need to remember that point.

Advanced Tactics

There are multiple functions to her rift ability.

You can put your entrance warp on one doorway to a building and the exit at the other doorway to keep enemies from coming in. You will have 60 seconds to do whatever.

She can use it to transport her squad through dangerous areas, large open ranges, from low ground to high ground etc. It is an excellent means of escape in dire times. Knocked players take the rift as well setting them up for safer revivals on the other side.

She can set the rift by your squad and place the exit near the enemy, attempting to bait the enemy in to face an ambush by your team.

She can place the exit on the edge of the abyss, so when enemies run through, they may just fall to their deaths leaving their death boxes on the edge. Or leave the exit in a vulnerable spot for you to pick off anyone who comes through.

You can place a rift behind an enemy squad then travel back confront the enemy team head on while your team travel through the portal to flank them.

Remember that she also has the smallest hit box, so aim wisely when against her and attack more confidently as her.

Wraiths worst enemy is herself, you will be put into situations you might begin to panic. Don’t Panic be ready.

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Updated 3/3/2019 2232 (JST)

In the words of Bruce Lee:

A good martial artist does not become tense, but ready.

However you wish to use Wraith is up to you, She is easy to use but difficult to master. I am interested in how she may change as a character over time. Or maybe she won’t.

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