How To Play As Octane


Octane is the fastest legend in the game, his speed caps out at 130% which matches all other speed modifiers other legends have. He is for those old school quake players or those who like moving quickly. He is small and fast so likely he will be difficult to take down. Because of some of his abilities he may be a target as he has the means of healing himself. If you want to get to action quickly and can maintain your ability to aim when moving 30%, he is your man to main.


When not engaged he heals himself for 1 health every 2 seconds. This is kinda insane, not game breaking enough to be overly OP but just enough to heal you up between fights. It mainly covers your tactical ability.


Hitting the tactical button will cause Octane to jab a needle into his body. This provides a 30% speed increase for 6 seconds and costs 10% of your health. Not a lot but remember it is amazing how much even 1hp can change the balance of a firefight. If you use and are left with 90hp, Octane will use his passive and recover within 20 seconds, again only if not engaged. The more you use this tactical the more health is used, however even if you only have 1hp it will never cause you to die as it is percentage based not point based. Because your passive compensates for your lose of health hear, there is not much sense in saving this ability for later and should be used as often as possible.

Use this to reposition in fights, just as you would with Bangalore with her passive. Bangalore was recently nerfed so she only gets a 30% increase in speed matching Octanes speed burst, but the difference is that Octane can control his giving him a slight edge in the repositoning game (and the fact that it has a ridiculous 1 second cool-off timer). It can also be used well with his passive, if you decide to run away. You can run away find a safe spot and allow your passive to refresh your hp. This can be done effortlessly in addition with your ultimate.


Jump pads are at your disposal. Every 90 seconds you get a new jump pad, and you can throw them surprisingly far in front of you or whatever direction you aim at. This jump pad allows you and your team mates to jump onto any medium sized buildings, The walls in either complex and airbase, or other hard to access areas. It is quicker to deploy and use then Pathfinders zipline, and jumping is more tactically advantageous than zipping in regards to being shot at.

The jump pad will cause anything you throw at it to bounce in the same manner, grenades, Gibraltar shields, Lifeline drones, etc…

You also can’t carry your momentum into the jump pad and will always jump in the same manner.

Hitting the jump button the moment you touch the jump pad you will jump higher and farther.


In order to save yourself from a brief shock from falling from a high place, drop a jump pad under your feet before you land.

You can run off a cliff drop it, and when an enemy runs off chasing you, just jump right back up.

Use it to get to a high spot easily in late rounds, like the top of Water Treatment or Runoff.

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He may do well when together with Bangalore and bloodhound, as they can all move at high speed when in need.

Or maybe good with Mirage to send decoys flying through the air.

Or wraith as she can now make more useful portals with the ability to jump to high places while using her ultimate.

In the words of Bruce Lee:

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.

However you wish to use Octane is up to you, he is easy to use but difficult to master. I am interested in how he may change as a character over time. Or maybe he won’t.

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