best valorant tier list

Valorant Tier List 2020

best valorant tier list

Valorant Tier List Inf0



Highly used for his crowd control abilities, Breach can  do amazing flash bangs for your team when trying to defend a bombsite or going an offensive.


Brimstone is great for blocking out pathways and vision from the enemy as he launches Sky Smoke from the air. He can also help buff teammates by accelerating their rate of fire through Stim Beacon.


Very annoying to go up against, Cypher has the ability to reveal the location of your enemy through a dead corpse. He can also use Spycam to watch flanks or just waiting to see if there’s any enemies behind a corner without revealing his own position.


Probably one of the best agents right now. She can summon walls and help you and your teammates to elevate and boost around the map for aerial scouting of the enemies. She can also be utilized by blocking pathways and trapping the opponent.



Another useful agent that can blind the enemy by throwing flashbangs known as Curveball. He can also stop a rush or a push from the offensive team when by using Hot Hands which summons a hot blaizing fire on the ground.


Sova is great for scouting. He can utilize his abilities to track down the enemy team by using Recon Bolt and Owl Drone. He also has a stunning Bow! Who doesn’t want to use bows in 21st century?



Great for creating smoke screen for enemies.



Known as a broken character, her rocket launchers would decimate any opponent nearby.



Can only make plays on her own. Only useful for carrying teams and only viable for skillful players as her kit doesn’t contain anything that can help the team’s utilities but made only for offensive abilities


Great to be used as a scout. Can teleport to a short distance and block enemy vision.

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