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Paladins Tyra Guide

Paladins Tyra Tips

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Originally Written By: Essence_Studio
Edited By: Kolby


For Starters:

First off, I would like to begin with saying that this is a very and I mean very In-depth guide going over Tyra, so I do in fact suggest a lighter guide if your new to the game. Second, I thank you for taking time out of your day to read this guide. Also if you haven’t guessed by now this entire Guide will be talked about in a competitive setting.



Tyra is a non-mobility and non-defensive character. This comes with a lot of problems when trying to play her. If you compared Tyra to another similar character like Vivian you will see that Vivian has abilities to defend herself, unlike Tyra who has nothing. This means that Tyra has a hard time backing out of fights and running away to get regen. Also without any movement ability of her own trying to fight the much faster class(flanks) her value can be diminished drastically when faced against them. While this doesn’t matter at lowers elos this cripples her at higher elos where all players are more aware. Also, she really does not have any defining moves like auto-aim(Lian and lex), endless getaways (Jenos and Viktor) or invincibility(Grohk and Zhin). The only way to get value out of Tyra at high levels is by having a combination of skill, great game sense, and amazing positioning.

Basic Info:

These are All of Tyra’s Moves, attacks, and stats we will talk about how to utilize them later in the article.
Base health: 2400
Movement speed: 385
Damage rate: 120/0.9 sec; 3120 damage per clip
Auto Rifle
Direct Damage
Fire one shot every 0.09 seconds that deals 120 damage. Effective up to Medium Range.
Nade Launcher
You just got Nade Bombed

Area Damage
Fire a grenade that deals 700 damage in a small area effect.
Fire Bomb
paladins area of effect damage
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Area Damage
Hurl an incendiary device that leaves a pool of fire for 6s. Enemies that contact the fire will burn for 9% of the maximum health over 0.9s and have their healing reduced by 50%. Continued Contact refreshes this effect.
Hunter’s Mark
paladins hunter's mark
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Mark an enemy for 6s. Marked enemies are revealed and take 15% increased damage from your basic attacks.
Crossfire (Ultimate)
Unlimited Ammo Cheat Activated
Gain 40% attack speed and 40% movement speed for 4.5 seconds. Firing does not consume ammo.

This is a Little TL;DR section, but I highly Suggest reading The Guide in its entirely because there are things I didn’t Put in the Tl;DR. Also I used a big font and big Heading the guide isn’t as big as you thing it is.
How Do I play Tyra”
Try To Focus A single Target and Burst them down Fast, Also Put pressure on the Point.(look in “Playstyle” for more about this Topic)
I keep getting flanked what should I do”
Stay by your healer; The healer’s CC and your Damage can take on any flank in the game.(look in “Playstyle for more info)
It sucks Tyra doesn’t have any movement”
Focus on good Positions around the map and you won’t have to move very much anyways(look in “Playstyle” for more info)
What Legendary should I use”
Simple Just don’t use First Blood…….jk, but for real they are really dependant. I suggest Mercy Kill because in the long run it will help you more. As for Hunting Party only use if you have Communication, and Burn, Monster for when they are running 2 Tank.
First Blood is a pretty basic and counterable card so don’t use it for too long.(Look in both “Legendary cards” and “Legendary Oriented Playstyles” for more info)
I can’t Handle her Spread and Recoil”
Burst Fire her weapon(more on this in “Abilities in depth”)
Do I suck? I keep getting Out-Damaged by Viktor and Vivian”
You have more Supportive abilities then them, they are pure Damage. Masterful Tyra players often won’t have highest damage(Check out “abilities In depth” for more info)
How Do I use My Ultimate”
Try and Solo Ult the Tank that is the best way to use it, There is a strat to Team-wipe with the Ult, but your going to have to look in Abilities in Depth”.

Legendary Cards/Talent:

I feel like Legendary cards are so important that they need to have their own separate category away from normal cards.

First Blood:

Gives 30% lifesteal to Tyra’s Basic weapon attack. This is a basic legendary card that is good in almost all fights and gives you a little bit more sustain, the only downside is that it gets counter by a very popular burn card/Item Cauterize.

Hunting Party:

A Fantastic Legendary card that increases Hunter’s mark Bonus damage to 25% and allows the effect to benefit your entire team.
This allows you to mark important enemies and kill them relatively fast, because of the 
Damage buff to your allies. This is a very and I mean a very good Legendary, but the catch here is that this legendary only really shines when you a communication between your teammates, which doesn’t happen a lot in a solo queue environment.

Mercy Kill:

My personal Favorite of the bunch it allows The Nade from Nade launcher to deal up to 100%  more Damage compared to the target’s missing health. This means that if a Skye is at 1000 health that means the Nade will do 1050 Damage instead of the normal 700 Damage. This Legendary is mainly used as a finisher allowing you to kill some enemies at about 50% health. Even though it gets countered by Blast shields, Blast shields is a far more uncommon buy compared to Cauterize, Wrecker, and Haven.

Burn, Monster: 

This legendary is more specialized than the other 3 legendaries. This Legendary Cripples the opponent that gets hit by it and also increases the damage of Firebomb by 50%. If the enemy stands in the fire each hit refreshes the cripple CC effect. 
This is very strong against Tanks and can help control point. The downside to legendary is that is really only good at dealing with tanks. Also, it(Fire-bomb) is on an 18-second cooldown(without cards) which is pretty long.
Lastly, although the cripple effect disables movement abilities most enemies can simply walk out of it normally by using WASD.


This is each card That Tyra has as of 3/31/18  I will only be giving a description of each card.
Bandolier– Reduces the time your Nade launcher is on cooldown
Favored Quarry – These Increase the reveal portion of Hunters Mark
Hunting Season – It is like kill to heal but you will get health when you kill a marked target using hunter’s mark.
In The Fray– Gives 3-second Damage Reduction after using Nade launcher
Incensed– Gives a movement speed buff for 4 seconds after using
Locked and Loaded– Increases your ammo count
Napalm– Reduces the healing given when an enemy is hit by the firebomb even more
Primal Might– Getting an elimination reduces the cooldown of all moves
Quick Release– Gives Extra Ammo after using Nade Launcher
Ranger– Reduces the time that Hunter’s mark is on cooldown.
Salamander Hide– Reduces self-damage given to you by Fire Bomb
Survivalist– Increases your health by a set amount
Tracker– Gives a movement speed buff when Hunters mark is active
Trail Blazer– Gives Tyra the ability to not be slow by a set amount
Turn The Table– You gain health when hitting an enemy with a Nade from Nade Launcher
Volatile–  Reduces the time Firebomb is on cooldown


Here I’m going to show you a few popular builds from around the Community, but many of Tyra’s cards are pretty good so you have creative freedom. The legendary card of each build will be bolded.*Only Bolded in Google Doc*
tyra paladins deck
paladins best tyra deck
tyra loadout build 2018
tyra loadout paladins 2018
Burn Cards/Items Build:
Tyra can use a multitude of Items that benefit her greatly.


For offensive items, every single one is an option since Tyra is, in fact, an offensive based character, but she does very well with wrecker since her main job is fighting tanks anyways. She is also fairly good at spreading cauterize and abusing fast reloads with Deft hands as well. Due Note that Cauterize and Wrecker are fairly interchangeable and deft hand is the lowest priority. Also, Deployables are not that much of a problem so no Bulldozer.


For Defensive items, They are very situational, when versing direct damage flanks get haven. I only say flanks because they are your biggest counter and you need to defend against them the most.
A close second to flanks would be a good enemy sniper. In fact, there is even a certain scenario where Illuminati is very important. Otherwise, the choice of defensive items is completely a choice of your own.


The healing items are fairly straightforward. You should only really take Life Rip or Kill to heal, and unless you have a very good support player you can trust, Rejuvenate isn’t worth it. Also since Tyra has no movement Veteran won’t activate for most of the game, so it’s not a good pick up.


Utility items are Extremely open. Since Tyra has longer cooldowns getting Chronos works well, but Nimble also works very well since Tyra has no movement, but then again  Tyra has a fast ult charge so using Moral Boost you can make it insanely fast. The least effective in my opinion would be Master riding, but even that item allows Tyra to position faster so that’s pretty good to pick up.


It’s finally time for arguably the most important part of the guide “How to play The Untamable champion that is Tyra”. Tyra, in general, is, in fact, an easy to play hard to master character. Now before you say I’m crazy when I mean hard to master I don’t mean mechanically, I mean game sense wise. Since Tyra doesn’t have a movement ability Positioning is key, you need to know every single flank route and have to constantly be armed and ready for when flank come into your backline. Try and Focus a Single Target, Tyra is amazing at Single Target damage. As for Headshots I will say only go for them if you are in a CQC situation. Why?, Because Headshot hitboxes in this game are absolutely Ludicrous. Leading Your shots is also very Important for Tyra a technique That I have used in the past, But I’ll let Wallachia explain this one. Another Key feature Tyra has is protecting your Back line with a Healer’s CC and your Damage you teamed up with a healer can totally Defend your Backline very easily. 

Also, you can’t tunnel vision and only think Damage all the time, This will get you killed. A great example is Tyra’s ability to stop pushes, if you notice a team of flanks taking a flank route use your Firebomb and make them go somewhere else, instead of throwing it on point. Taking out tanks is pretty easy since Tyra was built to fight them. In a normal 1 v 1 The trick to winning as Tyra is to try and get into an advantageous position by using Firebomb and Hunter’s Mark, then use your normal weapon shot and Nade to finish the fight. Granted even though I’m telling you all this strategic stuff don’t forget to do what Tyra is good at, spray and pray. Even though you shouldn’t forget what was said early in the guide, just throwing a Firebomb on point an pressuring the enemy tank is really good too(at Lower Elos). 

Also as Tyra, it is often very good to get High Ground or at least contest the high ground and make it hard for the enemy team to take it. By High Ground I don’t mean backline sniper’s distance away since you will be doing little damage, you need to find high ground that is pretty close to the action (think of the small rooms on the left and right side of first point Timber mill). When Playing Tyra at a high level(mid to high diamond all the way to grandmaster) you have to play very cautiously because you will be flanked all game. Your game sense has to be very good when playing at higher ranks. 

These are things you have to master to play Tyra in upper Elos. Also making good use your cooldowns. Never and I mean use all of your abilities at the start of the fight since you often need your abilities to fight off incoming flankers. In fact, it is actually better to throw your abilities after you know the flank is dead or you can see the flank and they’re far away. One last tip that works in all elos is to stay with your team. 

Tyra can be amazing when propped up with a Fernando or Barik shield. Even if the team is trying to make a terrible decision it often better to help them with that decision than to do your own thing. Also to go along with this, I always compare Playing Tyra to playing a regular shooter she doesn’t have any supernaturals abilities, so play her by using cover and the environment like you would when playing a Non-fantastical FPS.

Automatic rifle:

This is Tyra’s main way of doing damage and it’s not bad either. Her gun has fairly decent spread, a fast fire rate, and the damage is pretty good. This will not be a very big category since you really only need good tracking and the gun does the rest. Do note though that you should burst-fire her gun at longer ranges. When burst fired(about 5 bullets per burst) she has almost perfect accuracy so this is highly suggested. That is it for her Primary Fire.

Hunter’s Mark:

This ability is severely underrated and is often not talked about nearly as much as it should be. It is arguably the easiest form of wall hacks in the game it doesn’t need to be charged like Cassie nor is it randomized like Lex. The bonuses from using this ability are huge, giving Tyra walls, and extra dmg to kill targets. In its base form I suggest using it in a defensive manner by marking flanks so they have a much harder time flanking since you can see them. Even though I already said this, I stress always use the reveal portion of the ability to the max potential. I have won so many fights easily just because I knew exactly where the enemy would be. As an example, If you see Lex waiting to flank, Mark him first so when he is going to attack you’re already one step ahead. When the fight is over and it’s safe to push, use the ability to quickly kill supports or finish off the tank. Another Example would be you getting chased by evie, a good use of Hunter’s Mark would be to, mark her and trap her with your abilities since you see her and she can’t see you.

Nade Launcher:

When in a base form this legendary is still extremely helpful and 700 dmg isn’t something to push away. This attack, like I have stated multiple times it still a finisher and should be used in more or less the same fashion as when using the Mercy Kill legendary. Learning to flick with your Nade it also pretty important as like with a normal gun it can save your life in clutch moments. There isn’t much else to say, note though that there is a small learning curve to being able to hit this shot consistently.


Even though I have said my fair share about my liking towards The ability Nade launcher, firebomb isn’t far behind and can be used in multiple ways. One of the first and incredibly easy ways to get instant value is just pressuring the point and damaging the tank with it since tanks don’t have the best mobility. Another general use for firebomb is to stop pursuers many if not most players do not want to take unneeded damage so throwing a firebomb to cut off you from the enemy since you don’t have a movement ability this is a great strategy and saved me on many occasions. Lastly, A great way to use firebomb without always getting the max damage is by literally separating and herding enemies together. By this I mean you can position firebomb in ways that clump enemies together making it easy for Drogoz(or any other AOE character) to get value or you can push them into a corner so you can get kills easier. By separating enemies apart I mean throwing a Firebomb near the enemy healers this will cause the healers to be away from their tank therefore not healing and they will be easy to flank.


Tyra has a fairly decent Ultimate, but I will say its not all that impressive. During The ultimate, you have increased walk speed and increased attack speed also you don’t have to reload. Since the charge for this ability is easy to get and plus it charges fast you should be getting this quite a bit. Since this ult doesn’t have any form of CC immunity I highly suggest only using this legendary to solo ult Tanks. The reason being is that you will reliably kill them and it’s much less dangerous to solo ult a tank then it is to try and team wipe with the ult. Also, just by taking out the enemy tank you can win the point. If you do want to team wipe the best way to get one is by taking a side route to where the enemy healers and backline dmg dealers are(think of Sha-lin and Jenos positioning). Kill the damage dealers, then healer and then try to kill the tank last. This does work most of the time, but it is a gamble and you can get much easier value by solo ulting the tank.


Legendary Oriented Playstyles:

Now, this is where things split, I will be talking about each legendary in depth since they are each a different way to play Tyra.


First Blood:

tyra talent build 2018
Starting with the basic first blood is fairly straightforward and in essence(haha) all you have to do is shoot and you get instant feedback. The only trait that we need with this legendary is to have pretty good tracking. Again this legendary card does get counter by the very commonly bought card cauterize. So it may not work as well when playing in higher tier games.

Hunting Party:

tyra best talent 2018
The Hunting Party Legendary card is far more in-depth compared to First blood, but it’s harder when it comes to getting value out of it. The best way to use hunting party if you have coordination is to mark the best player or healer on the other team. This will allow you to get value by helping kill high-value targets. Think of how great it would be to get big damage or possibly kill a Mal’Damba early in a team fight. A good attribute that you want to work on to make this legendary as strong as possible to be good at communication and know what Characters are currently meta.

Mercy Kill:

tyra loadout talent 2018
Next is the arguably highest skill legendary and a personal favorite of mine, Mercy Kill. Mercy kill is a finisher and a burst damage attack, This already is very good because burst damage is king, think most top tiers are burst Damage characters, Makoa, Cassie, Sha Lin, Bomb king, Evie. Finishing off a target is extremely important in any game, and the fact you have the ability to kill many characters at 50% health is invaluable. That being said you need to almost have perfect Nade accuracy because most of the time missing a nade can spell death(for you). 

When you learn to hit Nades almost every time this legendary really out-shines every other one since it can be used in every situation. One last thing I would like to add is that when you become very good with this legendary you can start to Nade snipe. All this really is, is hitting very long distance Nades. Since Nades don’t have any fall-off shooting about 2 burst fire rounds then shooting a good place Nade is very effective. I myself have used it a lot. Although You can do this with the normal nade it often isn’t strong enough to deal with these threats in decent time. To learn this I suggest hitting a flying Drogoz first. this allows to you learn the speed and angle of the nade. After hitting Drogoz with consistently,

Then start hitting very campy snipers you can take your time and if it’s safe to stop moving you can take time to line of the shot. The sniper likely will not move since they won’t see it coming. (you practice this with the Skye room in the practice range). After doing this for a while you might be able to hit arguably the hard shot in the game, hitting a willow in fae flight with a Nade.(honestly they need an achievement for this).

Burn, Monster: 

tyra legendary build 2018
Lastly is the infamous Burn, monster legendary. This like stated above is very good a taking out tanks. Getting value out of this Legendary is quite easy just try to trap the tank on point and then quickly kill him.

It has one more benefit, It can be used to trap flanks pretty efficiently since many if not all flanks are weak to crowd control effects. This can catch many flanks off guard and pretty much confirm a kill. A trick to this legendary to make sure you hit and kill the target since Fire bomb is on such a long cooldown. Also remember The Fire cripples not slows so the enemy being hit they can still move using WASD.


The next category is how Tyra fairs against the other characters in the game. By the way, we will be only going over The flank class because they are who you will be fighting the most in 1 v 1 situations and most are considered counters to Tyra. To keep things short Tyra beats just about any tank(except for maybe Ash and Inara up close) and Every healer to because of her Fire bomb cuts the effects of healing in half .(and yes that means self-healing). 

Also when it comes to Damage dealers I will argue that she wins or goes even with just about every single one of them. If this guide gets popular enough then I’ll make an article for every champion vs Tyra.  A quick little disclaimer before reading this, these are a pure match-up analysis.

This means that both characters know each other is there and it’s a pure one on one so no one has the advantage. 

This is a little misleading, but, if we use the logic that flankers always have a perfect flank then that means that most if not all characters lose to flanks and that is not the case. One more disclaimer is that Tyra will, in fact, lose every match-up is she is completely taken by surprise(hence why I extremely stressed having good game sense when playing her at a high level) and to reiterate I’m not using this type(the “Perfect Flanker” flank) of MU comparison because every single champ will lose an MU if they are hard flanked.



Zhin is arguably the biggest Tyra’s Biggest Counter. His ability to heal himself(Smolder) and output huge burst of Damage(Yomi) he is extremely hard to take out when alone. The only way to kill him is to either trap him in a firebomb before or after using billow or hit a Nade during the whirl animation, which is very hard. This Matchup is in Zhin’ favor.


With Buck’s legendary Buck up he is able to almost full heal and in fact he can just wait out Tyra and come at her with full health. Bulk up Buck is extremely hard to deal with even with maxed out cauterize. Bounce house Buck is a bit more manageable, but if he jumps on you your dead. Ensnare Buck is the most even, If you can survive the bonus damage from the net it’s possible to win. The best way to kill him is to try and get a Mercy kill Nade on him before he heals or Trap him in a Burn, Monster Fire bomb. This matchup is in Buck’s favor.


With a low health pool it quite easy for Tyra to rack up damage on him. The trick to this matchup is to just keep forcing him to teleport back and track and kill him when his rune is on cooldown. When I mean Track I mean to get in a better position for when the Talus player makes their next flank. This matchup is pretty even.


Evie is a fun matchup because it’s one of the two matchups that forces the Tyra player to use their head. First is you see the Evie ready to attack you, mark her and start to fire your primary. Force the Evie player to use ice block and after that throw firebomb and start to run away. When you see Damage markers above the fire that usually  means she is chasing,(if you are using Burn, monster keep running she will not be able to chase right away due to cripple) get ready. Fire one burst and find a mercy kill nade and or keep firing and fire a normal nade. This is possible for Tyra, but the match is mostly in Evie’s Favor. I will admit that masterful evie players will make the match-up crazy hard for the Tyra. When facing wormhole evie it’s best to try and predict the locations she will blink to(mostly likely behind you). One last strategy to beat evie is to get her in a small room, she will have less space to use her movement making the MU easier.



The game of wall hacks with these two champions it’s a pretty even matchup, but in the end, I have to give it to Tyra. With her quicker time to kill she will win the fight if of course lex doesn’t get the jump on her. Lex’s should be undermined though since in-pursuit is very strong. This match-up is very even but leans towards Tyra.



Maeve is the killer of beginners, most would put Tyra as a severe disadvantage, But with good tracking and movement, Maeve will find it very hard since she does use projectiles. If your using mercy kill then Nade will kill at half health making this matchup even easier, but With Maeve’s legendary(Street Justice) having great burst Damage, this matchup will stay at even.



Skye will lose all matchups to Tyra, because in a 1 v1 scenario Skye may get the first hit, but, she has such a low health pool that a mercy Nade will go into effect almost right away/Burn, monster’s Firebomb will melt her/etc. The only way that Skye can win this Matchup is the highly unused Surprise attack legendary or the Smoke and Dagger Legendary. The huge Burst of Damage from these Legendaries makes it impossible for Tyra to catch up(This is where I suggest getting Illuminate because these are actually a pretty good legendaries). In these cases, Skye wins the Matchup, but in every other scenario, Tyra does in fact in the match-up.



This is my favorite Matchup in the entire game, Spoilers it’s an even matchup. Now before you say I’m crazy you may want to listen to this or I guess read this. If Tyra is attacked by Andro Then any normal Tyra will force the Androxus to Reversal, When that happens, as Tyra stop firing and throw down a Firebomb this will Damage Andro through reversal. After this immediately launch any Nade(if it a mercy Nade this will kill him and if not he will be very low). This is a super fun match up and is full of great interplay. This Match-up is even, but I will note if Andro gets the hard flank/first few hits then it is in his favor.



There are a ton of maps in paladins but I will be only going over The siege maps that are in the game as OB 70. Although Tyra is technically viable on all maps there are definitely better ones than others. Do note that although I’m giving good positions to be in, the best positions is by your team so don’t leave your team on the other side of the map just to go to a good position. Also, these instructions can be in reverse meaning that if you lose the point you still do the same thing. An example would be let’s say you lose the first point of Timber Mill, it is still in your best interest to contest the high-ground.

Frog Isle:

This map I have mixed feeling about, the point is quite open, making it easy to see flankers, but it’s so open that a lot of CC, AOE, and direct damage is on the point at all times. This makes it quite difficult to get to point and safely do damage without getting too damaged, But when your team gets control of the point. It’s a pretty straightforward map for Tyra that she does pretty well on. When making my way to point I tend to go to the frog statue first to see if I can get any picks on flanker trying to harass our backlines, but I also highly suggest following and supporting your tanks too.

Jaguar Falls:

One of my favorite maps in the game, This map has, in my opinion, one of the best places to position yourself as Tyra. This has a very nice point that doesn’t get bombarded constantly with damage unlike frog isle, in fact, many of the fights on this map take place off-point. The arguably best place to position yourself as Tyra in the entire game is, in fact, the waterfall room opposite of the statue. This place it god tier in terms of viability. The only downside to this position is that you might have to win a one vs. one in order to get into position, as both teams have easy access. The perks of this place are undeniable. It’s a small space, but not crazy small so that you would get hit by you own fire-bomb. It has its own choke point so you can cover the only viable flanking route to you by throwing a firebomb. (Note; there is an extremely crazy flank route that only a few characters can use that bypass the firebomb, but I do stress that nobody, even the pros use this flank route into the waterfall room. It has an easy escape and is close enough to the point that you a reliably do max damage. To add on even further this opens up into a flank route that you can use to get cheeky kills. The rest of the map plays out again pretty straightforward, I do recommend that you take the small set of stair when entering the enemy’s temple. This map I would consider to be a great map for Tyra.        

Serpent Beach:

The first point of this map is a little weird and restrictive, although getting onto the high ground is quite good on this map, the catch is that snipers will eat you alive since it’s very open. I suggest that you actually protect you backline when playing on this map. Flankers are extremely predictable on this map they only really take the lower route(Route by the body of water) that many teams don’t push through. You can actually wait for them to flank and get an easy kill since they won’t be ready to fight an attacking force right away. A trick to do this is by staying on the upper part of your temple. You are able to see every flank route and even get the jump on Flanks. The Trick to this map is killing any enemies that move out of position and stay out of Line of sight of the snipers. This map is ok, the reason it’s not better is because you are quite restricted when playing on this map. Also, it kinda forces you to fight some form of flank which depending on the skill level can be a good or bad thing.

Fish Market:

Although I personally love the map, but It’s not the best map for Tyra. This map has a few problems with it. With the incredibly open point, snipers have a great time getting picks on point. And the high ground is also quite open which proves to be quite a problem. When it comes to protecting securing flanks routes it’s also hard because the map is pretty good for duo flank and fighting a two on one is very hard to win.
To add on, the two main flank routes( the piers and the back streets) are far apart and hard to control. The point is fairly open, but there are a few corners that allow you to get good damage open point and be relatively safe from flanks, but they aren’t as good as on other maps. These areas are where you should fight from (by corners I mean places under the bridge encompassing the point). The rest of the map is pretty average when approaching the enemy base make sure to use trees as cover.  This isn’t the best map for Tyra but it can work.

Timber Mill:

This map has a few perks that can make it very helpful or harmful depending on how you play. When Advancing on to the point its best to take refuge by a corner or in the two room that face point as these make it harder for snipers to shoot you. It’s quite easy to see flanks as the highground around point makes your sight-lines huge. The rooms on the right and left sides of the point are incredibly helpful since there are almost completely out of sniper fire and have a quick getaway. The only reason that this isn’t better than the Waterfall room on Jaguar Falls is because it’s more open to damage than the waterfall room. After your team takes the point your main objective is to try and contest the high ground as much as possible. Use the teleporters to steal enemy high ground making it much harder for enemy snipers to get value. This map is only very good if you stay safe from snipers and use good positioning.

Frozen Guard:

Frozen guard is a pretty fun map and I my opinion has more pros than cons. On the point you first want to check the upper flank route(Pillars), usually, at any elo, there is someone who is there that you can get a quick kill on. On this map, I advise not to try and deal with the sniper(usually by  more open side of the point) and let a flank do it because it’s quite far away and you can get much more value when pressuring point. The point is in a small enclosed area so fire bomb is really good. Also the point is small enough so you can take small flanks and try to get cheeky kills on damage dealers and healers. After this, the rest of the map is pretty self-explanatory. Do note, that taking and securing the cave system from the enemy is pretty important because they then lose a flank route. This map is fairly good for Tyra.

Ice Mines:

This map is another ok map that you can play on. One of the better positions to be is on the side closest to the edge of the map. Although this is a flank route and you may have to win a fight or two. It’s a pretty good position since you are on a sort of a high ground, has an easy escape, and allows you to do max damage pretty easily. After taking the point the next objective is like timber mill, taking high ground from the enemy.

Stone Keep:

Another favorite of mine, it has easy to access high ground and great places to trap flanks and pressure point. In my opinion The room opposite of the “Stone Keep” this room is fairly large and is another place safe from the chaotic nature of the point. You may have to win a fight here to secure it though. As for the cathedral, it’s a great place, but it’s often the place of the first engagement between teams and a bit to cramped for good fire bomb placement. After your team takes point its best to try and contest the high ground by using the bridges that are on the back side of the map. This is one of Tyra’s better maps in my opinion.


This is also a fairly good Map to play Tyra on. With its enclosed point and only two real flanking routes it quite easy to get plenty of kills if you’re aware of your surroundings. When covering flank route I suggest looking at the route towards the actual marsh first, as that one is used much more. Then transition to the one opposite of the marsh maybe in between put some pressure on the point to make sure you win. The only problem with this map is that you might get out CQC’ed when inside some of the houses Otherwise this is a fine map for Tyra to be played on. As for the rest of the Map, I suggest taking small short-cuts through houses to get better positions.

Spiltstone Quarry:

This is another ok map for Tyra to play on. With its huge sightlines, snipers are highly effective. One of the better ways to get value out of this map is waiting on the upper balcony out of sniper line of sight and get the jump on a flank, then after that help put pressure on point(A.K.A kill the enemy Tank). But like serpent beach and Fish market, this map makes Tyra highly restrictive so it’s not ideal. As For the rest of the map, it’s pretty self-explanatory. This map I suggest not  taking the flank routes and stay by your tank.


Ascension Peak:

This Map is actually a fairly decent map for Tyra. On this map it won’t be the flanks causing problems as the flanks routes are pretty easy to see, and the whole area is very open. It will actually be the huge Sniper Sightlines. If the Snipers are uncontested then they will reign supreme. When on Point the Best place is actually to hide behind the two green statues. These are absolutely vital when Fighting on Point and to be honest they might be one of my favorite area to fight point on. Not only do the statues protect you from snipers they also aren’t right on the point and allow for a easy escape. These statues are the key to winning point on this map as Tyra. As for the rest of the Map use fire bomb to close-off the small cave-systems, but you should also abuse them as they can allow you to get a few cheeky kills especially when your Flank is already in their backline.  When approaching the enemy Base go to the far Flank routes and start firing towards enemies by the endpoint, The enemies tend to group up very close allowing for kills.



If you made it this far Thanks for reading the entire guide. Please give me your thoughts in the comments.This is from over a year of paladins experience and past experience in the hero shooter and fps genre. Healer, tank ,and Flank Mains and lastly Experience from one of the statically best Tyra Player(Me).

This is Essence and I’ll see you all in the realm.        


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