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Paladins Mouse Sensitivity Guide

What is eDPI?

eDPI is a player’s in-game sensitivity number multiplied by the DPI of their mouse. It’s the standard measurement used when discussing this topic. Two people may have the same in-game sensitivity setting, but play at actually different sensitivities because one mouse has a higher DPI than the other. Generally, the majority of mice have 800 DPI by default, though some may have 500, 1000 or some other number. If your mouse has a DPI switch, be careful that you didn’t accidentally switch it (for example, you might think you’re playing at 800 but are actually playing at 1500).

The Tradeoff

To put it very simply, perhaps to the point of oversimplifying:

Higher eDPI = Looking around and turning is much easier, at the expense of aiming.

Lower eDPI = Aiming is easier, at the expense of looking around and turning being more difficult.

Low vs. Medium vs. High eDPI’s

These categories are completely arbitrary, but hopefully are useful for putting it into perspective:

  • <2400 eDPI (800 x 3) = Very Low
  • <3600 eDPI (800 x 4.5) = Low
  • <4800 eDPI (800 x 6) = Medium
  • <6400 eDPI (800 x 8) = Highish
  • <10000 eDPI (800 x 12.5) = Very High

To put it briefly, if your goal is to aim as accurately as possible, and your eDPI has 5 digits, it’s probably way too high.

Pro Player Sensitivities – Someone posted a list of pro Paladins players sensitivities on the Paladins sub a year ago. While I expect some of these numbers for some of these players are different now, the overall spread of eDPI’s can be useful. There are anomaly, but generally 2000-5000 eDPI seems like the common distribution among pros. For every outlier in GM with 10000+ eDPI, there are dozens of players in mid-low ranks and casual saying “My sens is high but it’s working just fine for me!”.


You want a larger mousepad than your typical small office mousepad. Go as large as you can. This can restrict the player’s movements and aiming, effectively restricting what their sensitivity setting can be.

The default in-game sensitivity is way too high for most people

The default is 15. This already puts a lot of players at 12000 eDPI which is very high along the bell curve. Someone who is transitioning from console to PC might not kno

Why did Hi-Rez set the default setting so high? Maybe just in case someone someone out there has a weird 200 DPI Maybe they wanted players who aren’t used to FPS games feel comfortable when first starting the game. But this is a crutch that prevents many players from working on improving their aim.

The in-game sensitivity scale is absolute – not relative

Some players may get the impression that it’s a relative scale of 1 being low and 100 being high. Barring any weird and extreme circumstances like your mouse having a strangely low DPI, it’s best to pretend the increments between 20 and 100 don’t exist.

Hand, Arm and Wrist

The benefit of PC gaming is being able to use all 3 parts of your body to aim. Arm to make turns. Wrist for tracking. Fingers for aligning headshots.

  • If you are mostly using your fingers and barely need to move your wrists at all, your eDPI is probably too high.
  • If your wrists are working a lot, but your arm isn’t moving much at all, your eDPI is probably too high. Making the wrist do the work of both a wrist and an arm adds unnecessary strain.

Too Low Sensitivity Isn’t Good Either

Aim isn’t the only part of the game. Environmental awareness is too. If you’re playing entirely differently (i.e. not looking around much, not directionally influencing your mobility abilities much, rarely turning around to check against enemy flanks), then your sensitivity is probably too low.

That being said, if you’ve only been used to a high sensitivity, and you’re switching to a low sensitivity for the first time, it’s going to feel uncomfortable and restricting for a week or two. This is normal. Just because you’re accustomed to a higher sensitivity, doesn’t mean that you won’t like a medium or lower one.

If you’ve given it a fair amount of time and still don’t like it, then it’s just not for you.


If you play a lot of tanks, close-range champs, or champs that require very little aim, you might want a somewhat higher eDPI. However, if the champs you play are long-range, aim dependent and especially get bonus damage for headshots, try a lower eDPI. Though you may want to use a lot of different champs, so having a sensitivity that you are able to play all types of different champs at is ideal.

Sensitivity is a Subjective Topic

There is no one correct answer. A lot of it is based on personal preference, comfort and what makes the individual perform best. The sensitivity of some GM players is significantly that of other GM players. There are players who use an eDPI that’s an outlier, and it works for them, but generally there’s a common distribution of what is reasonable for most people. As long as your sensitivity is comfortable to you and not ridiculously high, it’s probably fine.

Sensitivity is only one Part of Aiming –

The perfect sensitivity that is magically going to make one’s aim better in a short period of time is non-existent. A huge part of aiming involves predicting enemies movements instinctively based on experience. This doesn’t come out of nowhere or go away just because the sensitivity is changed.

Converting Sensitivities Between Games

For those coming to Paladins from other games, this website can be used to calculate what in-game sensitivity would be similar to.


Your sensitivity might be way too high. If you find that your aim is imprecise, assuming, you have a 800 DPI mouse, set your in-game sensitivity to 6 (instead of 15). Try it out for 2 weeks, even if its initially uncomfortable, and then adjust it higher or lower as needed.

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