Is Valorant Dying in 2020?

Art By: PullanArts

Is Valorant Dying Analysis

Far from it, Valorant is well received by the gaming community in particular players from Overwatch and Paladins. Both these games are similar and very different from each other. Valorant is the middle ground for both games as they include ultimates and certain perks for heros but in a much more miniscule way. This will empower rich gameplay from players in these two different games and encourage healthy gameplay. In the counter-strike scene however, we see the return of tier 2 and below players testing and trying out for teams to become a professional in the game. However, only time will tell how fast these players can adapt as the Overwatch and Paladins community are far more assertive to hero-based fps gameplay and ultimate timings.

It has to be noted, twitch viewers for Valorant have been on a steady decline as people are making their decisions if they like the new game or not. It is also filled with players just stream farming as they are waiting for the beta key to drop. Then there is also a problem with stream bots that is embedded into this game. It will take several months to finalize the player count for the game. For now, it is far from dead as grassroots beta championships are taking place. The team Ninjas in Pyjamas have already announced their newer roster which consists of tier 1 paladins pros from the old Paladins NiP roster.

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