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How To Play As Skye

Skye Tips

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Dubbed the worst character in the game, Skye has been lackluster for awhile now especially when professional players talk about her in tier lists in relative to the Competitive scene .
However in Casuals, she can be very useful with her abilities to go close up to backline damagers such as Kinessa or Sha Lin and unleash wrath upon them. With her recent buff, she is anything but weak.

Skye is a newbie friendly Champion, it is very easy to use her. Firstly, use Hidden when going across the maps. Secondly, engage the enemy by using her combo is use Left Click attack and then finish the enemy off with a Poison Bolt. When attacking, remember to go from behind the enemy as it throws their position off and have a slower time to react.
Use Smoke Screen when engaging with multiple enemies, either throw on them or yourself to remain hidden from their view although they might still be able to hit you if they spam their attacks on the spot.

Timebomb is usually used when there’s a crowd on payload or on point. This is easily avoidable by tanks such as Ash, Makoa and Nando if there’s no teammates around to fire and distract them so be very wary of the situation and your surroundings. A good idea is after planting it, try to deal as many damage as you can to the surrounding enemies.

The Pros

Easy to beat and mark Kinessa, have the ability to go invincible and escape combat with ease. Her eliminations provide 100% reduced cooldown of Hidden. Able to go at the enemy backlines and surprise enemies limiting their chances of survival.

The Cons

Although Skye her invinsiblity kit, she is very vulnerable to certain classes even a good Kinessa. This is because damagers such as Bomb King, Sha Lin can quickly disappear from her range of fire and finish her from there or Tyra can detect her with Hunter’s mark with spamming the button multiple of times Enemies such as Drogoz are difficult to hit and damage as her damage are reduced when he flies higher.


Preparation Build

skye legendary loadout
skye paladins card
The combination of these legendary card and normal cards allow Skye to utilize her deck at its fullest potential. With this build, she is able to go Hidden after an elimination right away disappearing from enemy sight. It also allows her to move quicker during Hidden and for longer periods of time. It would also enable her to self-heal when throwing a Smoke Screen and would be really quick after an elimination.


paladins item build 2017
This item maximizes Skye’s mobility and offensive abilities. The setup I would go for is go for Cauterize first, then Nimble, then a Haven or Blast shield item depending on what champions your fighting. Cauterize is selected first as to negate any self-healing abilities for other Flankers/Damagers while Nimble is to quickly boost her walking speed which lines well with her loadout that I have selected. The reason defense items are selected last is she doesn’t really get hit often unless you are in a crowded area or if the enemy has illuminate.

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