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How To Play As Jenos

Jenos Tips

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Based Jenos
Art By: AngryRacoonDraw

Jenos is the latest addition of supporters that is very decent in competitive play. With his gameplay abilities to heal through walls and skill to avoid danger, he has become one of the favourite supports for players of recent time. Always remember to hide behind walls when the situation calls for it and cling on to your carrys allies when someone is flanking you. His normal attack are pretty good so after healing you need to help your teammates with some fire power. This is especially useful when Cauterize is at max level.

Astral Mark

paladins support champion


Easily his best asset. You can heal people through walls with him and his heals will not disappear when you are eliminated. With a level one Chronos, the cooldown is roughly 6  5 seconds and this means you will heal people for  how great is that? The max number of people you would heal at one time is three people.


Void Grip

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Not very useful in a one on one situation I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are trying to run away. It completely renders your other abilities useless until the skill turns off. It is more suitable to use it when trying to catch enemy Flankers or Damagers off guard such as Evie or Andro and give your allies enough time to damage or finish them off.


Stellar Wind

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Stellar wind is only used when fleeing from heated situations especially when we are chased by a flanker. You can also use it to accelerate faster and dodge enemy projectile shots such as Drogoz and Willow. Move towards your teammates and annihilate the enemy together.


paladins step into the light


Very hard to time this ultimate. I personally it call it the Kamehameha because how cool and similar it looks when Jenos does it. Use the ultimate when the enemies are defending the payload and your teammates are busy firing at them.


Loadout & Talent

This legendary provides support for allies to deal more damage. It is now more common to select it than Celestial Touch Talent.


jenos deck paladins
Jenos Deck 2018
This deck enables Jenos to heal his allies quicker from a longer range and allow to see where the enemies are for awhile.
paladins best support characters


The legendary card I have opted for is a heal-oriented option that is real effective for healing your teammates. The other two legendary cards may be used but is more suited to when there’s a second healer on your team as it is a more offensive-oriented card and for catching off guard Flankers and Damagers. If you are the only support then this legendary card is the best option for you as it heals your allies more than the others.


jenos deck


This card build enables me to heal quicker and a little longer. Even when you get eliminated, someone who has an Astral Mark on him will still be able to heal himself. This deck also reduces the amount of damage I would take when confronting with flankers so I would have just enough time to go around circles with them and survive a little longer before going back to my teammates.




paladins strategy


At the start of the game grab Chronos 1 as it is good enough to get a decent cool down(5 seconds) on Astral Mark. I would only max it out after choosing maxing the defense and offensive items. After that, max cauterize to level 3 and subsequently Haven or Blast Shield. Chronos would follow suit on the latter stages.

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