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Because there are currently not a lot of quality maps for Apex Legends, especially ones large enough for you to zoom into I decided to come up with one of my own. I first started this project thinking it would take only a few hours, but now using my spare time over a week here is a couple of many variations I can provide. And you can zoom in to your hearts content.

Note: There maybe some mistakes or missing items, let me know either by comment or DM and I will do my best to update and improve as time goes on.

Also let me know if you want specific maps, as I will try to provide other useful variations as well. Like maps without the skeleton in Skull town or with its opacity lowered to 40 percent.

Map With Place Names

map guide apex legends

Map without Place Names

overview for apex legends map 2019

Drop Rarities

apex legends map drop rarities guide


I will use this area to provide information on updates or additions.

The out of bounds background was replaced with a green one from purple. This was to better help differentiate purple rarity from OOB areas.

Tactical Map – Common Player Movements

Apex Squad Synergy

Accessories Infographic

Character Guides

Pathfinder Grapple Infographic

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