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How to play as Kinessa


Kinessa Guide

paladins kinessa drawing
Kinessa Image Render
Let me stress out(literally) that a lot of people are anti-kinessa in competitive mode. She is an awesome sniper that deals 1.5k damage per fully charged shot and 1.8k damage for a headshot. However, what she makes up in damage means she lacks mobility although she has her handy teleport tool, the transporter. 

Fully Charged Body Shot with Head Hunter Ultimate
Now there is many ways to use the transporter, one of which is to teleport into a building that is unreachable. The other is to escape  the enemy while being heavy wounded as it would heal you with the selected card. If a flank is coming at you in the full speed of light chances are you are going to be surprised and get defeated easily. Unless you land a headshot consistently with the normal attack while there is a trap set up around you and hope whoever controls the flank misses(most probably not).
Tight spaces are good thing for fighting flanks if there is a trap you place close by. It would be wise to set up a trap in the objective or on the payload while you scope at the distance. Her ultimate called Ultimate Hunter is a destructive force that would deal 1.8k damage per fully charged shot while an upper body shot gives you 2.4k damage. The areas marked in yellow are the places where you are able to land the greatest amount of damage.
Still experimenting with the loadouts as seen below. I selected prodigy as I can move a little easier when I’m scoping especially useful and you are pushing the payload, true critical is just an added bonus for my hp while open season III is useful when I’m against flanks or another damager so I can see where they are heading. Quick Scope  II is another asset as Kinessa because it gives you short delay to scope giving you a better chance to get your enemy when you are surprised  by flanks although difficult to do. Restore III I think is one of the best cards for Kinessa as you will automatically heal yourself when you transport away from someone hunting and damaging you.
paladins kinessa
Hold F and then move your mouse to where you want to be, if you move it upwards you are able to go further, if you move it backwards it will teleport you to a closer distance.
As you can notice I have healed a little here thanks to my loadout below

Loadout Build and Talent

kinessa loadout
This build is designed to maximize the damage output of Kinessa and relies on accurate shots on the head. It allows to travel faster using Transporter and heal afterwards. Her enemies would also be revealed if shot and scoping and movement speed would also be quicker.
kinessa legendary
kinessa deck 2018
This build is used to maximize the usage of Transporter. It grants Kinessa 12 ammo after transporting and shooting enemy will reduce its Cooldown.


Items (In this Order)

Level Three
Master Riding/Morale Boost
I pick Master riding first to get to a spot earlier than everyone else to get an early shot on the enemy.. I used to do Morale boost but then I watched others play and got influenced by master riding.
Level Three
Level 3
Cauterize/Wrecker – This is a little tricky you go with Wrecker if the enemy offense plays Torvald/Ruckus but if he picks Fernando or Makoa you’d go with Cauterize.


Level 3
Level 2
Haven – To provide me enough defense to go against those annoying flankers.
Life Rip – Good to heal when you damage your enemies from a far and while going against a flanker.

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