Overwatch Terms For Beginners

X-Stack: A group consisting of X amount of players

.(Ex. 3-Stack – 3 players)

1: 1 hit. Refers to a hero being low in health, specifically 1 hit away from death.(Ex. “Roadhog 1”)

2/2/2: A composition that has 2 heroes of each role: 2 Damage, 2 Tanks, 2 healers.

2 CP: 2 Control Point. Refers to Assault maps, such as Temple of Anubis and Hanamura.

3-3: A composition that uses 2 roles, most often 3 tanks and 3 supports. Often refereed to as GOATS comp

3/2/1 or 1/2/3: A composition consisting of 3 roles with different distribution.(Ex. 3 Tanks, 2 Supports, 1 Damage)

3 on: Maintaining three attackers on the payload or control point to ensure it moves or captures as fast as possible when not challenged. One or two move it slower; more than three does not increase speed further.

4 Golds: When a player has 4 gold medals, often said by Moira players


Aimbot: Can refer to Soldier: 76’s ultimate or a form of cheating where a player has perfect aim

Alt: Alternate. Refers to an alternate fire (right click) or an alternate account (a players 2nd account)

Anti’d: An enemy or teammate who has had Ana’s Bio nade debuff applied to them.(Also referred to as: being “purple”)

AOE: Area of Effect. Describes an ability that can effect multiple targets withing in a designated area.( E.g. Mei’s ultimate, Sombra’sultimate, Lucio’s Healing/Speedboost)

Armor: A health type that reduces damage by 3 or by half, whichever is less. (E.g. if incoming damage is 4, then the actual damage done is 2).


Baby D.va: D.va when out of mech.

Back Cap: Capturing an objecting while the enemy was distracted or unaware. Usually done by flankers. Sometimes refereed to as a “C9”

Back-line: Most commonly refers to supports and defensive damage heroes, such as McCree or Soldier: 76

Baguette: A joking way to refer to the hero Brigitte. The joke originates from the confusing pronunciation of Brigitte’s name.

Bait: Forcing or tricking an enemy to use an ability or ultimate in a wasteful way

(Ex. Bait out Genji’s Swift Strike then we can dive him)

Barrier: A shield that is used by characters like Reinhardt Orisa or Sigma

Battle Mercy: A Mercy who pulls out her Caduceus Blaster to eliminate an enemy.

Beyblade: Refers to the combination of Ana’s Nano Boost and Reaper’s Death Blossom ultimates. More specifically, the version from season 2 when Nano Boost still had its speed boost property. This was such an effective combination that the meta was referred to as “the Beyblade meta”.

Bongo: Refers to Orisa’s Supercharger ultimate

Boop: A form of knockback.(Ex. Lucio’s Soundwave , Pharah’s Concussion Blast*, Junkrats Concussion Mine ect.)*

Boostio: A Nanoboosted Lucio, often done by accident


Refers to Winston’s Barrier

Refers to both of Zarya’s abilities

Bunny Hop: A term to describe Mercy gaining extra momentum from her Guardian Angel ability by canceling it early and immediately holding the jump key.

Burst Damage: A high amount of damage being dealt instantly.(E.g. Widowmaker’s Widow’s Kiss: Sniper*, Junkrat’s* RIP-Tireultimate, D.va’s Self-Destruct ultimate)

Burst Healing: A high amount of healing being dealt instantly. (E.g. Ana’s Biotic Grenade)

Blue Box: Used to refer to the high ground near the point 1 capture point on Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Bash: Refers to Brigitte’s Shield Bash Ability

Brig: A shortened version of Brigitte, often used when typing in the text channels or when making call-outs

Blade: Refers to Genji’s ultimate

Bong: The Korean call-out for Ana’s Nano Boost, Mainly used on the Asian Overwatch servers

Ball: Wrecking Ball

Boosting/Boosted: Refers to a player who was carried to their rank, someone who did not earn their rank by themselves. Sometimes this term is used to refer to a player who is preforming poorly

Bot: referring to someone who is doing poorly

Bunker: Holding down one location, usually consisting of an Orisa and Roadhog

Bap: A shortened version of Baptiste, often used when typing in the text channels or when making call-outs

Baptist: A silly name to refer to a Baptiste


C9: The act of stepping off the point and as a result losing the point, round or game; sometimes in spite of winning the fight. Made famous by the team Cloud9.

Carry: When a player or group of players take the majority of the burden of a fight or game to make up for a weakness on their team or to elevate people through tough matches.

(EX. I’m carrying, i have 4 golds)

Cart: called the Payload in game.

Car Wash: Used to describe wall of Symmetra’s Turrets, often surrounding a large doorway, gate, or choke point. This term was most commonly used when Symmetra was in her “2.0” state but it is still sometimes used

CC: Crowd Control. Describes a movement hindering ability, including: stuns, knockbacks and freezes.

(Ex. McCree’s Flashbang , Lucio’s Soundwave , Mei’s Endothermic Blaster, Brigitte’s Shield Bash etc.)

CD: Cool-down. Describes the charge time of an ability.

(EX. Baptiste’s Immortality field has a 30 second CD)

Cheese Comp: A team composition that is deemed as “cheap” or “cheesy” by the community. It quite often features a tactic that can be defeated by a high amount of co-ordination, such as the “Pirate ship” or “Protect-The-President”. Most often includes heroes such as Bastion, Torbjorn or Symmetra. This composition is usually played in a last minute effort to secure a win


Choke point: An area of a map that bottle-necks or funnels and forces congestion.(Ex. The doorway on Hanamura)


Composition. The structure of a team.

Competitive. The ranked mode of Overwatch.

Counter: A hero whose playstyle and/or abilities give you an advantage over another hero’s playstyle and/or abilities.

(EX. Pharah counters Junkrat)

Callouts: Saying an enemy players position, health ect. Can also be refereed to as Shotcalling

(EX. “Doomfist is 1 on the left by the Mega”)

Clapped: When someone gets outplayed

(EX. dude I just clapped their Moira)


D.va Bomb: Refers to D.va’s Self-Destruct ultimate

Death Ball: A type of team composition, sometimes a form of Quad Tank using Moira (or Ana) and Lucio for speed and AoE heals. The composition is based on fast movement and close quarters fighting.

Discorded: An enemy or teammate who has had Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord debuff applied to them. (Also referred to as: being “marked”)

Dive: A composition or style that utilizes high mobility heroes to single out a target


Refers to D.va’s Defense Matrix ability. ‘

Can also refer to the Deathmatch gamemode in the Arcade


Damage Per Second.

Refers to the Damage role.

A hero’s damage output over the course of 1 second.

Dry Push: When a team pushes without spending any ultimates in attempt to force out key ultimates from the enemy and swing the ult advantage, or ult economy, in their favor. Mainly used by high ranked players.

Duo/Duo Queue: A group consisting of 2 players.


Eat: When Dva or Sigma absorbs an ability or ultimate

ELO: ELO is a ranking system used to accurately identify and track a player’s skill. Originally made for Echess by Arpad Elo, it has since been adopted by competitive video games.

Electric Cowboy: A Nano-boosted McCree


F-Tier: Used to describe a hero that is under-powered or ineffective

Fade Jump: An advanced movement technique that allows Moira to gain extra height from her Fade ability by jumping just before colliding with a waist-high object.


Feeding: Engaging in a lost fight and dying, often by one’s self, resulting in the enemy team generating more ultimate charge from damage you or healing the damage you dealt.

Flanker: A hero that excels at fighting the enemy’s backline, often highly mobile.(Ex. Genji, Tracer, Sombra, Doomfist ect.)

Flicking: An aiming style where the user quickly moves their crosshair to a target before firing.

Focus: A call out for the team to all attack the same target. Mostly to refer to a specific target at that time but can be used as a more general attitude towards a single enemy.(Ex. “focus down Zenyatta” or “Soldier focus the Pharah more”)

Forced: A term used when a player causes an opponent to use a defensive ult in attempt to save themselves.

(EX.. “I forced Transcendence , we can use blade now.”)

Frag: General gaming term for a kill.

Front-line: Most commonly refers to tanks and aggressive damage heroes.

Flaming: Insulting your teammates


Gamesense: Deductive reasoning and/or critical thinking based on the knowledge of how to play effectively, often developed naturally over time as a player gains more experience and learns the different mechanics in the game.

GG: Good Game. Said at the end of a game, the online gaming equivalent of a handshake

**.**(Some consider it rude/bad sportsmanship to say GG before a game finishes or if first said by the winning team)

GOATS Comp: A composition made famous by the Overwatch Contenders team “GOATS”. The team consist of: Reinhardt, D.va, Zarya, Moira, Lucio, Brigitte.

Grav-X: The combined usage of Zayra’s Graviton Surge and Another players Ultimate

(Ex. Grav-Dragon, Grav-Blade)


Hacked: When a player or health pack has been affected by Sombra’s Hack ability.

(EX.. “Our Reinhardt has been hacked”)

Hammond/Hamster: Refers to the hero Wrecking Ball, as the pilot is named Hammond.

Hard Flank: Flanking the enemy without a clear escape route or an ability to get you back to your own lines.

Hit-Scan: A weapon type that has instantaneous travel time.

(Ex. McCree’s Peacekeeper, Widowmaker’s Widow’s Kiss)

Hooked: Being stunned by Roadhog’s Chain Hook ability.

HP: Hit-Points. Refers to the amount of health a hero has.

(EX. Junkrat has 200 HP)

HPS: Healing Per Second. Refers to a character’s healing output over the course of 1 second.(Ex. Mercy’s Caduceus Staff can output 50 healing per second)

HLC: An abbreviation for the map Horizon Lunar Colony

Hard Stuck: When a player has been stuck in there skill rank for multiple competitive seasons in a row

HoT: Healing Over Time. A reference to skills or abilities which continue to heal a hero over some period of time after they’ve been applied, such as Moira’s spray.


Insta-Lock: Instantly picking a hero on the hero selection screen

Inting: an abbreviation for “intentional feeding.” It is common in a variety of video games, but is most frequently used in League of Legends


King of the Hill: KOTH. refers to the control point maps in the game, such as Illios

Keyboard and Mouse: someone who uses a keyboard and mouse on consoles to gain an advantage over people who use controllers, this is a reportable offense on console


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