Is Fortnite Dying in 2020?

Is Fortnite Dying?

Fortnite is one of the great revelations of the lustrum: it improves and modifies the popular genre Battle Royale started with Arma III and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and quickly became one of the leading titles in terms of the number of users in the world. However, as in life and business, everything that goes up has to go down. After achieving success during its first three years of life,

Fortnite seems to have stuck since during 2019. Its audience on streaming platforms was dramatically reduced Fortnite has a problem. Is Fortnite dying? I am no longer talking about a specific thing or an isolated feeling. The truth is that regular players are getting tired by the title and are exploring new options with which to entertain their audience.

If some content creators leave the game may not be a problem. But when famous names are considering to leave the Fortnite that has given them so many successes. It is surely because the Fortnite is dying.

You’ve already seen Lolito seriously complain about Epic Games’ decisions. On the other hand, people like Willyrex have reduced their amount of game content to try to hook their audience with other titles that are more fashionable right now, like Minecraft.

According to an annual statistical report from Streamlabs and Newzoo, Fortnite’s presence on streaming platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and Mixer has gone from 412.7 million hours of playback to “only” 295 million, which represents 29 % of your audience. It clearly shows that the Fortnite losing its popularity.

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