Jett Valorant Guide 2020


Jett is one of the main carries of the game. She is first seen in the trailer with the throwing stars(shuriken) and sniper rifle. But what else do we know about her? Let’s take a look on how to use her skills and abilities to their fullest potential. She is from Korea and dominates her enemies while in stealth mode. She is also a master in art of evasion.


This is her mobility ability that allows you to dash within a short distance to left or right. This is helpful when evading enemy fire and could be key in making decisions when trying to go aggressive towards the enemy or fallback defensively. It remind’s me of Maeve’s dash but from side to side.


This is helps you to propel upwards and land on an object taking the high ground.  It helps players to move vertically and gain useful information on enemy whereabouts when in position or just move on an advantageous high ground. This is crucial when you need to switch positions on a go or just scout for enemies. One tip is to climb on top a crate to stun enemy by just being there and fragging them.


This is essentially a smoke grenade and you can visually see a cloud of fog being thrown out to cut off visibility from the enemy’s point of view. This however can be turned into your disadvatage as some agents could use their detection skills and render this ability useless.

Ultimate:Blade Storm

Blade Storm is the ultimate shown in the trailer when daggers are being thrown like shuriken. It’s an instant kill if you hit a headshot but minor damage if you hit on other hitpoints. The dagger would be restored upon a kill, all daggers can be thrown using the right-click in a short burst while the left-click allows you to tap your mouse1 and slowly throw the daggers one by one. This ability coupled with her other abilities can become a massive advantage as you are able to tail someone and take them down using this ultimate or play a passive role and camp while waiting for an enemy to create an opening.


How do you utilise Jett? You can move around the map a lot by using Tailwind and Updraft. Use Cloudburst as a smoke grenade in order to obsecure enemies, when the going gets tough use your ultimate to obliterate your opponent or when taking a defensive position, your choice. She is a playmaker in many situation and serve as a hard carry for your team. She would need to be helped a lot as some of her utilities aren’t as flexible as other agents. However, her capability to obliterate enemy and cause massive damage is no joke and could cause havoc on to the enemy team.

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