How To Play As Symmetra

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Symmetra 3.0 is likely to hit live servers this week as it’s the the third week of the PTR, and there’s maintenance scheduled for Tuesday. Here are some notes I’ve jotted down from watching multiple videos and streams, playing on the PTR, and regularly engaging with forum posts. I’m NOT going to get into ideas and tweaks for the current Symmetra but instead focus on her current version on the PTR.


She excels in deathball comps, especially in allowing them to access new areas. Her new Teleporter opens up a world of mobility and team synergy. Her new secondary fire makes it so that faraway Symmetra is fantastic, along with her throwable turrets. A Symmetra from far away is a menace, and will have enough time to escape with Teleporter if you close in on her.


Without any sustain or panic mobility, Symmetra suggles to stay alive in 1v1 matches. Our high heeled architech demands tanks and supports stay closeby so she can stay alive in close quarter combat. And even then, she’s pretty meh.

Tips & Tricks from YouTubers/Streamers:

This is not a completely comprehensive list but just overall tricks watching higher level players play Symmetra.

Overall, most of the below agree that her primary fire is pretty weak. It has a 10m range, the weird ticks make it pretty bad against armor, and does require healing. Her secondary fire orbs are much more reliable, especially with the faster speed. You should only really charge up her beam if you’re going against a shield to reliably get up to full charge – and even then it’s a bit risky as she’s still pretty squishy.

Many agree that new Symmetra excels with a coordinated team – if you’re using her Teleporter to get to high ground, shield dancing with her Photon Barrier Ultimate, and attacking enemies slowed down by her turrets, it’s fantastic. If you’re NOT using her Teleporter, Photon Barrier, or following up with her turrets, she can be pretty dead weight on the team.

Teleporter is NOT a panic mobility ability like Moira’s Fade / Reaper’s Wraith / Tracer Recall / etc. – it takes some time to position and deploy, albeit it’s not super slow it’s not crazy fast either. Thus you should have it deployed as much as possible to provide escape and repositioning abilities. Keep in mind that Teleporter currently is still a bit buggy – near railings, it can break.

While the number of turrets has gone down, they’re still pretty darn good since they’ve been strengthened. Regular turret rules apply – try to launch them at archways, inside doors, and around corners so they’re not so easy to destroy. A

ttack Symmetra can launch them at the Defending spawn to spawn camp, and make exiting more difficult. Since they can be tossed from a distance, they are actually really good at being sentries now – toss one at flanking routes to alert you to enemy flankers. Photon Barrier is a bit underwhelming – but since it charges fast, you can have it in most team fights. This time you really need to be strategic with her Ult – and manage your opponents’ ult economy and usage. Symmetra is basically always doing something nowadays.

You should almost always be spamming orbs, have turrets set up, and Teleporter ready to set up. Using Teleporter to get back to the point faster sounds nice in theory but honestly, just walk back and then use Teleporter to reposition yourself to high ground. The distance is negligible, but it can be handy to get teammates back to point if you have a clear view of the spawn room.

YellowNinja who has done a series of videos of Symmetra gameplay on the PTR. On Defense, he sets up Teleporter to get to high ground. He always ensures he has Teleporter placed to provide a fast escape route – and positioning it so that it’s not out in the open but still useful for the team. . He likes to state ‘Live in Landscape” when using Symmetra’s Ultimate – usually because the ‘horizontal’ placement of the wall can sometimes be a bit more reliable then the ‘straight on’ perspective. Cutting the point diagonally is sometimes more reliable then just a straight perspective as well.

FitzyHere is a Sombra Main, BUT had lots of great plays with Symmetra. Disclaimer: Fitzy is known for his flanking playstyle, akin to Sombra. Even when he plays other heroes, he’s rarely with his team lmao. He’s an excellent flanker and shows how flanking can be done with new Symmetra.

He played Symmetra like Sombra – essentially using Teleporter as a ‘free’ Translocator, Using Teleporter as a flanking tool allows him and other flankers to get behind enemy lines, and quickly get out the moment things get rough. Some of his best plays is putting down Photon Barrier, and then putting Teleporters on both sides of the map – thus ensuring he has a safe zone to teleport to and from. He’s constantly shifting and if you like an aggressive playstyle, consider watching his past Symmetra recordings.

AndyGMB_ (/u/andygmb) shows the synergy of Symmetra with other characters – his past videos (and highlights on the Overwatch sub) show Symmetra allowing:

Bastion to get to high ground,

 Letting Torbjorn’s Molten Core turret go crazy,


Letting Reinhardt flank,

and more. It’s strongly suggested to find another hero to combo with, and practice using Teleporter to surprise enemies. If you can pull off a Teleporter + Ultimate combo, it’s awesome! .

Stevoo in particular throws all his turrets onto the ground, and then places Teleporter so that the Teleporter places them all behind the enemy – thus creating an ambush Teleporter. He also uses Teleporter to throw turrets closer to the enemy faster. I know Stevoo has a negative reputation, but if you’re interested in learning the new Symmetra, he’s one of the few streamers who have a lot of hours with the new rework.

Playing AGAINST Symmetra:

If you hear her Teleporter being deployed, do an immediate 180 – then 360 if you must. If you let the Teleporter just… set up, it gives the enemy team opportunity to reposition. Try to destroy it immediately if most of the enemy team is alive – although if you have the numbers advantage, you can ignore Teleporter and just focus on the enemy teammates. It’s up to you but don’t get TOO obsessed with destroying Teleporters (even if you need that achievement) – another pair will be created shortly so don’t overextend and spend too much time away from the team fight focusing down Teleporters.

Widowmaker can make using Teleporter to high ground dangerous. With an open eye over the field, Widow can keep an eye out and shotcall as necessary – she doesn’t even have to kill Teleporter sometimes – if Widow is confident, she can snipe people as they exit Teleporter, punishing them.

Symmetra still really doesn’t have range except with secondary fire. Pharah and Junkrat still severely counter her as with distance, you can dodge her orbs but still do a ton of damage – while the splash damage can knock out her turrets. Moira has more range and can counter Symmetra. Close range heroes like Reaper and Mei can 1v1 her if she’s using her primary fire. Ultimately, if you see a Symmetra using a primary fire, and it’s not charged up, it’s not too hard to take her out. She’s still a very squishy character now – especially if you catch her alone.

Her primary fire is excellent against tanks, but most tanks can still take her out. Reinhardt should either let his teammates shoot at her through his shield since she has to be up close and personal to take him out – or just drop the hammer and knock her out immediately. D.Va can zoom out and Micro Missile from afar, Orisa can shoot from a distance, Roadhog can still Hook + Shoot combo her. Winston without mobility (i.e. Jump Pack on cooldown) and Zarya without support may struggle with her. It’s been noted on a few PTR threads that Symmetra is a shield breaker but that doesn’t equate to being a tank buster like Reaper is.

As Symmetra herself, if you place turrets around archways and chokepoints, you can stop enemy turrets from floating through. Use enemy Teleporter as free primary fire charge (it’s a stationary object, just point and shoot) or use her Ultimate wall to get charge, and walk forward (as Hoshizora mentioned in one of his videos). The splash damage on her orbs is enough to kill her turrets – if you get zapped by a turret, back off immediately, and reposition yourself in a way to get out of turret range, and then get rid of the turrets yourself with secondary fire (splash damage is fine) so your teammates can get through safely.


  • Since Symmetra will be super popular: PC players, put a piece of tape on her so you can instalock her for Quickplay. Console players… good luck.
  • It goes without saying but don’t go into Comp with her until you feel VERY confident with her – especially if you have a regular friend to play with so you guys can practice together.
  • I would suggest playing Zarya to get a better feel for her primary fire, but since her primary fire is usually useless outside of intimidating Reinhardt to put down his shield, it’s not THAT essential. At most, I strongly encourage you to find friends you can coordinate with to practice with, as teamplay is really what makes new Symmetra shine.

Time will only tell if this Symmetra rework is successful – once the shiny coat of ‘new’ rework is gone, and people figure out how to counterplay her, then we’ll see in a few months if Blizzard was successful. As for you guys, what do you guys think are tips for the new Symmera?

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