mirage hq potrait 2019

How To Play As Mirage

mirage hq potrait 2019

Art By: xCheekyPJ


Mirage is an interesting character who can, if used by the right player, be a strong asset to the team. He is an attacker not a support character. If you want to use him do not use him lightly, you must be aggressive and he abilities will help him and his team stay alive while doing so. Many people tend to ignore him thinking that he would only be good against new players as more decent players will see through his tactics. I will agree that this is true only if Mirage is being controlled by a player who is not used to his required play style and abilities, or the person using Mirage is not very clever or creative. Decent Mirage players or creative and clever players will learn how to use your assumption of advantage against you. All players even pro players are susceptible to being bamboozled by the right Mirage.


I will admit that this passive is a little underwhelming compared to those of other legends, but it is pretty useful in situations where your team members are in close proximity to heal you and you need to stay alive even for only 5 seconds. If there is a cliff nearby or some-kind of drop off within a couple of seconds you can drop down without the enemy being able to track you. This again will buy you time for your team to revive you. Still I have to say this could be a little better thought out.

Tactical Ability

Psyche out allows you to deploy a decoy to a spot of your choosing within a straight line. When the decoy arrives at his chosen destination he just kinda stands there and waits to be shot. Oh what a useless ability this might seem to those who are not clever. Out in the open it is advised not to use this as it will be easy to see through. If you are in a 1v1 close quarters situation your best option to bamboozle even the best of players is by deploying your decoy straight ahead towards an enemy while they are confused for a split second veer to the side for better angle. If it is a whole squad on you can deploy it on your mark while you slide down hill or down a cliff side. If you hit a fork in the road send a decoy off onto one path while you go the other. Use it as a bullet sponge to find where snipers are, or into a house to check for inhabitants..

Ultimate Ability

Vanishing act deploys multiple decoys and gives you momentary invisibility. The problem however is that you are very much vulnerable to attack and your advanced enemies know this and will shoot you. Do not use this out in the open, make sure your surroundings provide plenty of cover. Inside buildings will work well, the closer the quarters may improve the bamboozling of foes. This makes a great endgame strategy but do not use unless you know the whereabouts of the enemy squads. Remember you can still use your tactical in this instance, so use it to throw the scent off even more, but then again the enemy may see where the last decoy originated from and it wouldn’t work.


The key to the use of Mirage is positioning and timing. Each ability has to be timed right in order to provide you with a split second decision to reposition for a shot or run away.

Using his ultimate in order to confuse while your team ambushes is also a good idea.

Make sure you position yourself behind cover before you use decoys in order to hide an enemies ability to do quick guess work and shoot.

Practice moving like your decoy, if you can mimic its movements well and stop on point you could hypothetically act as your own decoy and run out from behind a rock or wall and stop on a dime, if your enemy is an advanced player they may ignore it as being a decoy and attempt to try to find the original, after they do so you can follow them and turn the tables.

This character requires the use of your brain, if you start to experience headaches because of it you should see your family doctor and explain your situation as soon as possible, he may have some good Mirage tips for you.

One of the most powerful things you can do is run behind a pillar or something else and stop but try to pace a decoy as you never stopped and kept running. You can then backtrack and take shots at your enemy because there is no chance they are not bamboozled. Or the reverse to this, where as you pass behind something you jump spin 180 degrees send out your decoy behind you while you complete a 360 in order to keep going straight, this will be useful with more skilled players.


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In the words of Bruce Lee:

When there is freedom from mechanical conditioning, there is simplicity. The classical man is just a bundle of routine, ideas and tradition. If you follow the classical pattern, you are understanding the routine, the tradition, the shadow — you are not understanding yourself.

However you wish to use Mirage is up to you, he is easy to use but difficult to master. I am interested in how he may change as a character over time. Or maybe he won’t.



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