How To Complete Challenges On Fortnite

This guide will not be about how to do every challenge out right now, but it will give tips on how to do those challenges quickly. It will give a couple of tips for set of challenges.

  1. Land at _____ and Go to ____ and ___ in one game challenges
  • You don’t need to land at the location at the beginning of the game. If you land after using a rift, a launch pad, gliders, etc, it will count.
  • Use fast vehicles, like the baller, to get to each location fast.
  1. Stage challenges:
  • You can’t do 2 stages in the same game. For example, stage 1 is land at the block, and stage 2 is land at loot lake, even if you complete stage 1, stage 2 will still be locked until you finish the game.
  1. Elimination challenges
  • Team Rumble will be the best for these challenges. Keep in mind that if it says “do 500 damage in on life” one life in Team Rumble ends when you die.
  1. Eliminations in ____ challenges
  • Don’t do these challenges in Team Rumble. It would be good luck if the circle goes to that location, but because its random, doing it in any other gamemode will be better.
  1. Go to _____ challenges
  • If you don’t know where to go, use the challenges cheat sheet guides that come out from squatingdog the day before the challenges come out


Every odd numbered week (week 1,3,5,7,9) will give you a battle star from the loading screen (instant tier), while every even numbered week (2,4,6,8,10) gives out a banner from the loading screen.

If you complete every single challenge, including the loading screen challenges, you will get 55 tiers for your battle pass.
Thank you for coming to this guide. Tomorrow will be about adapting to game changes

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