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How To Counter Mei

Sup’ FPS101, Gangsir back again.

After releasing my countering sombra guide a while back, I wanted to also make a quick guide on how to counter Mei, as she’s another hero that players struggle with, particularly tanks. Also, it’s fitting because the winter event is coming back, so the cold theme continues.

Mei is somewhat commonly played as defense cheese or to synergize with a “get on top of em” comp like GOATs or general brawler comps, due to her strong short range power. She is in the Damage category, and part of the heroes released at launch.

General Info

For this first section, let’s go over a few details about Mei that people might not know. Kinda like “general Mei information”.

  • Mei is on the tanker side of DPS, having 250 health, and is able to heal herself with Cryofreeze, 150 at a time per full duration freeze.


  • Mei’s primary fire has a 10m range, but since it’s a rapid projectile spray, it can miss if the target is moving fast.


  • Her right click projectile does 75 damage (150 headshot) and has no damage falloff. It is capable of one-shotting Pilot D.va and Tracer, if they have no bonus health. If Mei is Mercy boosted (rare as that is) then it deals 195 damage on headshot, nearly enough to one-shot a 200 HP hero. (Generally will, since lots of people are missing 5+ health during teamfights. But again, who damage boosts Mei?) The projectile itself travels at 120 m/s, making it one of the fastest projectiles in the game, even faster than hanzo arrows.


  • The way her freeze works is slightly complicated. Each “puff” fired by the gun increases the slow on the target slightly, until the target has taken 30 hits from the puffs, at which point they’ll freeze for 1.5 seconds. If the freeze isn’t completed, the target keeps it’s slowness debuff for 1.5 seconds after the last puff hit.


  • Due to the fire rate of her right click, Mei is able to get two headshots off before her target unfreezes, if she times it right. High plat+ Meis will generally know how to do this, (with reliability increasing w/ rank) and become significantly more deadly to 250+ HP heroes, since she can deal 350 damage per freeze (50 to freeze with primary, plus two headshots) instead of her normal ~200 damage combo. Here’s a demonstration on a bot. (It’s just as cancerous to experience as it looks) This is before her damage is combined with that of her team on the frozen target.


  • Cryofreeze renders her immune to damage, as well as making her untargetable by enemies (you can’t discord her in ice, deadeye her, etc) and purging all debuffs and damage over time, (Discord, anti-heal, burning, etc) AND making her immune to knockback. (however, it doesn’t stop existing momentum) This is her “lol nope” ability, and it’s really important to engage on her when this ability is on cooldown. To facilitate this, it has a long cooldown at 12 seconds from the time she pops out of it. She’ll heal 150 health if she stays in it the full 4 seconds, but she can be healed by most healers while in it, allowing her to pop out early without losing out on healing.


  • When the duration of cryo is about to end, an ice cracking sound can be heard. Once this begins, it’s about a second until she pops out. Use this to time CC/instakill abilities. Good Meis won’t necessarily let this happen though, be ready in case she pops out early.


  • Very good Meis will use cryo to bait “lol nope” abilities out of enemies (like flashbang) in order to kill them. (eg Mei knows McCree will flash immediately upon seeing her, she walks up to him, flashes cryo to block his stun, McCree is now basically boned with a B emoji) Don’t get baited more than once. If a mei is smart enough to bait you with cryo, remember that and don’t use your abilities until after she cryos.


  • Her wall ability is on a 10 second cooldown that starts when she puts the wall up. The wall itself is composed of 5 400 health pillars, and lasts about 4.5 seconds. This means that a full duration wall will have a ~5 second cooldown after it falls. That’s your window to charge in as a team. Since each pillar has 400 health, it is very possible to bust a hole in the wall if multiple people focus the same section of wall. But, like shields, any burst of damage will be absorbed, like D.va bomb or Junkrat tire, without piercing the wall.


  • She can place walls up to 35 meters away. This is a huge range, don’t think you’re safe from being walled off if she’s far away.


  • Walls will elevate people if they’re placed under them. This can give people coordinating with Mei vertical mobility, as well as the mei herself. Don’t lower your guard just because you’re on high ground. Good Meis will wall up to you and start freezing you.


  • In order to get frozen by her ult, you need line of sight to Snowball, the little robot. If you go around the corner, you’re safe, even with the effect on the ground. Do note however, that unlike some abilities, shields DO NOT block line of sight for this ability, it has to be map cover. If you’re unable to make it out of the ult, see if you can just break LOS to the center.


  • Blizzard has a decently long cast time of 1.5 seconds. If Mei is stunned or killed during this cast time, her ult is canceled. However, once this cast time is over, and the projectile is sailing through the air, not even her death can interrupt it, despite popular belief. Proof from testing. She must be stunned/killed during the cast time, basically before she says “Bùxǔ zǒu”.Once the projectile is in the air, only way to stop it is for it to get deflected or matrixed.

Dealing with Mei as every hero – 1v1 tips, peeling, etc

In this section, I’ll list all the heroes, and strategies and tips for dealing with a Mei, in the way that you specifically can as each hero. Dealing with Mei is usually a team effort (just like Sombra or Bastion) so it’s important that you contribute your piece.

I’ll also indicate whether I see the hero as a counter to Mei, (counters her (hard/soft)) or is countered by Mei (countered (soft/hard)). This is mostly my opinion however, and different (non plat) ranks will see it differently.

D.va (Depends on how D.va is played, neutral-countered hard)

Fairly neutral interaction, there are a few DOs and DON’Ts.

DO Matrix her ultimate, (if you can, smart meis will freeze you first so you can’t) and anybody that gets frozen. Save lives. DO Bodyblock for frozen teammates if you don’t have matrix. DO Stay away from her, and respect her space.

DON’T let yourself get frozen if you can help it. Her headshots are avoidable if you just pull a 180 right before getting frozen, but the rest of her team can unload on you. DON’T try to matrix her freeze beam, you can’t. DON’T fire your ultimate low. If you do, she can wall it off to block it completely, like a rein shield. DON’T sit in the choke eating her icicle spam. This feeds her ultimate in a very noticeable way. (about 5% per icicle landed, 11 for a headshot) DON’T use your boosters as an offensive tool against her when she’s in “run away after cryo” mode. You’ll only aid her escape/mess up teammates who have something lined up.

Orisa (neutral)

Her headshots hurt. (More than 30% of your HP each!) Even if she’s not freezing you, avoid walking around without a shield. Save fortify for when she engages on you, or if she ults you. You can’t realistically kill her yourself, so if she rushes you just fortify and wait for her to be removed by your teammates. Don’t get walled off from your retreat, bait out her wall cooldown before going in.

Be wary of good Meis, they’ll use wall to raise you up and out of your shield if you’re trying to turtle behind it. Drop off the wall as soon as you can, and get back behind your shield or cover.

Reinhardt – (countered (medium))

Avoid getting frozen. You’ll get unloaded into as long as her team is paying attention. Remember that she can’t freeze you through shield. If you have to fight her in a 1v1, swing on her once, shield, wait for the slow to decay, swing on her once again, shield up again, repeat until she gives up or dies 75 damage at a time. This takes time, however, so try not to get stuck 1v1ing her. If she ults you, quickly charge out of it.

If she’s just trying to circle around you (and your back is to a wall) wait until she’s up against the wall with you, and charge her. If her reflexes are bad you’ll pin her before she can cryo.

Same with the other tanks, don’t sit there eating icicles in the choke or get walled off.

Roadhog (countered (medium-hard))

DO NOT 1v1 her. As much as people like to talk about how he’s a good tank to 1v1 her because of his damage, this is not the case in most instances. If you hook her and don’t one-shot her (she cryos instantly) then use that opportunity to book it the fuck out of there to your team. Unless you can consistently and quickly blast her with close range left clicks, she’s going to demolish you and you’ll feed her and any onlooker.

If you get walled off, you’re even more fucked than the shield tanks. Be careful. Also, don’t sit there eating icicles, unless you’re bodyblocking for a frozen ally.

Your ult can be effective at keeping her away, as long as you aren’t near being frozen. If she cryos in front of you, you can also try ulting point blank into it, this causes a huge spike of damage and sends her flying when she pops out. Your ult also easily breaks her wall segments if you’re right in front of it.

Winston (neutral, potentially soft countered)

Same as most other tanks. Jump away before you get frozen, and try to engage without leap so you have it to escape when the mei peels. If you have to 1v1 her, dance around your bubble so you don’t get frozen. If you do this properly you can get her to cryo and then call your team over.

Jump around a lot when in your ult, you don’t want to get frozen and feed.

Wrecking Ball (countered (hard-EXTREME))

Not gonna lie, kinda a bad idea to run WB into a Mei. Big real important thing is to never get frozen outside of ball form. Protect your head.

Her damage isn’t really high enough to delete you (unless you get frozen outside of ball) but it’s her team unloading into you that’s the issue. Getting hit at all by her primary fire also cancels the “fireball” effect that lets you deal damage via swinging, too.

Best you can do is avoid her (dive areas where she isn’t) and if you see the opportunity, knock her out of position so your team can surround her in cryo.

Zarya (neutral)

Stay away from her yourself, and have self-bubble ready in case you need to book it out of her ult/spray. Otherwise, bubble people that she’s freezing, as bubble instantly defrosts people.

Try to grav when she doesn’t have wall or cryo, and if she does, use something that can pierce wall, like dragonstrike, dragonblade, pharah barrage, etc. Go over and around it.

It is possible to 1v1 her if you’re decent charge and nobody else is shooting you, but if you get frozen you tend to get deleted since you have little health for a tank and no armor.

Ashe (countered (very soft) or neutral)

Coachgun is your only safety. Make sure you use it to change your positioning so she can’t reach you, not just blast her back. She’ll just keep walking forward.

Use dynamite to hit her when she’s coming out of cryo, or headshot her.

As for your ult, she can wall off bob, so try to use him when she doesn’t have wall.

Generally just stay away from her, like Widow. Be careful to not stand still and get icicle-sniped from across the map. If she’s on top of you freezing you, your only hope is to have the raw aim to flick-headshot her, just like widow. If you panic, you die.

Bastion (neutral or counters her (soft))

Generally you won’t interact with her. You’re the only hero that can reliably shoot a hole in her wall, so do that. She out ranges you, so don’t set yourself up at a long sightline without shields.

In a close range battle, you should win pretty much always, unless multiple people are attacking you while she freezes you.

Doomfist (countered (special))

Don’t get frozen. Simple as that. Avoid her in general, try to dive where she isn’t. Avoid fighting her, unless she’s dumb and lets you one-punch her. You have the mobility to stay away from her reliably. If she ults, you can use your ult to escape it. It’s also possible to use your ult to kill her as she pops out of cryo, if timed right.

She doesn’t necessarily counter you, she “zones” you. She enforces an area that you can’t really enter safely, and have to burn cooldowns to get out of. That’s why this counter is labeled “special”.

Genji (countered (special))

Don’t fight her directly unless you’re ulting, just stay away from her. Maybe throw shuriken from a distance. If she’s being “peeler mei” for her supports, then consider switching. You’re also immune to her wall since you can just climb over it.

You can protect frozen people by deflecting in front of them, this can save people from both her followup and her team’s. Do note however that you can’t deflect her primary fire, only her right click and ult.

She doesn’t necessarily counter you, she “zones” you. She enforces an area that you can’t really enter safely, and have to burn cooldowns to get out of. That’s why this counter is labeled “special”.

Hanzo (counters her (medium))

You’re actually pretty good against her, as your damage is high and bursty (so she can’t reflex cryo as easily), and you have good mobility to stay away (leap is your savior).

So, do that. Stay away, and snipe her. Look to headshot her when she stands still to line up the headshot. If she’s the caliber of mei that doesn’t need to stand still, then try to predict her like usual.

Your ult pierces her wall, so you can catch people off guard with it, since they can’t see it until it’s coming through the wall.

Junkrat (neutral)

You both do the same thing (area control) so just don’t enter her area. She should avoid yours too, so you kinda just avoid each other. You can use concussion mines to mess up her aim so she misses the followup headshot on an ally, as well as use it to get yourself away from her.

Just be careful to not get icicled at range, since she can hit you easier at high range.

If she cryos near you, put trap on her ice block. About 50% of the time it’ll catch her, so she can be killed easy.

If she cryos against your ult, run it erratically around her until she pops out, then blow it up. Don’t get baited into an early detonation. You can also just wall-climb it over her wall if she’s silly and tries to wall it off. Also note that if she’s ballsy (and good) she can instakill your tire with an icicle+melee, so be wary.

Some meis will wall themselves up so they have high ground while fighting you. Be careful for this, as it makes it significantly harder to hit them.

McCree (counters her (soft) or neutral)

As a mid-long range hitscan, you’re advantaged as long as you stay away. Be very careful to not get your flash baited if you have to fight her up close. If you do land the flash however, you must immediately followup with your execution, (fan or double headshot) otherwise she’ll cryo to save herself. If your flash fails for whatever reason, remain calm and focus on hitting her. If you panic, she’ll evade you, freeze you, and as stated earlier, you’re “boned with a B emoji”.

Don’t ult when she has wall, or you’ll just get walled off. Use roll to escape her ult. You can as long as you aren’t in the dead center of it.

Mei (true neutral)

If you’re going for the mirror-counter, you just need to be better at Mei. Don’t get frozen, and either seek to use your superior projectile aim to icicle her down from a distance, or outplay her with ability usage. Generally the person to cryo second wins. If she walls you off, use your own wall to vault over hers.

If you can’t win against her, then just seek to do to her team what she does to your team. (Wall off her tanks, flank her supports, etc)

Pharah (counters her (hard))

As long as you’re flying properly erratically, you shouldn’t be touchable. Rain justice on her. Never fly low enough to get frozen. If you actually get frozen as pharah, consider never playing pharah again.

This is kinda self explanatory of a counter, so yeah. You should win. If you get shot down with multiple icicles, you’re a bad pharah, or she’s a really good mei.

Don’t barrage at a low enough angle to get walled off. Your ult will make short work of the wall, but it can allow escape of people you’re aiming at.

Reaper (counters her (medium-soft))

Not as hard of a counter as people say. Point blank vs point blank, yes, you win. If she uses the full range of her freeze however, you’ll get frozen and double-dinked before you can kill her.

This kinda depends on how good she is at mei, and how smart you are about your engagement.

If she starts freezing you, you can wraith to instantly clear freeze buildup, and close the distance to her. Then just blast her. A smart mei will just avoid you though, so you’ll have to bring it to her if you’re picking to counter her.

You have a large head, so don’t get dinked at range.

Soldier: 76 (counters her (very soft))

You have no real escape (unless you really style on her and helix jump away) so you winning is reliant on you staying away from her, on high ground. Shoot her before she gets to you, simple as that.

Don’t get your ult walled off.

Sombra (neutral or countered (soft))

Freeze beam is really good at finding you (as well as forcing you to flee), but if you hack her, she’s super vulnerable to your team. So do that, but don’t fight her directly. She’s effective at peeling you off of her supports due to the area control, so go after people she isn’t near.

Symmetra (countered (medium))

Do not, under any circumstances, engage in a close range duel with her. You will get memed on. Instead, use teleporter to get away from her (and get other people away from her), then orb her down from a distance. She’s not really your job to deal with.

If she cryos in a bad spot, you can surround her with turrets so she gets beamed upon exiting.

Since your teleporter works through her wall (if it’s placed before she walls) it can prevent her from walling off a choke, and allow the rest of the team through, or allow your tanks to pull out.

Your only real way to fight her is while your ult is down, you can dance in and out of it to block her freeze beam. But without your ult, avoid her like the plague.

Torbjörn (neutral)

Like junkrat, you both do area denial, so you typically won’t interact. Close range battles depend on you having overload or not, and landing juicy right clicks. Far range battles depend on your projectile aim, and evasion. You have a large head and are prone to icicle dinks, so be careful.

She can kill your turret easily from range since she’s a high damage projectile hero, so place it out of line of sight of her.

If she cryos in a bad spot, you can surround her in molten core puddles to kill her.

Tracer (neutral (special))

Like genji, she forces you to burn cooldowns. This doesn’t mean you can’t kill her, but just be aware that being near her burns resources constantly if she’s just trying to freeze you like a bot. Being half-frozen will slow you down, which can enable other DPS to dink you more easily, so be careful.

Bad meis will dink you on accident, good meis will actively try to dink you. Be careful of that, and you should theoretically win over time. It depends on so many factors.

If she cryos and you have ult, you can stick your bomb to her ice just before she pops out, and it’ll auto-stick when she does. This is a free kill on her, (provided no zarya bubble or bonus Brig health) so do it.

Widowmaker (counters her (soft-hard))

Depends on your aim, and positioning. Aim well, to where she can’t counter-snipe you safely, and you counter her. If your aim is bad, she’ll eventually get lucky/aim well enough to icicle snipe you. It’s a bad look, don’t let it happen.

If by some blunder she manages to get to you, grapple away. If you can’t grapple, flick headshot her or you’re….”boned with a B emoji”. Remember that freeze lowers your sensitivity over time, so towards the end of the freeze approaching full halt your mouse will feel sluggish. Compensate accordingly.

Put venom mine on her when she cryos for a little bonus damage.

Ana (countered (hard-medium))

At range, don’t stand still and get dinked. At close range, sleep her or you’re automatically dead. If you do sleep her, execute her properly, or she cryos. If she does cryo, BOOK IT away as fast as you can. If you don’t trust yourself or she has too much health, sleep her and book it.

Use grenade on her to force out her cryo during teamfights, this will usually work since she wants to cryo so she can be healed. Call for focus on her after.

Brigitte (neutral (special))

You don’t counter her overall per se, moreso you’re “immune to her”. You’re both not really capable of fighting each other, and most smart meis won’t bother. You can’t swing on her without being frozen, and she can’t hit you unless you drop shield.

Thus, your objective is just to keep her away from people. Peel, basically. Repair pack anyone that gets frozen (this blocks the execution headshot) and knock her away.

If you MUST fight her, swing on her a couple times, shield until the freeze decays, swing on her twice again, shield again, repeat. Just like reinhardt. It takes a long time though, so avoid doing it, leave her for someone else.

She can contribute to your shield breaking from range with icicles, so don’t just sit there eating icicles.

Lúcio (neutral (special))

You must play defensively against a Mei, peeling for frozen people. Speed people away from her, and boop her when she does freeze someone. Don’t fight her directly or play hyper-aggro reddit lucio, you’ll get memed on.

Your ult counters hers, as well as your speed ability, to get people out of it.

She doesn’t necessarily counter you, she “zones” you. She enforces an area that you can’t really enter safely, and have to burn cooldowns to get out of. That’s why this counter is labeled “special”.

Mercy (countered (special))

Stay away. That’s it. If she catches you, you’re auto-dead. The only reason this isn’t labeled as an extreme counter above is because of guardian angel. As long as you can get away, you should be fine. Don’t move predictably and get icicled either.

She doesn’t necessarily counter you, she “zones” you. She enforces an area that you can’t really enter safely, and have to burn cooldowns to get out of. That’s why this counter is labeled “special”.

Moira (neutral)

Never ever ult near her, or she’ll freeze you out of it. Never exit fade near her, or you have no escape.

You don’t really kill her fast enough, so just heal people that she’s freezing. Your high healing should save them, as long as they aren’t being heavily focused.

If you know she has ult, save fade to escape it.

Zenyatta (neutral)

Another “no engagement” hero, she shouldn’t get close to you. If she does, you’re quite dead unless you’re a god with projectiles.

Just don’t get icicled at range, you have a large hitbox. Discord her to limit how ballsy she can be. Use trans to save people trapped in her ult.

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