Ruckus Guide – Tips, Items and Loadout

How to play as Ruckus


Ruckus is the best long ranged tank in the game. With his ability to shoot at long range he is able to damage enemies at a long distance while assisting team damagers and flankers by giving a boost to them in the form of an armor or rather, a shield and when they have Cauterize maxed at level three. It also eliminates other champions that flee from the point to which they meet their demise when trying to escape by Ruckus’s attacks. He is also able to get to high grounds and increase mobility with Aerial Assault and escape Drogoz’s Dragon Punch.


ruckus abilities
Activate Emitter at enemy backlines, a Viktor lies behind these walls
So when do you use Emitters? Well it depends on various circumstances, obviously when you are pushing the point or an enemy Drogoz is on your tail you would switch that on just to be safe from their damages but when there’s no enemy around you shouldn’t use it as it kinda takes a while to cool it down(depending on which deck you go for) and you don’t want to get caught off guard by an enemy Drogoz with shield down. It is also very useful when you are launching an Ultimate against the enemy which would usually make you so open that you’ll easily be defeated by enemy champions that are not visible to your vision so the shield really helps until you meet your own demise.

Repulsor Field

Best used when your allies are close by and when capturing the objective. It really helps them as it reduces the damage given by an enemy and acts like a temporary Blast Shield and Haven. It can also help ally detect invincible champions like Seris or Skye.


ruckus advance tips
Jumping Over Walls

As mentioned earlier, with the right legendary you are able to dodge Drogoz’s ultimate the Dragon Punch and gain high ground especially on maps such as Serpent Beach and Jaguar Falls. It can also be used to escape a heated crossfire with the enemy quickly and evade incoming enemy fire. Also very useful to chase down enemies on the backline and surprise them with an outstanding burst of gatling guns.

Hexa Fire Ultimate

hexa fire paladins
Went behind enemy backlines as I went behind the houses at Fish Market waiting them out. Viktor had no chance to face this surprise.
I think its one of the most difficult Ultimate to pull of in the game. Hear me out, enemy can easily negate your Ultimate when they have shields on such as Makoa’s Shell Shield and Fernando’s Shield which reduces it to a very low damage or rather, negate most of the damage. Timing is very crucial and you need to know when they have used those shielding technique before you can start using it. Also, you basically need to be in a place where you are hidden from enemy sight as this might expose you to enemy fire very hard due your machinery is planted at one spot and cannot move. They are also able to run away from it behind walls rendering the Ultimate useless.

Loadout and Legendary Card

ruckus aerial assault
paladins ruckus loadout

This is basically the build I use for Ruckus that includes the best decks. Normally I’d opt for the Aerial Assault legendary card but if there isn’t a Drogoz and I’m at Frog Isle specifically I would choose Flux Generator card. The first set of cards are more optimized towards protecting your allies and for objective control while the other runs at a much more aggressive strategy holding off enemy backlines or just defending the payload.

ruckus paladins deck

Item Build

item build for ruckus
My Build
A general rule of the thumb according to Bitey is to either start off with Chronos at level one or two and then move on to different items and depending on what the game is throwing at you. For me personally I go for Cauterize at level 3 first, Master Riding, one of the defense items and then Life Rip. However if I was using an item build based on Bitey’s statement I would go for Chronos at level two, Life Rip at level two, max Cauterize and then go for one of the defense items. Defense items vary from time to time and I’d always get Resilience to level three when facing a Bomb King first and prioritizing that over any item.
items in paladins
Bitey’s Build or how I see it to be


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