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28 Tips For Rainbow 6 Newbies

Hello new players. I’m not here to tell you how to play but here are some tips and tricks. If I’ve forgotten anything please say and I will add to this list. This list is in NO particular order, I consider these all equally important.

1. This isn’t call of duty, you don’t need to rush an objective, tactics are what will win you rounds and games.

2. You don’t need to spot on every camera you use. Especially Valkyrie’s cameras.

3. A good starting operator for defense is Rook. All you do is place armor (at the start of the round) and your job is done.

4. Sledge is also a very easy to use Attack operator. Though his sledge hammer’s range isnt big he can easily open up nonreinforced walls and castle windows that are jammed. He can also open up floors above objectives.

5. Don’t reinforce between bomb sites, or barricade / castle barricade door ways. People will frequently jump between the two.

6. You don’t need to peek every Attacker coming your way. Their job it to come to you. You can stay put.

7. Drones are your lifeline use them wisely. If you don’t feel safe entering a room or know a defender is in there but you don’t know where. Use your drone.

8. When droning in preparation phase. You don’t have to find the objective, put your drone in a room you know that you will be going to and then you can have 2 drones.

9. Don’t spot on people’s drones if they are trying to hide them.

10. Information is key if you know where an attacker is tell your team, all rooms are named for you down by the compass.

11. Custom matches are a great way to learn callouts / maps. Terrorist hunt is also good for practicing aiming and peeking.

12. Breaching charges can also be used for distracting the enemy or making them move from their location to another place.

13. Use Twitch’s drone to take out gadgets. E.g. Kapkan’s traps, Mute’s jammers and Bandit’s battery’s.

14. Pinging is so important. You can ping to signify a lot of things. Where to 15. breach, enemy locations ect. “Even when you’re not communicating, communicate.”

15. When you’re dead that doesn’t mean you’re useless. Kills are not everything. You can still use cameras to give key information to the last defenders. Or use drones when you’re attacking. Sometimes people don’t spot enemies on their screen when they’re playing.

16. The silencer isnt as useful as it seems, being that this is a tactical game. It reduces damage and most players will choose to not have one.

17. MVP at the end of the game means nothing.

18. When playing Bandit, if someone has placed a Jammer in front of a reinforced wall, and you place your battery, you will destroy that gadget. You should find another wall.

19. When playing Jäger don’t put all of your ADS in one place. They will be more useful spread out where they can get grenades / smokes ect coming from other windows not directly in the objective room.

20. If you have more players than the enemy team this doesn’t mean victory, a good player can 1v4 1v5 ect. If there is only one attacker alive treat it like there is a full team. Don’t rush him.

21. If someone is making a hole in the wall, then DON’T reinforce over it. He’s probably making murder holes (holes you can shoot the enemy through).

22. “While the game is all about blowing through walls, don’t forget that floors/ceilings can also sometimes be destroyed. If the enemy team is on the first floor, try going to the second floor and opening a hole in the ceiling for another angle of attack.”

23. If a castle blocks you out of where you need to go you CAN tear down his doors. If a teammate rips one down he will get it back. All he has to do it go and put it back. Just remember to tell him that you broke it down.

24. DON’T place Kapkan’s traps on Castle’s doors, or vice versa. Also don’t place Kapkan’s traps on doors that have Frost’s traps, and vice versa.

25. Most people will not use laser beams on their guns. If you decide you want to remember that they render for enemies and teammates so they can give your position.

26. Don’t reinforce hatches in the objective room, if opened up they can make good escape routes for when you’re pinned down. Instead reinforce hatches above the objective room.

27. Camping is OKAY in this game. It’s not shamed down upon unlike other First person shooters. So camp away.

28. When using a normal camera, it will emit a bright red light, which can make it easier for other players to see. Valkyrie’s cameras all emit a light but it’s blue and harder to see.

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