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Originally Written by : Doc Zilarra
Edited by : Kolby
There is not that much to Torvald nowadays. He has a low skill floor and skill ceiling so there is not too much, but there is still a bit of things that are not exactly ‘easy’ about him. Well they are… But uh… I’ll just start now.

Torvald is not a main tank, by that I mean that he can not solo tank, or he can’t solo tank very well. He has 3300 health, and 1800 shield, which in total is 5,100. Which if Wrecker was not such a powerful item, he may have a better chance of being able to solo tank. But it exists, so that 1,800 shield most times will only survive a single hit from a lot of the damages.

He also lacks any sort of movement ability so he is very much dead in the water unless he has support from team mates, or his enemies are absolutely oblivious.

His Protection and Nullify though do make up for his shortcomings.

His Primary fire, shoots out small projectiles every 0.25 a second that deal 180 damage a shot, for 720 damage a second, it also has damage fall off. Which, while it can be used at range, the poke damage it does is really not that great. There is not much to it really… Just point and click, the projectiles are fast so not too much compensation is required in aiming unless your aiming at longer ranges.


Negates The Use Of Enemy Attack


His Nullify is pretty much a counter to everything that does not have CC immunity. It royally screws over flanks so much. Literally, every flank is dead in the water when silenced by Torvald. Maeve can use Nine Lives Though to get out of it, and it is affected by Resilience. So late game its not as much use, but it still can be used to cancel channeled ability’s or to just throw enemy timings off. It lasts for 2.5 seconds, which is more then enough time for any damage/flank/support to be focused down. Its also worth noting that if the person originally targeted by the ability dies before the ability ends, it will then lock onto another enemy for the rest of the duration if there is another enemy in range. It will also reduce your movement speed when you use it, which is not too much of an issue considering.


Protection grants additional Armor towards allies and depending on talent used, increases their damage or prolong its duration


His protection, while is pretty simple, can change any duel in your team mates favor. You will want to use it on your allies that are either just about to round a corner into enemy fire, or onto a damage/flank that has just started a duel, your support when they get flanked, and your team mates when they are trying to retreat. If you also are able to get some really good shields on your team mates when they are dueling, it will start to force the enemy to get wrecker to have any hope of winning the duel, which means they can’t get cauterize because of that.


Recharge helps when low on HP


His Recharge regenerates 2150 shield over the course of 1 second. Which…. There really is not much to say here. Just use it when you are missing your shield. It’s cooldown is quite long though, So you do have to be aware of that.


Maeve Got Rekt Yo!


His Ult, Hyper Beam, is really good early game, but not so much late game. It will just add a massive knock-back to enemies, which can be used to knock enemies off. It does 50 damage every 0.1 of a second as well. Which is 500 damage a second. It is really good to use early game, as people won’t have much Resilience, or any at all. But later game, if you have been using it, people will most likely have max Resilience, which will make it do nothing almost in terms of knock back. Most times though, 1 or 2 enemies will not buy it. Because of that, make sure you are aware of who has what items, and focus the people who don’t have Resilience with your ult. If your actively dealing damage, getting eliminations etc, you will charge it fairly quickly as well. So don’t exactly hold back too much.


Generally the only Talents really useful are the two that buff his Protection. Field Study, and Thanks, Grandpa. The single loadout can also be used for both of the Talents as well, which just makes it even simpler.
When you have team mates that deal extremely large amounts of damage very quickly, aka high burst damage, then Field Study. When you have enemies that don’t have too high burst damage, and you don’t have any too high burst damage, then Thanks, Grandpa.


The ‘main’ cards Torvald has that you need to use with this Talent is just Timeshaper. The rest can mostly be up to personal preferance, but I have two loadouts that I think are pretty much the best you can get.

The first is…
torvald paladins loadout

And the second…

torvald cards


The reason for these two loadouts is that one of them is for when your teammates would be thrown off with their aiming if you gave them the bubble. For example, Andro’s generally don’t want a speed boost in duels as it will make them miss more.
When you play Torvald, you either want to play point, or to follow your flanks.
If your playing on point, you need to be aware that you are going to be melted quickly if your not careful. Torvald is slow and can’t escape easy. So you need to be good at seeing if a situation allows you to stay on point or not. If the enemy are not being flanked, and are mostly alive and have visual of the point, you would be melted instantly, for example.
If your following your flanks, try and get as close to their target and silence them. This will basically guarantee that kill. And just protect the flank and try and keep pressuring the back-line with them. Just be careful to not giveaway their position by engaging early, generally wait till they fire the first shot.


torvald items


Items for Torvald are pretty simple really as well. Chronos and Cauterize are the best items for Torvald. With Resilience, Rejuvenate, and the damage mitigation items following after. It will always depend on the team your versing, but if they have a healer most times you will want to get Cauterize first. Get that to level 2 at lest before you buy anything else.

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