terminus paladins

How To Play As Terminus

terminus paladins

Art By: Holy Varus

1. Abilities

This part is only interesting if you are new to Terminus, feel free to skip it

Massacre axe (LMB): pretty traight forward, note that it has more range than you would think first
Calamity blast (RMB): this ability is underused, especially by newer players. It has only 2 seconds CD, spam it!
A quick note that Terminus shoots the blast from his left hand, not the center of the screen, so if you are near a corner, you might shoot a wall.
Power siphon (Q): This is his most powerful ability, negating almost anything regardless of damage, can be toggled on and off – typical mistake is to hold up for too long, or brought up too early, wasting the precious shield time.
Shatterfall (F): Terminus is one of the 2 front line champions (other one is Ruckus) that have vertical mobility. If you look upwards when pressing F, you can jump on elevated positions, possibly surprising the enemies who think they are safe on the high ground.
Reanimate (E): don’t waste it! If you die and have it ready, that doesn’t mean you have to use it. It does a ****ton of damage if enemies are nearby.
And beware if an Androxus is nearby, he can reversal your ult to yourself instantly killing you.

2. Items

This part is also mostly helpful to new players, if you are familiar with the items and have a brain, you won’t find here much new information.


Don’t buy illuminate! StaLin and Strix will be far away from you 99% of the time, and Skye won’t focus you either.
Blast shields / Haven is very good in a damage reduction build
Resilience is a valid choice against a CC heavy team as well.


Each item in this category is a solid choice except Chronos. It doesn’t work on power siphon, which is your best ability.
Nimble is great on a flanking build, morale boost is best on a zoning/point tank build, and master riding is almost a must have on large maps like ice mines.


Simple, if you have a healer, rejuvenate
if not, veteran. (although I don’t recommend playing Terminus without a healer)


Deft hands is out of question.
The slow attack speed makes Terminus a sub-optimal choice for cauterize spreading.
For Wrecker, you will be inside/behind the enemy shields, so it is not really effective unless you are fighting against Torvald. Still I’d leave wrecker to the damage class even in that case.
Bulldozer is very good on him when fighting Inara or Grohk (and barik to a lesser extent) because you hit the champion and the totem at the same time. The items in the other categories are more important though.

3. Playstyles

Terminus can be played very differently depending on the loadout. I divided his playstyles in 3 categories:

Point tank (damage reduction build)

This focuses on contesting the objective and zoning away the enemies. Stack up damage reduction from talent, loadout cards and items and get increased healing.
Best used in a coordinated team, where everyone plays around the objective, and the healers are actually healing – otherwise you can have any amount of damage reduction, you will die eventually.

Talent: Undying

Items: Blast shield/Haven, Master riding to get to the obj. faster, morale boost so stay on the obj. longer and zone away enemies, rejuvenate.

Loadout cards:

Strength of stone is the core element. It gives 20% damage reductionif you have 4 calamity charges. Another 20% from the talent (below 40% HP) and 21% from Haven adds up to 47% damage reduction – almost 2x effective HP! (you can read more about diminishing returns here:


Unfeeling can further increase your damage reduction after using Shatterfall. For example if you use it at rank3, and all the other cards/items I mentioned before, you gain a total 56% for 3s. Shaterfall has a rather long CD, so I personally don’t use this one.
We can rebuild him increases healing while under 50% HP, so you can take a lot of punishment.

Hulking monstrosity is a very good card, it gives up to 750HP, while Terminus only has 4000 by default.That is a 18% increase at max rank! And it also increases the 50% and 40% HP thresholds.
Necromantic might reduces the damage to generate a charge – this helps to reach the damage reduction from strength of stone quicker.

Playing God heals you when the enemies shoot your shield – it is worth having even at low rank, shielding ults heals a nice amount of HP.

Forsaken is buffed in OB68, and the cost of Resilience increased, so it is good against CC heavy teams – I suggest to make a loadout with and another one without it, so you can adapt to the enemies.


This build turns you into an Inara 2.0. You contest the point, and absorb the high damaging stuff with your power siphon protecting your team.
Note that you need to restrict yourself from using calamity blast, because if you shoot the charges, you lose your damage reduction.

Mid range (calamity blast build)

This build is focused on extending your effective range, and add some sustain.
In casual games ther are often single front line teams, where you take more damage, and the enemies are more mobile, so you need the extra range and sustain.
Talent: Decimation
Items: nothing special other than I wrote in the items section

Loadout cards:

Necromantic might is a key element, you need as much charges as possible.
Devastation is super good in this build. If you max it, a full 5 charge hit heals you for 1250 (and also deals 1750 damage). Loses effectiveness when the enemies buy cauterize though.
It watches can be a good addition to fill space with rank1. The 1s reveal can give you the edge in a 1v1 fight.
Other good cards to have (already wrote about them in the previous section):
Hulking monstrosity
We can rebuild him
Playing God


You need to take cover more often than the damage reduction build. Make sure to absorb high damaging shots/abilities – snipers are your friends! Shield a shot from them, then tank a shot to the face, so they get greedy. Shield their next shot as well, and then fire back.

Brainless scrub (axe in your face build)

This one is the elast effective and sadly the most popular build, but I have to admit, it is quite fun to mess around. Just don’t expect to get a lot of kills against good players.

Talent: Either seething rage, or crush. In my opinion crush is overrated – you can hit 1 swing with your axe before they wake up from the stun, while you have enough time for 3 swings with the rage before the slow expires.

Items: I rush Nimble III when playing like this, so nobody can outrun me (except Lex). The other items don’t matter.

Loadout cards:

Wrecking ball increases the distance of Shatterfall. This opens up more flanking routes, and helps to close the distance on enemies.

Powerslave reduces the self slow of power siphon – this way you can close the distance to enemies while shielded.

It waits is good when maxed (reduce the CD of shatterfall when using power siphon), but in my opinion it takes too much points away. At may level if you always deplete your shield it decreases the Shatterfall CD by 6-7 seconds.

Blood and stone pairs well with crush, because the stunned enemies don’t cauterize you, so you can get the maximum benefit of the life steal.

Other good cards to have (already wrote about them in the previous section):

Hulking monstrosity

Playing God



Basically you are a flank. As soon as you have the opportunity, jump on the enemies (literally) and finish them off. You are weaker than the other 2 builds, so going straight in 1v5 is a bad idea.

If Shatterfall is on CD, and you are getting shot from afar, there isn’t much you can do, so take cover or shield yourself – this is the main weakness of this playstyle.

4. Summary

I didn’t wrote my own loadouts with the exact cards and values on purpose, just gave a general direction on what will, and what may not work. You as a player evolve as understanding the game and taylor the loadouts to your preference.
Looks like you’ve read all my stuff, thanks for your attention!

I hope I could help (especially if you only knew about the 3rd playstyle ) even though I only started playing Terminus after OB68.

When I gather more experience or they change something, I will update this guide.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to post them, I subscribed to this thread so I will answer asap.

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