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How to play as Mal’Damba

Mal’Damba Tips

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Someday Wekono~ Art By: Drcaptamerica

Mal’Damba is one of the most versatile Support champion in the game. With his ability to Stun and heal people really quickly, he is an obvious choice for professional players in competitive Paladins. I had a very hard time getting used to his perks for awhile, there is always so much to do. When do I stun? When do I heal? When do I attack? All these thoughts are playing on my mind while using him that it tends to be difficult at times.

Mending Spirits


Mending Spirits is one of the best skill for support as it can heal your teammate from a long range. You can also use while reloading Spitting Cobra if the cooldown have been resetted. Also useful using it twice on a person with the Legendary Spirit’s Chosen. What I also love to do with it is just pre-zap it on your teammates when they are going aggressive on the objective point or flanking as when they are damaged they would heal automatically and the second time I heal it would be extra additional health points.

As a Support player, I would usually stay my distance away from the tank at the backline enough for me to reach him with Mending Spirits and Ripened Gourd. The rule of the thumb is to always stick with the Tanks.



Gourd are usually used to attack enemies or heal a group of teammates or just your Front Line. Usually used in the opening round, most notably the objective point. This is coupled with mending spirits.






Slither is used when escaping an enemy flank at the backlines or just getting out of a heated fight. For example when you are at low health and an enemy flanker is on your tail you would want to slither away. Also in maps such as Fish Market or Frog Isle when Makoa hooks you off the edge it would be great to use it. It will bring you enough time to escape and heal yourself with ripened Gourd.


How to Stun



The distance of the stun is almost equivalent to how you attack using Mouse 1 or rather, Spitting Cobra and you have to reload to generate a Stun. Stuns are great to shut Damagers down or even rendering tanks useless for a good one second providing enough time for your allies to beat them. It is also a great way to fight with flanks that are chasing you from behind and getting that 1 vs 1 on point.







Use Dread Serpent Ultimate when there’s a lot of enemies stacked on the objective point which gives you and your teammates ample amount of time to do heavy damage to them. It can also be used in rare cases when you are in 1 vs 1 situation against the enemy.


mal damba paladins build


This healing build is designed to quickly heal teammates and escaping heavy fire from enemies by using Slither. This deck also allows us to sustain ourselves when dealing with heavy damage when Spirit Mending is applied to our teammates and decreases the cooldown of it when we miss target an ally.


Items for Maldamba

items for mal'damba paladins


I would usually go for Chronos 2, Haven/BlastShield 1 and then Deft Hands. A little laterupgrade the defense items to 2 and subsequently Deft Hands to 2. This would make our champion a little more damage resistant, have reduced cooldowns which is very useful for Spirit Mending and a little quicker time to stun enemies. If I don’t get much resistance from enemy Damagers or rather, when I have enough money I would go for Chronos 3.


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