Adapting To Changes In Fortnite

So, as we all know, there are huge changes to the game every couple of weeks, the beginning of Season 7 was nothing like the end of it. Their are new weapons, items, vehicles, and map changes all the time, and their are gameplay changes that affect everyone’s gameplay. So here are a few tips for adapting to the game.

  • Always expect that everything can be removed or changed. I think the reason so many people are upset with the 7.40 changes being removed, and stretched resolution being banned from arena and tournaments, is because they didn’t expect it to change. Always assuming that nothing is safe from the vault will make it less disappointing and annoying if it does get removed or massively changed.
  • When you first see patch notes and look at the biggest changes (like 8.20 removing 7.40 changes), don’t complain straight away. Test it. Test the weapon in Creative, and spend a day or 2 playing the game. Then make your decision. When you play more, you will adapt more to the changes.
  • Practise new items in Team Rumble. Team Rumble does not have the best players in the world, making them a great target for practising new guns and items. For example, the first time i used the new bow, it was in squads and i didn’t like using it. Until i used it in Team Rumble, and got better with it.
  • Don’t make your judgement of an update based on a streamer, pro player or content creator. No matter how big they are, or how good they are, they are still just a small group players. Making your judgement because he said this and she said that is silly. You have your own opinion, and your own voice.

​Hope you enjoyed my guide! I think i am going to stop unless you want me to make video tips of specific things. Let me know 🙂

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