pathfinder wallpaper 2019

How To Play As Pathfinder

pathfinder wallpaper 2019

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Pathfinder is a very useful character to have in your squad. He does not have much in terms of abilities to keep his team alive in pressured situations but he is very good at keeping your whole team on pace, and out of danger. He can also help you get positional advantage against enemies.



His Insider Knowledge allows him to access the Champions event system data from the sparsely placed recon beacons atop select towers, or high elevation rooftops. This will allow your squad to know the position of the next ring. This is true for all pathfinder squads who access it too, so there is an element of caution with proceeding there. I would risk it and go to the newly discovered ring, and if it is small enough go to the center and judge the defendability of the area. If there are enemies there, try to take them out and defend the area. My reasoning to this is if you can’t take out the enemies their now how are you going to take them out when the ring is smaller and there are more teams in a smaller proximity. Take your chances when you got them, because you will likely have to fight them in the end game anyways.



The grappling hook is the most difficult tactical ability to master of the currently available legends. This is because you can do so much with it. Most people can only comprehend its capability to zip from point A to point B in a direct path. What you need to start practicing is going from point A to point C by using point B as a swinging point. Just make sure you are moving at an angle away from where you shot your grappling hook. Depending on the angle, the momentum, and if it’s a higher or lower spot, the power of this slingshot ability will change. You would be surprised by the mobility you can achieve with this. You will be able to go anywhere just about and much quicker. If you can get good with it, practice swinging yourself behind enemies for surprise flank moves. You can try to slingshot yourself into distant open doors, or kick open distant closed doors (If you can do this please clip it and send it to me). You can sling yourself into supply ships, over walls, long-distance melee knockdowns, pretty much endless possibilities. You can also use the grappling hook to drag enemies closer to you, this will be best used when an enemy is out in the open and you want to drag him indoors away from his squads watching eyes. (If you can pull of the Scorpion “get over here” yank and uppercut finisher please clip it and send it to me so I can feature it).


Ultimate Ability

This is an outstanding mobility ability your whole squad can use and enjoy. You can create zip lines, and surprisingly long ones. If you want to use pathfinder you need to play with this ability figure out all possible ranges, where is accessible, find and remember them all high or low (If you can please send me video or screenshots of accessible areas so I can include them in a future guide). This ability will also help you traverse over dangerous named locations, or high traffic choke points in order to assure your squads participation in endgame. High ground in this game gives you advantage in firefights so make sure you scout your surroundings for ways to gain this advantage with your squad using this ability. As Pathfinder your main goal is to find rings and gain height advantage. Do not hesitate to use or save your zip lines, use them as much as possible.


You can use your zip lines as fishing line, if you gain height advantage you can drop a line down to the bottom at a reasonable angle to see if any enemies attempt to take it. You would be surprised how many people will take the bait. Make sure you take care of them quickly before they jump off.

As Pathfinder you should be using a sniper rifle with a long range scope and an LMG to provide suppressive fire.

Use your grappling hook to drag people into Gibraltars shield dome so you can drop them quickly.

Drag your enemies over the edge of the map, or when they are taking the zip line at the docks you can just grab them.

When care packages drop throw a zip line directly to it, grab it and come back. When the ring gets smaller and smaller you could have a load of zip lines sprawling in multiple directions. This will confuse the enemy squads, as it will be difficult to know which one you might take at any time or if you are even in the place they think you are. With a bunch of zip lines you could be anywhere.

You should know that doors can destroy a zipline, so if you were to shoot your zipline into an open door, your team can use it and then you can cover your tracks by destroying it.

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Updated 2/26/2019 (1926 JST) – An advanced entry was added.

I will do a more advanced guide about his abilities later. Keep checking back.

In the words of Johnny 5 ‘Short Circuit’:

Hey Laserlips. Your mama was a snowblower.

However you wish to use Pathfinder is up to you, he is easy to use but difficult to master. I am interested in how he may change as a character over time. Or maybe she won’t.

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