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Valorant Tips 2020

Valorant Beta

As we know that the sizzling action-packed beta version for Valorant is out recently. Since its release, it has been topping the charts with Millions of people desperately trying to get it every day. Honestly, we haven’t seen a slight decrease in its popularity and rating since its release. And it is not expected to come down any sooner.


For those of you who don’t know about Valorant, it is a free-to-play online multiplayer FPS shooting game. It is a project of Riot Games and it is expected to release in summer 2020. For now, the closed beta version is out and in full swing since April 7, 2020.

Valorant is a first-person shooter with a five versus five online multiplayer matches. The gameplay matches that of Counter-Strike: GO. One team has to plant a bomb and the other has to diffuse it before it goes boom. Each team consists of agents with each agent having unique special abilities.

This was the introduction, now for the fun part. Would you like to go through some useful Valorant tips that would make you a pro in the game? We have some handy and trendy Valorant tips for you that will improve your game and make your playtime worthwhile. Let’s have a look.

Valorant Tips:

Understand Your Agent:

This is the first and most useful Valorant tip. Agents are the main thing in this game that possess special abilities. It is important for the player to understand his/her agent like how the abilities work, what are strong points of the agent, what are the weaknesses and more like these. It is also important to choose an agent that matched with your mindset. For example, if you like to play safe and defensive, then you should go for Sage or Cypher.

If you get to understand the full extent of your agent’s abilities, then it would be curtains for your enemies. So, choose the best agent, get in sync with it and enjoy your game.

Team Work & Communication:

Now, for another useful Valorant tip. Always play with teamwork and communicate more. As mentioned earlier, Valorant offers a five versus five team challenge in which each player plays a vital role. A single-player rushing alone towards five well-equipped opponents will do you no good. Also, communication is important. With each player pointing enemies and telling others, it will locate all the enemy team members that will be a huge advantage. So, follow your team and communicate more.

Best Weapons:

Weapons can easily change the outcome of a round in shooting games. It is important to choose a good weapon for yourself. Well in Valorant, you should prefer assault rifles over the others. Currently, the game offers three types of Assault Rifles named Guardian, Phantom and Vandal. We can’t say whether Riot Games will offer more weapons with the complete version. But in the beta version, Guardian and Vandal are the best ones. Let’s see some of their properties.

Guardian is a semi-auto rifle with body damage of 65, head damage of 195 and 49 to the leg. It is more like a medium-range shotgun. Vandal resembles what we call AK in CS: Go. It is an automatic rifle with damage of 39, 156 and 33 to the body, head, and leg respectively. It is more preferable of the two best ones. If you want to choose the best weapon, then you must go for Vandal.

Shooting and Aim Adjustments:

This is a unique thing found in Valorant. The shooting mechanics are slightly different from other shooting games like Call of Duty or CS: Go. You cannot shoot easily while moving. While the player moves, it changes the trajectory of the bullet and it mostly goes in a different direction. So, for the tip, you need to shoot while you are still or while you are aiming. You can also make this better if you move and shoot but in a crouch position. This will make it better but not completely resolve it.

Another thing is the recoil. For this, you can customize your crosshair in a suitable style. Also, if you want an accurate shot, then start shooting by aiming at the waist or belly. With the recoil, it will hopefully result in a chest shot or headshot.

Use Money Efficiently:

Another important Valorant tip is to use your money efficiently. You should not spend all your credits on weapons without considering any armor. In this way, you will make yourself vulnerable and this will do you no good. So, defense and attack must be considered equally. There are many ways for the team to effectively use its credits. For example, you can move in a formation with strongly armored in front and strongly equipped supporting from the back. So, if you want a good game, then use your credits intelligently.

These were the tips that would improve your game a lot. However, Valorant is a tough game difficult to master in a short time. So, don’t be disappointed if you don’t succeed. Just keep trying harder.

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