How To Play As Lifeline


A white mage

This is an interesting way to describe this support character.

Lifeline is the character everyone is forced to use in the training, and the first character everyone gets familiar with before they play the game for the first time. For new players her abilities are very helpful in staying alive and aiding your team members who are likely more experienced than you.

Passive Ability

Her passive allows you to take healing items 20% faster which again will aide you in staying alive. You wouldn’t believe how useful this is in any fire fight, especially when popping a heal in the endgame. Half the skill at this game is timing your heals.

She has another passive in her ability to revive teammates quicker when they are knocked. She throws up a shield in the direction she is facing so make sure you face the direction you want to before initiating. The shield is not really that useful however because it is directional leaving you open from most sides and it can be seen to cut through walls making your revival attempt visible to enemies from the outside. It would make more sense to me if she provided a health boost with revival rather than using a shield. But I could be wrong, I am often wrong.

Tactical Ability

Combat medic ability will not let you down. Just Just throw a healing drone down and let it top you off. Useful in cover, and out of cover. You could if you wanted just throw it out in a firefight and let it heal you up as you take some shots at the enemy as it does all the healing automatically for you as long as you are close enough. This drone has three available hoses and will connect to your whole squad allowing for some epic table turning in sticky situations. The only problem is that it does not move with you, once you leave its proximity it stops healing so if you are escaping an enemy it is useless unless you find a place to hide.

Ultimate Ability

This ultimate calls in a personal care package with some decent armor and healing items, once placed out in the open, a care package will arrive within seconds with three items. Again something to help you not die. It does pose a risk however because it will be visible and audible to all teams within range, giving off your position.

Advanced Tactics

Watch your teams stats and stay close to them. You must keep their health full. Make sure you take every accelerator for your ultimate, and call your care packages whenever it becomes ready.

When you know there is a team near you, or the circle is smaller in endgame you call your care package in an area to draw the enemies attention thinking you might go for it, while your team can move up for a flank or even to give you time to get away.

Advanced players will take advantage of enemy Lifeline abilities, and scout care packages or rush revival attempts or finding vantage points to grenade a team using a health droid. Maybe even attempt to take out the healer first before the rest of the team.

Lifeline can make a decent lone-wolf character, mainly because of her ability to armor up and heal. You will also have an advantage if you want to let the last ring close and initiate a med battle, with your healing quick ability and medical drone, instead of revealing yourself.

However you wish to use Lifeline is up to you, She is easy to use and easy to master. I am interested in how she may change as a character over time. Or maybe she won’t.

Leave a comment on any questions or criticisms you may have, see you later.

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In the words of Bruce Lee:

Nowadays you don’t go around on the street kicking people, punching people — because if you do (makes gunshape with hand), well that’s it — I don’t care how good you are.

However you wish to use Lifeline is up to you, She is easy to use but difficult to master. I am interested in how she may change as a character over time. Or maybe she won’t.

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