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Viktor Paladins Guide

list of skills in paladins
Viktor is one of the most easiest to Champions to use as it is the one you are most likely to be familiar with when you had been playing fps games like COD or Counter-Strike. It is definitely one of the classes that can go after flanks and beat them with a good aim. One of the first things to do with Viktor is Hustling all the way close to the objective after de-mounting from a horse and check to see whether you should go after champions or flanks. It also great to use it when trying to avoid the rockets or Salvo from Drogoz. If you are flanking a Champion from behind or from a blind spot be sure to hold down that Frag Grenade button and throw it towards them subsequently attacking them with Iron Sights right away and get the elimination.

Headshot Close Range Damage
If things go smoothly, you would deal 15% more damage towards those who get affected by it(Frag Grenade) for .4 seconds. The bomb sometimes takes time to cook(meaning for it to explode) so there’s a card that actually reduces the length of it which should be explained later on. It is also highly useful against tank as it deals a whopping 750 damage if thrown properly.
Fire Grenade Damage
Be sure to look out for the flanks(anyway) if you are trying to help the team by taking a defensive role in taking the objective. Be sure to check your back all the time as the flanks as usual, at least the really good ones would back stab you without notice. Probably the most difficult to beat is Skye as she can use invincible so depending on luck you might or may not survive her attacks in time if caught off guard. You can however choose to pick the Illuminations Item from the shop to counter this.
The Ultimate for Viktor called Barrage deals 1400 damage towards enemy and it’s like an epic homing missile. It slows you down while bringing up a binocular and just click on your enemy and it would stick on them and deal the damage. It is useful if you are up against Kinessa or helping your enemy bring down an enemy Tank or Healer.
viktor barrage pic
paladins barrage ultimate
Definitely not Airstrike


paladins viktor cards hot potato
My Viktor Loadout

This is my main Viktor build, it allows to bring up iron sights quickly when dealing with flanks and also able to detonate my fire grenade in time. Also I am able to escape a few difficult situation by hustling away as it increases my speed when I’m damaged. Overall this is my main build and I am happy with it.

viktor cards
Alternative Loadout for far range damage
Viktor’s Legendary Cards, I’m alright with gunnery at the moment.
list of paladins cards
Viktor’s deck of cards.

Items(In this order)

Offense(Level 3)

I’d usually either pick one of these for offense depending on the circumstances. Wrecker when I’m up against and Ruckus or Torvald while I will use Cauterize when I am against Barick  and Makoa.


Self Explanatory
Item to survive against flanks or when going aggressive at the payload or objective. Saved me a couple of times by consistently hitting the enemy target.


I usually see which Champion I”m up against before choosing this, lets say 3/5 of the Champions have direct attacks, I’ll choose this but if the opposite happens with Champions that uses splash attacks, I would pick Blast shield.


When I’m at Timber Mill and I’m up against Kinessa, I’d choose this 1. Another scenario would be if I think it’s a good idea to be first man in at maps such as Fish Market and Frozen Guard.


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