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Sha Lin Paladins Tips

sha lin skills
Sha Lin looks awesome

I think personally Sha Lin was and still is one of the hardest character I need to work with due to its accurate but slow arrows and movement. It takes about 1.5 seconds to pull the arrow to its fullest and release it. He doesn’t reload so that’s a big plus sign but the time it takes from the bow to travel towards an enemy takes about a second to hit from long distance which makes it difficult to hit enemies from a long range that are moving. Of course, the closer you are the faster the arrow travels but it gives you the risks of other Champions that would eliminate you on the spot or give you difficulty if you are up against Barik and other tanks.

Shooting Arrows at this Spot at Frog Isle even when there’s no enemy coming because you know they would cross it eventually
I think the trick is to pre-aim where your opponents are going to be, for example if they are moving to the right you don’t aim directly at them but at the spot they are going to or at least where you think they might go. Now this is a little difficult to master I guess practice makes it perfect. However, it’s easier at close range as where your crosshair is where the arrow would land.
Pre-Aiming where Drogoz would fly to and hit him
Sha Lin is a pretty good counter for the flanks especially in close ranged maps such as Frog Isle, Serpeant Beach and adsf. When someone backstabs(flanking) you from the back you just need to use Withdraw skill and then top it up with a Impaler Arrow to stun the enemy(or not) and finish him off with Planted. If you don’t stun them then just use Planted which is very bad at long distance but very good when encountering enemies at close range. Another way to make Withdraw useful is to travel quicker and get closer to the enemy by looking at the opposite direction and use Withdraw as it makes Sha Lin leap backwards and disappear from enemy view for about 2 seconds. Planted is a double-edged skill which reveals you to the enemy while being unable to move while shooting arrows from the bow which deals roughly 700 damages per hit. I’d usually use this when dealing with Enemy shields from Makoa, Barik and Fernando. Usually from a close range like the windows at Timber Mill close to the objective area or somewhere elevated. I’d do it on the ground as well if I feel there isn’t anymore enemy around or I’m the first person there and deal a few damage.
planted skill paladins
After stunning enemy with Impaler Arrow and directly using Planted
Sha Lin’s ultimate allow you to be invincible while shooting arrows at a faster rate. Very useful as they cannot see where you are unless you come close with the enemy. I use it at close distances especially when capturing the objective or when pushing the payload.
sha lin ultimate
Going invincible whilst in Heat Haze mode, every time I shoot an arrow a mirage comes up and if I go too close it reveals my presence


Sha Lin Loadouts

paladins loadout
My Build

This loadout gives me a good amount of speed, defense and offensive damage whilst using Planted. I’m pretty happpy with this one but I do would like hear for more suggestions. Speed is one of the most important factors for Sha Lin as he moves very slowly without Wanderlust. I’m quite happy with Recurve as my legendary card as it helps me draw out my bow quicker than before.

Sha Lin’s deck of cards

sha lin legend cards
Sha Lin’s Legendary Cards


Sha Lin Item Build(In that Order)

Level Wrecker first, then Haven, then move on to Life Rip. It’s all circumstantial really, if I have a hard time with a Damager or a Flanker I’d get Haven/Blast Shield to Level 2 first then the rest follow up.

Level II

I’d usually go for wrecker instead of Cauterize since Sha Lin takes a little time to shoot arrows and breaks shields very easily at level 2 when spamming Planted.

Level II

I’d normally get Haven but would change to blast shields if I’m up against enemies with splash damages like Drogoz, Bomb King or Pip in matches that have 3/2 of the enemies with Splash Damages. Though I have to say I am tempted use Blast Shields only to counter Eevie1 as well.

Level II

Sha Lin deals 1000 damage per hit so it is indeed a wise decision to use Life Rip.

Level I
I think Chronos would be a good pick as well though it’s optional to use this because my load out reduces 40% of cooldown every time I elimnate an enemy so I don’t think I really need it but I do use it from time to time when I feel I need more fire power or in need of Ultimate.

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