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Originally Written By: Doc_Zilarra
Edited By: Kolby

Moji is the latest Flank/Support Champion recently released into the game. With her versatile ability to damage and heal other players by using Scamper, she is anything but an easy champion to play with. It’s interesting to note that her healing skills stack and you will find not only does it heal an ally quicker but also increases their speed by about 45%.

A pool of healing generated when a user uses Scamper

Another interesting thing about Moji is that her healing pool would stack meaning that if your teammates goes back and forth on the pool he or she would receive additional healing and speed from it. The duration of the pool usually lasts for about 9 seconds so you need to keep in mind about it and create another one after it finishes.

Additional healthpoints are given when pools are stacked in one area
Moreover, her heals can go through walls as per her pool’s radius as demonstrated by Grohk’s Tohtem meaning you can be safe from incoming attack while hiding. This tactic is commonly used in Onslaught or Team Deathmatch modes.


Cancel Scamper midair by pressing ‘F’ and jump again to Bunnyhop
Scamper is a skill that Moji possess which allows us to bunnyhop. The process can be achieved by using at least 40% of Scamper while jumping and then cancelling the skill. As you touch the bottom of the ground you will notice a boost of pace and you’d want to jump again to maintain the consistency of the jumping speed to create a good bunnyhop.


Magicbarrier also automatically creates magic mark on an enemy if attacked
Magicbarrier as a skill is useful for Moji as it grants her CC Immunity and can negate incoming ultimate such as Drogoz’s Ultimate Punch and Bomb King’s King Bomb. It can also be used as a shield for your teammates when incoming enemy Damager is on the prowl and you can defend them and eliminate the threat immediately.


Moji can use Familiar Spray(RMB) and Spit(LMB) at the same time which would deal extra damage at the same time. However, this would only work in close quarters as Familiar Spray has a short range while Familiar Spit can be used at longer distances.
Long-ranged attack
Her Ultimate, Bon Appetit can turn enemies into a cookie. However, this does not eliminate them, you need to make contact with them by going closer and her dinosaurs would eat the opponent. You can also make this happen during Scamper.


moji legendary deck
moji paladins deck

This deck build is designed to make Moji move more quicker when using Scamper and reduces its cooldown. It also increases her maximum health and heal you during Scamper. With Toot as its legendary, this is the most suitable build for Moji to heal other allies.


moji item build
The items for Moji are usually dependent on how the situation is. Chronos should be taken first however the second card varies on the situation if there’s a champion like Buck on the other team it’s best to get Cauterize but usually it would be best to take blast haven or haven.

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